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What to Consider When Buying a Safety Razor


When aiming for the perfect close shave possible, you may want to buy a classic safety razor. Made to deliver the best shave possible, safety razors need a bit of careful handling so they can work at their full potential. In order to pick the best safety razor you should read more about them first. The more information you will get before purchasing, the better your money will be used. Spend a little more time getting informed and you will save a lot in time and money on the long run.


The most important aspect of a good safety razor is its overall quality. Best safety razor reviews always rank at the top only the best quality razors. While not necessarily made by known brand names or overly expensive, quality razors have one thing in common: perfection. Built from the best materials, properly adjusted and perfectly balanced, quality razors are durable, comfortable and easy to use. Read about the razor and its brand before you buy it and take a bit of time to check consumers’ reviews. This way you will be sure to get the best product for your money.



Shaving with a classic razor can achieve the best results with a properly balanced safety razor. While some people consider a lightweight razor as the best choice, the truth is that with that kind of razor most men overcompensate and use too much pressure that results in injuries and skin cuts. Heavier razors can deliver a better shave but they are usually best used by more experienced men. A great choice is a balanced razor that can maintain good pressure by itself without causing any discomfort for your hand.



A good classic safety razor must have the perfect size that will work best on your face structure. Tall and strong built men with larger hands can use bigger size razors. Smaller body frame men will find out that using a medium or small razor will usually get better and faster results than using a big one. The best safety razor reviews usually praise the medium size razors that work best for almost any type of head and body size.


Top Safety Razors in 2019


Getting the most out of your new safety razor is not easy. We tried to come to the rescue and selected some of the best and most praised razors on the market right now. Easily the best in their class, each of these razors are universally praised and liked by consumers and reviewers alike.


Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl


Providing the best traditional shaving experience, the Edwin Jagger safety razor is rightfully named the best safety razor 2019 for its quality, performance and design. Creating the cleanest shave possible, without the risks associated with straight razors, this safety razor is the perfect choice for any man that desires perfect quality shaving.

Easy to use and with a perfect lock in place, the razor head can use any of the standard double edge blade types. Keeping a perfectly safe close shave is what the Edwin Jagger is made for. Praised by all the best safety razor reviews for its excellent balance and design, this safety razor will make you love every minute spent shaving. Easy on the hand, with a superb efficient cut, this safety razor works wonders and delivers such a clean shave that rivals with even the best barbers and their straight razors.

Built from the best quality materials, featuring a perfect chromed finishing, this is a razor that will serve you for years and years. Durable, efficient and perfectly balanced this Edwin Jagger razor is the best choice for a perfect close shave. When quality and style matter you cannot go wrong buying one of the best safety razors available right now.

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Parker 99R – Double Edge


One of the smoothest shavers you will ever use, the exquisite Parker 99R is a pinnacle of quality and style. Delivering the best quality possible, Parker razors are known for their durability, resilience and style. Using one of the heaviest shaver heads on the market, this safe razor creates the cleanest and closest shave possible.

Built by the world famous Parker Company, this double edge razor is a perfect choice for the man who cares about the best possible results. Called by many the best safety razor 2019 this razor is built to impress. Using the best quality brass protected by a perfect chrome finish, the Parker 99R can last a lifetime, delivering the same quality shaving as it did from day one.

Its long and comfortable handle together with the heavy razor head keeps the shaving fast and clean without any additional effort for the hand. Delivering such a close shave matched only by professional barbers, this safety razor is the perfect gift for anyone who takes great pride in his own appearance.

When quality and style combine you will have the best classic razor possible. Loved by all men, this safety razor is one of the best choices when it comes to selecting the best tool for a perfect traditional shaving.

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Merkur Long Handled


Making it to the top of many of the best safety razor reviews, this safety razor is another great classic razor that will last you a lifetime. Built in Germany using the best technology available, this razor delivers one of the cleanest and smoothest shaves you will ever feel.

Durable and functional, this German build safety razor earns top marks for quality and durability. Featuring a classic functional design, simple to use and extremely comfortable, this Merkur product is a perfect first choice for anyone starting with traditional shaving.

Loved by many for its unique balance and comfortable shaving, this safety razor will make you love each minute you spend using it. Built by Merkur to last forever, this safety razor is created using the most durable and strong materials available. Featuring a perfect chrome finish it will never rust even when exposed to hot water for extended periods of time.

Named one of the top rated safety razors 2019, this Merkur safety razor is one of the best all-around classic razors your will ever buy. When comfort, quality and durability matter you cannot choose anything better than this durable and precise Merkur safe razor.

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