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Most people get a jumpstart in the morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, while there are others that prefer to start their mornings with something more substantial like a piece of toast. This makes the products featured in many best toaster reviews widely popular. Buying this type of kitchen appliance entails knowing the essential elements to be considered.

Safety and Control

There was a time when toasters with plastic bodies were considered better than their metal housing counterparts because of their smaller tendency to feel hot and retain heat. Nowadays, a unit with a metal housing that is outfitted with an auto shut off feature, which is especially useful when toast gets stuck in the slots, is always one of the top rated toasters 2019. The automatic shut off feature is also something that people who tend to forget easily, or are always busy, can truly appreciate.

Units that feature numbered dials and electronic touchpads also have a huge chance of being branded the best toaster 2019. Compared to a shade dial that is less exact, or unlabeled symbols that can be a hassle to understand, toasting time denoted in numbers is always a blessing. Some units have a countdown timer, which lets you know how much time still remains till toasting is complete. This lets you do other things like preparing the butter or whatever you’d like to spread on your toast.


Toaster Capacity

The units featured in the best toaster reviews can accommodate either two or four slices at a single time. There are some two-slice models that have both slots running at the same time, while there are others that let you choose to use just one slot at a time. Four-slice toasters can have two slots or four slots activated at a time.

With separate levers, you can choose the setting for each slot even when they are used simultaneously.


Special Features

Units that feature bread guides to center the slices from side to side get raves in the best toaster reviews. Bread guides ensure even toasting. The unit can carry either manually adjustable bread guides or auto centering. Toasters that have deeper or wider slots to accommodate thick or long bread slices are also popular.

A cancel button lets you stop the toasting process midway, so you can check if the browning level is adequate or if there’s a need for longer toasting time. A Defrost feature is convenient for freezer-to-toaster functionality.


Top Rated Toasters in 2019


It can be a huge hassle to read tons of best toaster reviews plus literature from manufacturers just so you can make a sensible choice. Described below are three great models. This should help you narrow down your choices to only a small number, so you can decide more quickly and easily.


Breville BTA830XL


Easily the best toaster 2019, the Breville BTA830XL lets you toast any type of bread just the way you like it. This toaster deserves the moniker “Smart”, as it comes with a one-touch ‘Lift and Look’ toasting carriage, which moves up and down so you can check how the browning process is going. This is an automatic process that won’t interrupt the toasting cycle, so using it is hassle-free and very convenient.

The Breville Smart Toaster also features the one-touch ‘A Bit More’ function that enables you to add a little bit of time to the toasting cycle for any type of bread. The motorized carriage uses convenient push button controls that include one for Defrost setting and another for bagel setting. The Defrost feature lets you take bread from the freezer and put it straight into the slot. This feature defrosts the bread first, then switches to the toasting cycle without necessitating that you change the browning settings.

The long slot capacity accommodates larger slices of bread, and the powerful 1600-watt heating element ensures that both the top and bottom of the bread slices get nicely browned. To let you know of the toasting progress, there’s a LED indicator designed for that purpose.

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Cuisinart CPT-435


Built with a stainless steel housing, the Cuisinart CPT-435 4-Slice Toaster boasts stylishness that helps make it look great on any kitchen countertop. Taking toasting to a whole new level, the Cuisinart CPT-435 Toaster is geared with a blue backlit LCD countdown feature that lets you know how much time remains in the toasting cycle. This is a convenient component when you’ve got other things to do in the kitchen, you have to take a call, or just need to prepare a spread to use on the toast.

This innovative kitchen appliance has separate controls that let you defrost waffles before toasting, reduce heat on the uncut side of bagels, or reheat toast without getting it more browned. The seven browning settings work well with the self-adjusting slots to ensure that thin and thick slices are toasted to your preference. The 1.5-inch wide slots let you enjoy perfect toasts, as well as thick bagel slices, English muffins and more.

The removable crumb tray makes clean up a breeze. The push up feature makes removal of smaller items effortless. The toaster gives off an audible chime when the toasting cycle is completed. Offering convenience and reliable performance, the Cuisinart CPT-435 4-Slice Toaster is a great kitchen appliance to have.

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Hamilton Beach 22810


Keeping toast warm for a longer time, the Hamilton Beach 22810 Toaster has two extra-wide slots that let you put in thicker slices of bread. The cool-wall sides ensure safety in use, effectively preventing kitchen accidents and other problems. The Warm Mode keeps the toast in the slot until you’re ready, and that’s without getting the slices over toasted. To give you even more convenient toasting, the Hamilton Beach 22810 is geared with Toast Boost and automatic shut off feature.

The Toast Boost feature lifts the bread slices higher in the slots so you can easily take them without burning your fingers. This ensures that you can enjoy your toast without the Ouch, and also not have to wait till the slot cools down enough for removal of the bread slices. The automatic shut off feature is convenient for those who need to do other things in the kitchen, or who tend to easily forget. This innovative feature ensures extra safety in the kitchen as well.

The toaster offers bagel, defrost and Cancel options. The Bagel setting ensures that thick bread slices get evenly browned on both sides. The Defrost feature works great for toasting frozen bread. The Cancel feature lets you stop the toasting process midway through the cycle.

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