Best RV GPS System Reviews


While GPS navigation systems are common in cars and pickup trucks, the same is not true for RVs. Almost any navigation system will plot out a route complete with street names, most of the devices will not let you know if bridges are higher enough for your RV to pass or if it is even allowed on some of the narrower roads. With the growing popularity of RVs, navigation systems are now being manufactured that are designed specifically for your large recreational vehicle. To help you choose the best GPS for RV travel we have included a few buying tips so you can make an informed decision that won’t have you stuck under a low underpass on your next vacation.

What to look for when buying a RV GPS system



Whether you are looking for a Garmin RV GPS or one of the other top rated models one of the first aspects you need to consider the features that you need. Some of the most common features include viewing screens with low glare, which makes it easier for you to follow the directions. Current weather updates, plugs for additional cameras, and a durable design are other useful features you might want to consider. Some of the best RV Gps systems are also internet compatible, which lets you instantly see the weather in any city around the world.



You also want the GPS navigation system that you choose to be easy to use, and operate. The device should include all of the functions that you need to safely find your way on any road, including landmark settings and audio speakers. Touch screen interfaces are another function to consider, along with voice activated commands.



Once you have decided on the necessary features and functions, you will need to set a spending budget that you are comfortable with. GPS systems are available in a range of prices that are designed to fit any budget, and the final choice is often decided by which features are included. The more technically advanced GPS systems are generally priced higher than models than do not include Wi-Fi capabilities and weather updates.


Top RV GPS Systems in 2019


TomTom VIA 1605M


This GPS system was designed to keep RV owners safely motoring to their destinations. You have the advantage of always having access to current maps that include the United States, Mexico and Canada. Navigate your way through the scenic Rockies or along the Baja Peninsula, the Gps device will even show you the best places to stay along the way.

You will love the easy to read 6 inch touch screen that clearly displays your route. See the current post speed limits, and the distance to your next turn. With your estimated arrival time also shown, you will never be late to a family reunion or miss a check in time. The Gps system will also show you places of interest on your route, and which ones can accommodate your RV or camper.

Along with being able to set the Gps system to the specifications on your RV, it can also be programmed for a camper or a car. Simply change the profile on the Gps system to reflect the current vehicle you are driving. With its versatile and easy to use design, it is easy to see why this is the top GPS for a RV.

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Magellan RoadMate RV 9365T-LMB


One advantage to this GPS system is its large cache of preloaded data. It includes everything from the AAA touring book and the complete Good Sam Campground Directory to where to deposit your waste, making it easier to plan your next vacation. The seven inch viewing screen is easy to read, and will clearly display your intended route.

You can program your vehicle’s specifications into the Gps device, so you can avoid low bridges and other obstacles on your trip. The navigation system will display the current speed limit, and alert you to any upcoming changes so you can avoid an expensive traffic ticket. Landmarks, intersections, and any road closures are also marked on the navigational screen.

With this Gps system you will always know exactly where you are going, and at what time you are expected to arrive. The lane assist ensures that you never miss a turn, and you will also enjoy the system’s easy to use one touch design. This enables you to concentrate on your driving, instead of worrying about programming your route. With a lifetime of map and traffic alerts included with the system, you never have to worry about getting lost on vacation.

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Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM


With its Wi-Fi capabilities there is no limit to where you can go with this Gps system. It includes all of the latest features, and is designed to help RV owners navigate the roads safely. You’ll love getting current map updates for the life of the device, which ensures that all of your information is always up to date. Stay ahead of traffic jams and road closures, and always be able to find the fastest and shortest route.

The easy to read navigational screen includes functions for your specific model of RV, along with ones for mapping and choosing a final destination. The touch screen clearly displays your intended route, along with all of the necessary information. See where the nearest RV campgrounds are, or let the system pick out an interesting destination.

This GPS system also gives you the advantage of tracking your fuel purchases as you go, which makes it easier for you to plan your expenses. With an input for a rear camera to make backing up easier and safer, along with the option to choose from several different models it is easy to see why so many RV owners are choosing this Gps system.

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While there are several Gps systems designed for RVs, there are two that include all of the features most recreational vehicle owners are looking for. The TomTom VIA 1605M and the Magellan RoadMate RV 9365T-LMB both include everything you need to safely and confidently navigate the roads in your RV.


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