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If you are looking for the best sewing machine for leather but have little time to search the market correctly, it might be difficult to obtain a satisfying result. There are many alternatives available, each with its specific features and characteristics. To help you make the right choice, our team analyzed some of the best-selling devices and, taking into account product specifications, customer feedback and reviews, we decided that the model you should consider is the Singer Heavy Duty 4423. Among its features are 23 built-in stitches, which provide it with great versatility and allow you to work on many different projects. It is made of heavy-duty metal, so the item is durable and resistant, and many useful accessories accompany it for sewing. Last but not least, it is available at an attractive price. Should this particular gadget be sold out, another alternative you might want to keep in mind is the Singer Automatic 4432.



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Buying Guide


Before you start prospecting the market in search for the best sewing machine, there are a few factors you might want to take into consideration, to make it easier for you to make a choice. These features influence the quality of the purchase and are explained in our short, easy to read buying guide.

Power and speed

If you are looking for a good sewing machine for leather, you should first look at its engine power. Leather is a harder material, and it’s more of a challenge to penetrate it with a needle, so you might need a little bit of extra force.

This can be achieved by using a larger and more powerful item, or by choosing a smaller one with a high-powered motor and driving gear. Usually, the latter are a bit pricier because of the more modern technologies used for the engines, but they are more portable and compact than large models.

Speed is essential especially if you are a professional who earns his or her living from sewing. By using a high-speed device, you will be able to do your job faster, therefore increasing productivity or allowing you more time to rethink your designs and improve them.

It is essential, however, to avoid sacrificing power for higher speeds; owning a high-speed machine which cannot pierce the leather will be useless.


Construction and accessories

If you have decided on the power output you desire, and on the speed, the next step should be choosing the type of construction you want. The metals used can impact the durability, stability, and reliability of your product.

Most items are delivered with a solid, heavy-duty construction which makes them stable when used with a proper sewing craft table, and protects their internal mechanisms in the eventuality of an impact. Cheaper models might not be so sturdy, and their reliability could be affected by the overall construction.

Accessories are handy if you have not practiced sewing before. Some models are delivered with everything you need to start practicing once you have unboxed the model – bobbins, thread, needles and many other useful tools.

In this situation, the construction is yet again relevant, as some designs include a tray or small shelf where these objects are stored, while others do not have this unique feature. If you do not want to acquire a separate sewing kit, perhaps you might want to consider buying a fully-equipped device.


Other features to take into consideration

The presser feet included should also be looked at. These accessories are essential for those wanting to obtain better results when sewing, and, even though you might find some of these tools on the market, you must be very careful to make sure they match your machine.

To spare you the trouble, it is advisable to opt for a fully equipped model.

Some of the more high-quality designs include a unique automatic needle threader, which reduces the stress encountered when threading the needle. This feature is very appreciated by professionals and customers alike, primarily by those with poorer eyesight. Whether this feature is included or not does not significantly influence the final price.

Regarding money, you will find a wide variety of choices, each adapted for a particular budget. There are straightforward and yet functional designs available at very affordable prices, suitable for beginners and learners.

On the other hand, you can find computerized or high-tech sewing machines on the market which are very pricey, but if you are a professional, you will realize that they have great value for the money.



Top sewing machines for leather in 2019


Even though we described some of the more critical features, we cannot pick a product for you. To make it easier for you to decide, our team analyzed some of the more popular designs available for sale and wrote a list of reviews of sewing machines for leather, which objectively describes these devices.



Singer Heavy Duty 


One of the most sought after items you can find on the market is this sewing machine designed to offer you versatility and durability without being too pricey or hard to maintain.

Containing built-in stitching patterns, it allows you to sew a variety of items, enabling you to obtain the desired results without too much effort. Besides, it includes many other useful features you cannot find on different designs.

The solid construction makes this sewing machine durable and reliable, and it keeps it in perfect working condition for more extended periods of time. Stability is added by the heavy-duty metal frame, which is a trademark of this brand.

23 built-in stitches are featured; these include essential, stretch, decorative and buttonhole stitches, which allow the user to obtain a wide variety of results without having to adjust the machine itself.

Versatility is enhanced by the many accessories provided – a screwdriver, bobbins, needles, guides, buttons and many others, stored in the accessory tray. A dust cover is also delivered, so keeping your gadget dust-free is more comfortable now.

Other features that users might find useful is the automatic needle threader, which eliminates the effort required to thread the needle, and the 60% stronger, 1100 stitches-per-minute motor provides greater piercing power for thicker seams.   

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Singer Automatic 4432 


Another excellent alternative is this item, which has excellent value for the money and offers you everything you might need to complete your projects. A stable and robust build gives it reliability and long-time functionality, while the many accessories and features incorporated turn it into a versatile gadget which should meet your expectations.

The high-speed motor powering the needle is capable of a maximum output of 1100 stitches-per-minute and is 60% stronger than those featured on previous models, enabling you not only to operate it faster but also allowing you to sew thick seams, which are otherwise hard to pierce.

Furthermore, a reverse lever is built-in, allowing you to reinforce the stitches by going in reverse.

Among the accessories provided, you will find all you need to start work straight away — an all-purpose foot, seam rippers, a quilting guide, needles, bobbins and many others.

There are 32 stitching patterns which can be used to sew a variety of different items; these include essential, stretch, decorative and buttonhole models.

Speaking of durability, it is ensured by a stable build by using a heavy-duty metal frame. This makes the product more reliable, adds extra stability and provides longer life spans; all the aspects mentioned above give this alternative excellent value.

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Singer Quantum Stylist 


Even though it might seem a rather high-end, pricey option, this sewing machine includes many cutting-edge technologies and features which give it excellent value for the money.

It is meant for those who enjoy sewing as a hobby but also for those earning a living out of this activity.

A lot of extra accessories are provided, as well as other features which will make it easier for you to work on your projects.

The computerized sewing machine has a large selection of stitches, suitable for many purposes and compatible with different materials. It includes five alphanumeric fonts and 13 built-in 1-step buttonholes with underplate.

There are about 600 built-in stitches provided, while the first mirror imaging and stitch elongation functions increase its versatility and functionality.

It is a high-speed sewing machine, with a maximum capacity of 850 stitches per minute. This allows you to quickly finish a project, giving you more time to design and refine it.

The motor is also powerful enough to penetrate thicker materials, regardless of their hardness.

Accessories are included, too — items such as presser feet, which are very useful, are provided in the package. Other features include an automatic needle threader and solid construction, which makes it durable and reliable.

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