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How to Purchase a Top Toilet Tank


Many homeowners never consider the amount of water their current toilet might be using, and might be surprised to learn that it could be almost half of what the entire house uses. Not only can replacing your current tank help you save money, the best toilets of 2019 also include innovative and convenient features to help make your life easier. Along with Kohler toilets there are also similar models which can make it difficult for you to find exactly what you want. That is why we have included helpful tips in this buying guide so you can make an informed decision that will also save you money in the long run.

What to look for when buying toilet tanks?



The best toilet tank will have a design that you love, and that fits perfectly in your bathroom. One of the benefits of choosing a new toilet tank is being to choose between a one or two piece toilet, or take advantage of one that is mounted on the wall. A wall mounted tank gives your powder room a modern European feel, but it should also be noted that it is the most expensive. One piece tanks are compact and easy to clean, while the two piece tanks are the most affordably priced.


Flush System

There are several benefits associated with the different flush systems, with the two most common being gravity or pressure assisted. While pressurized flush systems have the least chance of becoming clogged, this type is also the most expensive. Gravity systems are the most common and simply use water to flush the waste, while it is the least expensive it can occasionally clog. There are other types of flush systems that use a combination of little or no water, but these are generally only found in rural areas.


Flushing Power

The best toilet tank will have enough flushing power to remove waste without becoming clogged. One of the most important features to consider is the size of the trapway. This is the opening that allows waste to move into your home’s plumbing, and is one of the determining features in the amount of power you have with each flush. Larger trapways have the advantage of being able to remove waste more efficiently without you having to use a plunger.


Top Toilet Tanks in 2019


Mansfield 160WHT Alto


This tank fits several models of toilet bowls, and will give you the advantage of a powerful flushing system. Not only will this help to prevent clogs, it can also help to decrease your monthly water usage. While you are improving the efficiency of your toilet, you can also save money on the household water bill.

You will love the powerful flush that releases 1.6 gallons of water with every press of the lever. The silver handle is easy to pull down, and adds a elegantly gleaming touch to the white tank. Since it is designed to fit several different bowls it is quickly becoming a popular model, and many consumers also benefit from its ability to be matched to a long line of elegant bathroom fixtures. Create the perfect look for your own personal retreat starting with this efficient toilet tank.

Not only is this tank easy to install, it also includes all of the mounts and trim. The preinstalled trim and lever makes attaching the tank quick and simple, especially with the included washers, nuts, and bolts. Ideal for replacing an existing tank or for redoing your entire bathroom, it is easy to see why this is becoming a popular model.

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Sterling 404515-0 Windham


If you already own the best bidet toilet, you need an equally elegant and uniquely designed tank. You’ll love the look and feel of the crafted vitreous china that gives the toilet tank it beautiful white glossy finish. The china is also non porous which is ideal for areas with higher levels of moisture.

The elegant tank is softly rounded to give it a unique shape and style that is both classic and contemporary. You will appreciate the water efficient tank that still features a powerful flushing system, while only using 1.6 gallons at a time. While this also meets all water conservation regulations, it is still powerful enough to prevent clogs from occurring.

You will appreciate how easy it is to attach the tank, and its compact size is ideal for smaller bathrooms. With a chrome lever and attractive design, it is not hard to see why this toilet tank is so appealing. As an added benefit, you will also love how easy it is to keep your toilet tank clean and shining.

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American Standard 735121-400.00 Cadet-3


This white toilet tank cover is crafted from beautiful china, and is designed to fit the two piece Cadet-3 model. The two piece toilet features an elegant, curved design that looks great in any home bathroom, and the elongated bowl helps to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading to the floor. The two piece design is easy to clean, and you also have the benefit of the antibacterial surface on the toilet bowl.

Not only will the larger bowl prevent urine from splashing out, the surface also helps to kill and prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Enjoy all of the benefits of a clean and sanitary bathroom, while also watching your monthly water usage decrease. You have the advantage of a large flush valve that helps to prevent clogs, and keeps the water flowing at a steady pace without overflowing.

You will love the clean design of the toilet, and all of its antibacterial features. When the toilet tank cover is added on top, it creates an elegant look that is surprising considering it is a toilet. The white china lid is just as easy to keep clean and germ free, and adds the perfect finishing look to your new two piece toilet.


Finding the right toilet tank or cover will depend on your personal preferences, but we can give you examples of two of our favorite products. The American Standard 735121-400.00 Cadet-3 and the Mansfield 160WHT Alto are excellent examples of high quality bathroom products that can help improve your life.

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