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How to buy one of the best RV GPS with backup camera


While you love traveling in your RV it can be frustrating and even dangerous to not know exactly where you are going. Not only can low hanging branches and overpasses present a problem, trying to backup and maneuver these oversize recreational vehicles can be almost impossible to do safely. A Gps for RV travel is a convenient and useful device that will get you where you are going, and can even help you park. While the best RV Gps will find the safest and quickest route, the wrong one can have you completely lost and turned around. That is why we have created this buying guide filled with helpful to tips so you can make an informed decision, and find the right RV Gps system.

What to look for when buying a RV Gps with backup camera?



One of the main advantages to using an RV Gps with backup camera is the larger screen size. Unlike smaller models which are designed to be used in automobile, Gps devices intended for RVs often feature a large touch screen that is glare free and easy to navigate. Along with different menu functions, some of these devices also include a port for attaching convenient backup cameras. Some of the extra features to consider on the screen include options for viewing pictures, along with a list of various points of interest.



While all Gps devices intended for larger vehicles generally include some basic maps of North America and Canada, you do want to ensure that the model you choose has free lifetime updates. Roads are constantly are construction, and the best route to your destination can quickly change without notice. Maps that also include scenic points of interest, landmarks, hospitals, and gas stations are extremely helpful to have when you are trying to navigate a large recreational vehicle on some city streets.


Extra Features

The best RV Gps with backup camera will also include helpful extra features that can make your trip easier, and more pleasant. Gps devices with audio are ideal for safety, and ensure that you never miss a turn when you are driving. Additional features can also include voice activation to insert a destination address, along with 3D maps and a helpful feature that warns you when it is time to change lanes.


Top RV GPS with Backup Camera in 2019


Garmin RV 760LMT


This Garmin Gps for RVs features a 7 inch touch screen that is incredibly easy to read, and navigate. You have the advantage of a lifetime of free map updates that will reflect all the changes on your route. See when old businesses close and be the first to know the best way to popular grand openings.

You also have the advantage of the included backup camera, and the glare free screen clearly displays any obstacles in your way. Since you can customize this Gps device to your RV’s specifications, you will always know whether or not your large recreation vehicle will fit. The device will map out routes that avoid low hanging obstacles, and the camera is designed to transmit images up to 45 feet away.

The system’s audio voice will clearly and concisely guide you to your destination, and you also have the advantage of using well known landmarks instead of confusing street signs to track your progress. With its intuitive design and clear mapping system, it is easy to see why many RV owners depend on this Gps device.

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Garmin nüvi 2798LMT


Not only is this RV Gps with backup camera easy to navigate, it also includes everything you need to quickly install and program the device. The 7 inch touch screen is easy to see, and the included manual quickly walks you through the set up steps. You can mount the Gps device on your dashboard with the included suction cup, so you will always know exactly where you are going.

The included backup camera makes it easy to park your large vehicle, and the glare free screen ensures that you can see any obstacle. You also have the advantage of free mapping updates to ensure you always know the best way to your destination. Since you can customize this device to your RV’s measurements, you never have to worry about driving down roads with low bridges or that are too narrow for your vehicle to pass.

Not only will this RV Gps system display your intended route, it also features an audio function which will clearly guide you on your way. Know where all the traffic lights are and use recognizable landmarks as a guide. With everything that is included with this RV Gps device, it is easy to see why many large vehicle owners depend on it to get them to their destinations.

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Magellan RoadMate 6230-LM


Everything you need to safely arrive at your destination is included in this RV Gps with backup camera device. Not only will the 5 inch viewing screen clearly display all of your directions, it also functions as a rear and front HD camera. As a rear camera you can finally see any obstacles behind your large vehicle, and the wide angle viewing lens lets you record in HD from your dashboard. Capture scenic routes as you are driving, and share it with friends and family when you arrive safe and on time.

While the backup camera is sold separately, it is worth the investment when it comes to making it safer and easier to reverse and park a large recreational vehicle. You also have the advantage of the free mapping updates that ensures you never get lost when you are driving.

As an added bonus, this Gps device is also protected from jolts caused by sudden impacts and will automatically begin recording the accident. With all of the added protection included with this RV Gps system, along with a lifetime of current map updates it is easy to see why so many people depend on this device.

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Vacationing in your RV just got easier with these navigational devices, and choosing the right one can be confusing. While only you know which one is right for you the Garmin RV 760LMT and the Garmin nüvi 2798LMT are both excellent models to consider.


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