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Finding the best sewing kit might prove to be harder than it seems, given the variety of alternatives available on the market. There are many features to take into consideration, and if you are short on time, it is difficult to keep track of these things. To help you make up your mind, we analyzed some of the best-selling models, and, taking into consideration professional opinions and customer feedback as well as product specifications we concluded that an item you should bear in mind is the Singer Vintage Basket. It contains many different accessories which make it useful and versatile, giving a beginner everything necessary to start the job. Delivered in a vintage themed basket which is durable and resistant, your tools are kept safe while traveling. Last but not least, it is available for an affordable price, which gives it excellent value for the money. If this item is sold out, you might want to take into consideration the Michley Sewing Basket as a second alternative.



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Buying Guide


When looking for a sewing kit to best fit your needs, there are some factors you have to take into consideration. These are accurately described in our comprehensive and easy to read buying guide.


While searching for a good sewing kit, you might have noticed that some manufacturers deliver their models in normal, cardboard boxes while others include a medium-sized basket in the package.

Even though at first it might seem less important how the tools are delivered, in the long run, this will make a significant difference.

Choosing the cardboard box might seem a more reasonable choice at first since it is much cheaper and will usually include the same tools found in a basket.

However, it is less durable, will offer less protection against water or impacts and might deteriorate pretty fast, making it unusable. It is also less portable, for it does not come with a handle.

The basket is a little bit more expensive. Its construction is therefore essential; most models are made of fiber and a steel or plastic frame, depending on their price. These baskets have a foldable handle which provides secure storage and carrying.

Another essential advantage of choosing this option over the box is the fact that they are usually compartmented, and you have a removable tray for small items and a large, spacious place underneath it for materials and such. If your routine involves traveling with the tools, going for a waterproof basket might also be a good choice.


Featured tools

Even if you are looking for nothing more than a basic beginner sewing kit, it should contain all the necessary tools of the trade. Depending on the price and manufacturer, there will be differences in what is included in the box.

Usually, a cheap sewing kit will, regardless of the brand, include at least 4 or 5 colors of thread, some thread spools, bobbins and at least 2 or 3 needles.

These are the essential items required and, in some cases, they might be enough for the everyday activities of someone who considers sewing a hobby.

Once the price rises, there will be a greater diversity of tools included. Some kits are intended to be an addition to the accessories already installed or delivered with a machine, while others are designed to be complete.

The objects can be meant either for hand or machine sewing, with some more expensive kits including both types.  


Other features you might want to consider

The threads provided can be made from different fibers. This influences their look, performance, and resistance to wear and tear or strain.

If you want higher performance, consider opting for a kit that includes robust and durable thread which is capable of sustaining a lot of wear and abuse before breaking apart.

However, this is not so important when your project has a purely decorative purpose; for this situation, you might want to opt for threads with bright and powerful colors you like.

Most kits available are meant for beginners and learners since professionals usually tend to buy each tool separately. Therefore, some are accompanied by sewing notions or manuals, more or less accurate.

If you choose a kit which is intended to work as a supplement for the accessories included with the sewing machine, make sure that the models are compatible. Many customers bought a kit without checking that it is compatible with their device and it turned out that the tools did not fit.

Finally, when it comes to your budget, the kits come with a very extensive price range. Depending on their build, on what is included or the brand itself, there can be significant variations; however, there is something for everyone, starting from entry-level and very cheap baskets and going up to the high end, professional tools.



Top sewing kits in 2019


It is impossible for us to decide what best fits your needs. However, to help you make the right choice, we looked at some of the more popular sewing kits available for sale, and we wrote some sewing kits reviews which include details regarding tools involved, accessories and build.



Singer Vintage Basket 


There’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular sewing kits available on the market. It is highly inclusive, containing many of the things you will need for sewing, and it comes in a practical and portable basket which allows you to carry it around with ease.

Suitable for beginners, it is available at an attractive price, which gives it excellent value for the money; it can also be used as an addition to an already existing collection of sewing tools.

The basket is large and has a significant storage capacity. The foldable handle allows you to store it when not in use and carrying it is also made very simple.

Available in a lovely, vintage print, it is appreciated by customers for being spacious and for including many essential items. Some bonus sewing notions are also provided. The interior is organized and has a tray insert, allowing you to sort the tools with ease.

Included are ten hand needles, 100 dressmaker pins of various sizes, an 8-inch fabric scissors, ten mini thread spools each with a length of 10 yards, a needle threader, a pin cushion, a seam ripper, a 60-inch tape measure, and thimble.

Most customers appreciated that it is available for a fair price, and its items and design make it perfect for beginners.

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Michley Sewing Basket 


Suitable for hobby sewing, this handmade basket contains most of the items you will find useful, all stored in a beautiful, carefully designed product which is guaranteed to make the activity more enjoyable.

The affordable price grants it excellent value for the money and the features included make it highly versatile and suitable for the basic needs.

Included in the 41-piece sewing set are 16 thread spools, 16 metal bobbins, one measuring tape, two needles, three hand needles, one seam ripper, one thimble and one needle threader.

These items can come as an addition to your already existing set of tools or can be used to start anew.

All the tools mentioned above are contained in a fabric basket with an owl pattern which makes it look cute. It measures 10.5 by eight by 6.7 inches, so it is not too big.

The carrying handle will not prevent you from storing it in a small space when not in use, as it can be folded.

A removable clear tray at the top is provided for small items, while underneath it there is a lot of room for more significant objects. In this larger space, you can store small projects and pieces of material, too.

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Brother SASCKIT1 Starter 


Albeit pricier, this starter kit is appreciated by many buyers for its high quality and great value. It contains most of the essential tools used for sewing, and it comes in an easy to carry highly portable box.

Meant to be used with some models of Brother machines, it is everything that a beginner might want.

The items included are six spools of colored sewing thread, ten needles, and ten empty bobbins. Also provided are one clear view accessory foot, one pearl and sequins foot and one cording accessory foot.

These items are enough for the new sewing enthusiast, and what is right about this product is that it can be supplemented with other compatible tools, which can be found on the market.

Many customers appreciated the kit for being an excellent way to start. It is compatible with a series of Brother machines, which are already provided with some accessories; this kit can complement those.

It includes all the basics you might want, and their quality standards are pretty high; the thread itself is adequate for more types of projects, as well as the needles which are made to be reliable and durable.

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