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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best soft cooler money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best soft coolers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the MIER 24-can cooler is the best. It is made with a very durable material, 600D oxford, which is also highly flexible and easy to clean. In addition, the interior is lined with a soft PEVA material and 5mm of foam which work together to offer excellent insulation, keeping your stored food and beverages nice and cool. This unit also provides plenty of storage space thanks to its multitude of pockets and it is also easy to carry thanks to the removable shoulder strap. If the MIER soft cooler is no longer available due to high demand, your second option should be the AO Coolers model, as it offers similar convenience and performance.



Useful Tips for Buynig a Top Soft Cooler


A cooler is a great way to keep drinks and other items chilled when you are outside, and there are several models to choose. Foam coolers are often inexpensive, but are not designed to last. Hard plastic coolers can include handles and wheels, but you are often limited by its size. Coolers with soft sides are generally designed for easy portability, and the durable construction ensures that the food and drinks stay safe fresh and cold no matter the temperature outside. There are a few aspects to consider, and the helpful tips included in this buying guide can help you choose the best soft cooler in 2019.

A. Soft cooler


As stated in the best soft cooler reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the size. Smaller fabric coolers are ideal for keeping six packs chilled, while larger models can keep up to 48 canned beverages refreshingly cold on hot summer days. The size of the cooler will also determine the amount of ice you can carry, and should also be considered before making a final decision.



The best soft cooler in 2019 will be long lasting, and constructed from a durable synthetic material. According to the best soft cooler reviews you also want to consider the type of material used for the insulation. Soft coolers with foam insulation are able to keep drinks and perishable food items chilled longer in warmer temperatures, while collapsible canvas sides are sturdy and long lasting.



One of the main advantages to using a soft cooler is its versatile and easy to carry design. The fabric sides and lid can easily be compressed to save trunk space, and expanded to fit more perishable items inside. Other convenient features to consider include carrying straps, and sturdy wheels on larger models. Some of the best soft cooler reviews also recommend choosing one that features convenient storage compartments. These mesh pockets are ideal for keeping cell phones and key cars organized when you are at the beach, and you also want to consider choosing a soft cooler that is sweat and leak proof.


Top Soft Coolers in 2019


While it is up to you to choose the right cooler for you, we can help you narrow down your options. These are the top rated soft coolers of 2019 and each one is designed to be able to keep all your perishable items cold, and some can even keep your food and drinks hot.





2.MIERThe MIER is a good and reliable soft cooler, made of resistant materials that ensure proper insulation and ease of maintenance. The outer layer is made of 600D oxford canvas, while the liner consists of a 5mm foam layer. The capacity of this cooler is 24 cans, so you will be able to take plenty of food and drinks with you when you are traveling. Good compartmentalization makes this model a great option for those who want to have cool drinks and snacks close by. Two side pockets are there for more storage, while the main compartment is large enough for all the supplies you want to take with you. The front pocket is ideal for dry items.

You can carry the soft cooler with you with great ease, as the model comes with a well padded shoulder strap that can be removed when not in use. The welded seams on the internal compartment ensure that no leakage will occur, and the special insulation technology used makes sure your supplies will remain cool and good to eat for hours. You can take this cooling bag with you when camping, on BBQ trips, and for any outdoor activities.


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AO Coolers


3.AO Coolers WaterproofDurability and resistance to water are essential for any model aspiring to be the best soft lunch cooler on the market. The A O Coolers presents both advantages and there is no wonder it is so praised by buyers everywhere. The vinyl exterior is waterproof and it does not stain easily, so you will love its low maintenance requirements. The performance of this soft cooler is also outstanding. It can hold ice in its initial state for 24 hours straight, even when the weather outside is really hot. Featuring a 12-can capacity, this model will surely be capable of supplying you with cool drinks on summer days.

You can confidently take this soft cooler with you on outdoor adventures, when you go hunting or fishing, and it is a good addition to any party. A side pocket can be found on the side, where you can keep dry items, so quick and easy access. The shoulder strap allows you to carry the cooler around, and it can be removed, when you do not need it. Compared to other models on the market, this model offers twice the insulation power, which says something about its overall performance.


