Best Toilet Seat Reviews


Whether you’re buying one to replace an existing unit or are making a purchase to go with a new toilet bowl, your choice of any of those featured in the best toilet seat reviews should still entail a lot of thought. A lot rides on choosing a great toilet seat, so consider the following elements.

Toilet Bowl Shape

The products described in the best toilet seat reviews are not sold according to sizes. You will have to choose a toilet seat based on the shape of the toilet bowl. Most manufacturers offer two common sizes: round and elongated. Round seats are typically used in most homes, but the elongated ones are catching up.

It may be more difficult to find a toilet seat that can fit into a hybrid type of toilet, the compact elongated kind. Fortunately, the more irregularly shaped toilets always come with a matching toilet seat. If you’ve bought such a type of toilet, even if it does make it to the list of the top rated toilet seats 2019, do find out if the manufacturer has available replacement toilet seats. Unless of course, the toilet seat is intended to not need replacement forever.



The type of material used to build the best toilet seat 2019 also matters. Generally, buyers can choose between wood or plastic, although high end models use other materials. Plastic is durable, won’t present issues on splinters, and is typically less costly than wood. Wood is preferred by others due to its greater level of comfort. In addition, wood can be painted to match existing bathroom decor. However, wood tends to crack under constant stress, and most wooden toilet seats are made from a compressed wood material that doesn’t have true grain, which offers added strength.


Hinges and Mount Type

The conventional mount type is easier to install, while an integral bolt-and-nut kind, although boasting a better look initially, can be frustrating when it has to be removed.

Many units praised in the best toilet seat reviews come with solid metal hinges supplemented by at least four points of contact. This element prevents side-to-side flexing of the seat.

Plastic hinges only have a pair of contact points, so they tend to flex from side to side when being used. The lid section will also tend to slam down noisily onto the seat, as plastic hinges are not exactly designed to lower slowly. The best toilet seat 2019 should offer a noiseless close every time


Top Toilet Seats in 2019


Making a choice from among the myriads of available toilet seats is not necessarily a daunting task. But still, since a toilet seat should be something that can stay with you for a relatively long time, it will still need careful consideration prior to purchase. Here are three products that should narrow down your choices to only a small number.


Mayfair 148E2 000


Easily getting the best toilet seat reviews, the Mayfair 148E2 000 Molded Wood model boasts patented Whisper Close technology that offers safety and convenience. People who like having something a little better for the bathroom will appreciate the revolutionary features of this Molded Wood Toilet Seat. Looking twice as nice as an ordinary seat, the Mayfair 148E2 has a feature that lets you detach the seat and clean underneath it in seconds.

Once the seat is back in place, Whisper Close goes to work. Just a little tap on the top of the lid will send it and the seat gliding gently and slowly down to the bowl. This eliminates embarrassing toilet slam, as well as pinched fingers. The toilet seat also installs easily, so buying one as a replacement is always a wise move. The Easy-Clean and Change hinge allows problem-free removal for replacement. The Mayfair 148E2 000 Molded Wood Toilet Seat is made of durable molded wood treated with a high-gloss finish to make it more resilient against chipping and scratching.

Designed to fit all elongated bowls from various manufacturers, the Mayfair 148E2 000 Molded Wood Toilet Seat is made in the USA, ensuring high quality and premium craftsmanship. It uses environmentally friendly materials in its construction, as well as high standards in the manufacturing process.

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Bemis 800EC000


Proudly made in the USA, the Bemis 800EC000 Plastic Toilet Seat is an innovative product with inspired features that reflect modern functionality and convenience. This toilet seat offers you something that performs better compared to the old models. Featuring the easy clean and change technology, the Bemis 800EC000 Plastic Toilet Seat has twist hinges composed of non-corrosive bolts and wing nuts that make the seat easy to remove, which enables easy cleaning and replacement. You won’t have to contend with annoying bolt-and-nut configurations that are a pain to detach from their integral hinges.

The Bemis 800EC000 Plastic Toilet Seat offers easy installation. It doesn’t end up looking gross after some time, and is resistant to cracking and chipping. The plastic material is substantially lighter than wood, is not prone to staining too easily, and won’t easily warp due to moisture. Cleaning the toilet seat is easy. Just use a soft damp cloth and a mild detergent and you’re good to go. The manufacturer recommends not using brushes and abrasive cleaners on the seat to maintain the smooth finish.

Users of the Bemis 800EC000 Plastic Toilet Seat find it comfortable and not cold like other units. It stays solidly in place, and is built sturdy for the modern home.

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KOHLER K-4694-0


Constructed using compression molded wood, the KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Toilet Seat carries a look and feel that no other seat materials can easily achieve. Boasting a terrific finish, reliable durability and great design, the Ridgewood Toilet Seat ensures superior comfort due to its ergonomic configuration. The propylene hinges are color matched to ensure a seamless look. They are robustly designed to provide the seat a secure attachment to the toilet.

The KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Toilet Seat is engineered to fit both one-piece and two-piece toilets, so you won’t have to worry about its compatibility with the configuration of your toilet bowl. It carries a traditional design that goes perfectly with the regular structure of your toilet. The closed-front toilet seat has a lid that covers the seat fully, giving it a streamlined, clean look. The KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Toilet Seat ships with a manufacturer’s limited one-year warranty, ensuring that you’re getting a superior product that delivers as designed.

This toilet seat carries a bold modern look in accordance to the manufacturer’s high standards of quality. It is proudly made in the USA, ensuring you of total quality and high standards of manufacture.

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