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While a router might be a simple tool, it can quickly become one of the most important ones in your workshop. The best plunge router will let you cut precise cuts for joints and grooves without removing any of the material that you need. These simple machines consist of a small motor that rotates a cutting bit, and is a favorite tool among many woodworkers. There are several types and brands to choose from, which can make it difficult for you to find exactly what you need. With this in mind, we have created this helpful buying guide so you can make an informed decision and find the right plunge router for all of your projects.

What to look for when buying a Ryobi plunge router?


Type of Base

One of the first aspects you need to consider is the type of base you need on the router. A fixed base router is simple and easy to use, and often recommended for beginners. These routers are generally less expensive than other types, and are also lightweight and easy to maneuver in place. If you are frequently cutting designs for molding or anything else that requires an accurate straight line, you might want to consider a router with a fixed base.

The other type of router has a plunge base, and it offers the user more versatility. These models have a base that is spring loaded that lets you push the cutting bit into the wood, and can also be locked into place. Plunge base routers will also let you adjust the depth of the cuts while it is running, unlike models that are fixed in place.



Once you have decided in the type of base, you will also want to consider the size of the router. The best small plunge routers are generally lightweight and easy to use, and are the preferred tool when it comes to cutting trim and laminates. With a smaller motor these routers are also budget friendly, and are ideal for home woodworking projects. Larger models are ideal for removing a lot of unwanted material, and can also be used as a shaper when it is combined with a router table. While these powerful tools are perfect for cutting bigger joints and grooves, its awkward size makes it difficult to cut finely detailed work with a large router.


Ease of Use

You want the router that you choose to be simple to use, and easy to maneuver in place. Minor details like where the power switch is located can make a difference in your comfort when you are using the router. You want to ensure that you can easily lift and position the tool, and are able to lock the bit in place if you have a router with a plunge base. If you cannot comfortably and easily use your new tool, it can become an unfortunate waste of money.


Top Ryobi Plunge Routers in 2019


Ryobi ZRR163K


This smaller size router features a fixed base, and a powerful 8.5 amp motor. You will love the sturdy construction of this Ryobi router, along with its comfortable and convenient design. The base of this woodworking tool is constructed from durable aluminum that will give you the stability you need to make precise and accurate cuts. Simply lock the router in place and you can easily cut grooves and joints, and remove small pieces of material.

Since this is a fixed base router it is easy to use, and is designed for beginner woodworkers. You will appreciate the rubber handles located on the side of the tool that helps to keep you comfortable even when you are working on larger projects. The handles are ergonomically designed to prevent cramps in your hands and painful blisters from developing on your palms. The power switch is also conveniently located so you can quickly turn the router off if a cut suddenly goes wrong, and makes it easy for you to operate.

You also get the advantage of using this model as a plunge router, which lets you adjust the depth of the cut while the tool is running. This allows you to make precise cuts in the center of a board without ruining the surrounding material. Start and stop cuts whenever you need to, and this unit also includes a ¼” bit. With its ability to deliver straight and accurate cuts, it is easy to see why this is considered one of the best small plunge routers.

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Ryobi RE180PL1G


With its powerful 2 HP motor and ability to use different size bits, this is often considered the best plunge router from Ryobi. This model features a durable motor with adjustable speeds to give you even more versatility in your projects. The lightweight design makes this router easy to place and lock in position so you can always get accurate repetitive cuts.

Even though this is a plunge base router, it is still easy to use and operate. You have the advantage of being able to accurately measure and adjust the depth of the cuts, along with being able to set the tool for precise repetitions. The ergonomic handles are designed for comfort at any cutting angle, and make using the tool for extended periods of time easy and enjoyable.

Since this is a larger router you also have the benefit of being able to attach different size bits, which allows you to cut grooves and joints, along with finer detailed work. The plunge router includes a ½ inch bit and an adapter for attaching a variety of different collects. With its versatile and easy to use design, experienced and beginning woodworkers can enjoy creating amazing projects with this affordable tool.

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While there is also a Bosch plunge router that is also affordably priced, the Ryobi ZRR163K and the Ryobi RE180PL1G still remain consumer favorites. Each of these models is designed to help you finish your woodworking projects, while also adding a profession touch. Easy to use and featuring a versatile design, it is not hard to see why many woodworkers recommend one of these routers from Ryobi.


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