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Polar Bear Coolers


1.Polar Bear Coolers Soft CoolerThe Polar Bear Coolers is a model worthy of taking into consideration, and not only because of looks. The manufacturer allows you to customize your cooler by adding a monogram or logo of your choosing. The new design of an already greatly appreciated model adds quality and performance. The model is built to withstand a lot of wear and tear, and the materials used are leak proof, so you can enjoy your drinks as cool as you like. Because of its sturdy construction, this model is considered by many buyers to be the best soft cooler bag currently available.

The compact design makes it easy to accommodate this soft cooler along with other luggage with great ease. The outer shell is made of high quality 1000 dernier Cordura nylon, which is resistant to stains and it does not let water and other liquids go through. The open cell foam used in the layer construction ensures proper insulation, which is a great plus for an already well rounded product. You can even use this for kayaking, because of its superior performance when dealing with wet environments, as it happens when you embark on trips to the great outdoors.


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Polar Bear Coolers Soft Cooler


The best soft cooler reviews state that this model will ice frozen up to a day, and will also keep soups and other foods at a steamy 200 degrees for several hours. Enjoy cold water when it is 100 degrees outside, and hot coffee on a cold and rainy fishing trip. Perfect to take with you in any type of weather, you can enjoy hot and cold beverages almost anywhere.

You have the advantage of the durable nylon and foam construction, which is designed to last for years. The sturdy fabric is resistant to wear and tear, and you’ll also appreciated the leak and sweat proof design when it is time to clean your car. This also helps to prevent bacteria and mildew from forming inside the cooler, along with making it extremely quick and easy to clean.

This soft cooler will easily collapse into a smaller size for compact storage, and the durable shoulder straps make it convenient to carry with you. The cooler is large enough to hold up to 24 cans, and its lightweight and durable construction makes it easy to see why it is a consumer favorite.


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AO Coolers Soft Cooler


2. AO Coolers Soft CoolerYou will love the versatility of this soft cooler, which includes its ability to hold up to 48 beverage cans. The sides will collapse and expand to give you the room that you need, and for easy and convenient storage. It is the perfect cooler for solo hikes, or for keeping chilled beverages for your entire family.

The shoulder strap is designed to be comfortable, durable, and it can also be removed when you aren’t using it. Featuring up to twice as much insulation as similar models, this soft cooler can keep ice frozen up to a day in 120 degree temperatures. Stay refreshed and hydrated on the water or at an outdoor sporting event, and you’ll also appreciate its easy to clean design.

This soft cooler is also leak and sweat proof to make cleaning quick and easy, and this also helps to prevent bacteria and mildew from forming. There is also a zippered side pocket for convenient waterproof storage, along with an attached carrying handle. Perfect for large of solo hikes and boating trips, the expanded size also ensures that you have plenty of room for ice.


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Coleman 1316-Parent


3. Coleman 16 Can CoolerThe name Coleman is synonymous with outdoor fun and adventure, and the same is true for this lightweight and sturdy 16 can cooler. Featuring a durable construction, this sturdy fabric cooler is designed to last through years of nature hikes and camping trips. The soft cooler is designed to be convenient to use, and you love its lightweight construction.

This cooler is constructed from durable synthetic material, and features two liners for added leak and sweat protection. The soft liner is flexible and easy to wipe clean, while the harder one can be removed when you need to squeeze the cooler into limited packing space. Versatile and convenient, it is easy to see why so many hikers and campers prefer this soft cooler.

You also have the advantage of the two mesh storage pockets which are perfect for storing keys, cell phones, and other important small items. Capable of keeping drinks and food cold for hours, you’ll also appreciate that the cooler has been approved by the FDA as a food storage container. Safe to use for perishable food items and canned beverages, you’ll finds hundreds of uses for this sturdy and versatile soft cooler.


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