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Millions of people around the world use their tablets with delight and joy, everywhere they go. The sudden passion for the thing multimedia device is understandable, given its stunning source of visual and audio pleasure. Well, reading some of the current best tablets reviews, written after careful analysis, both from a technicians and regular user, represents an important step in finding the tablet suited to your needs. If you are travelling a lot or simply love to read books in a fun and exciting manner than a tablet will certainly do you a world of good. With a high quality tablet you will be able to tap into the unlimited world of the internet, every time you desire.


Kindle Fire HD 7”


Best Tablets reviewsIf you want a cool and powerful tablet, which combines outstanding visual clarity with precise audio sounds, then Kindle Fire is exactly what you need. This tablet has bright 7” display in high definition, with touchscreen which makes the multimedia experience something truly special. This model features a 1280 x900 HD LCD display, with rich, vibrant colours due to In-Plane Switching technology. Furthermore, the device has a highly advanced polarizing filter that maintains deep contrasts and detailed colours, present at every angle. The tablet also has dual stereo speakers which provide deep bass during movies, music, concerts or even TV-shows.

“Having in mind that tablets are becoming an essential part of day to day life, I have bought myself this particular one because of its excellent reviews. My experience with it so far has been just great and for me it works like a charm, without any complications so far.” Betty Logan

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Kindle Fire HD 8.9”


If you are talking about tablets, Kindle Fire HD 8.9” from Amazon is present in the discussion. With millions of utilizers, this tablet represents a chance to get in touch with the true meaning of entertainment. The model has a large 8.9” display (1920 x 1200 resolution) that allows you to play movies in 1090p high definition. Furthermore, due to the 254 ppi feature, the display comes with HQ pixels that the human eye can’t distinguish. Incorporating In-Plane Switching and Reduced Screen Glare technology, the tablet makes every part of the entertainment experience one of the highest quality ever.

“I got this new Kindle model two weeks ago and it rocks. The touchscreen display is great, the pictures are vivid and crystal clear. Basically it has high quality in every aspect and I would recommend it for whoever wants to buy such a tablet.Henry Wilfred

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Kindle Fire 7”


Considered by thousands of people as the perfect family tablet, Kindle Fire 7” will certainly improve your entertainment needs, placing a source of joy and excitement fay after day. Why should you choose this tablet? Well, first of all, the tablet is 40% than other models, 9 hours of reading, watching movies or listening to all your favourite songs. Receiving high marks from the latest best tablets reviews, this model is certainly a great addition to any home, bringing in the family dynamic reasons to laugh and be joyful. You have 8 GB internal storage memory where you can place all that you love.

“The Kindle Fire 7 has everything I could want from a tablet and also at the same time has a very respectable price range. I see no downside to it. For me its smaller 7 inch screen, means it is easier to carry it with me wherever I want and with no effort.” Michelle Rider

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2


Today, everyone wants a piece of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, a tablet which delivers a stunning home or on the road entertainment experience, without comparison to other devices. It weighs only 12 ounces and packs a vivid 7-inch touchscreen display which makes any movie or TV-show appear in high definition. The tablet runs on Android 4.1 operating system, powered by the 1.0 GHz dual-core processor which allows the user to multitask without worrying about lag. QWERTY keyboard is present; helping you type messages, write notes with ease. Incorporating Google technology and all of its popular applications, the tablet is more than a simple electronic device.

“After I searched around a bit and read a lot of reviews I made the choice of getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, because it had the best qualities for the price range it had. The Android operating system was also a deciding factor in my choice and up till now it works smoothly.” Patrick Duran

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10”


The majority of the current best tablets reviews underline the efficiency of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 10” inch display model, a model very popular among young Americans. This impressive tablet works on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 operating system which allows the user to multitask in peace. The model has a more than enough 16 GB internal memory where files can be stored with ease but through a micro SD card the memory can be expanded to 32 GB. Powerful, due to the 1 GHz Dual-Core processors and ultra-slim, this tablet from Samsung will certainly turn heads wherever you go.

“This is such a solid tablet coming from Samsung which has an impressive 10 inch screen. The picture quality of the screen is awsome and amazes me everytime I use it. It responds super fast to my commands, making using it a pleasure again and again.” Thomas Velden

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