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In the present, millions of people around the world are now jogging in order to keep themselves fit and healthy. Every morning, in the park or outside blocks,men and women run in order to strengthen their bodies and boast into fresh air. Doctors recommend people to run, as a general health tonic and also as an emotional reliever. Still, you can’t run with every other shoe because your feet need to be protected from the hard terrain. To this end it comes as no surprise to see so many people search for efficient running shoes, capable of helping the user run better. Reading some of the current best running shoes reviews will help you identify the most efficient pair, suited to your needs.



New Balance Men’s M890B2


Best Running Shoes reviewsOne of the coolest and lightest running shoes currently available on the market, come from New Balance: Men’s M89B2 model. These running shoes are made out of synthetic and mesh and are backed by a rubber sole, which help the user run with greater ease and liberty. Created with great attention in order to meet any competitive requirements while running, M891B2 running shoes from New Balance will always give you an extra edge to run smoothly. You should also know that Andy Baddeley appears on the shoes, certifying their high quality design. In addition, New Balance M890B2 comes equipped with soft laces that manage to slide through easily thus preventing top-of-foot discomfort.

“I am very pleased with my decision to acquire these running shoes because they are so, so comfortable and don’t create any discomfort to me even on those long jogs. Also I like the design as well and the fact that they are very light.” Hank Hill


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ASICS men’s GEL-Nimbus


Most of the latest best running shoes reviews underline the qualitative design of ASICS Gel-Nimbus, a model that can be found in amateur or professional runners. These running shoes are made out of synthetic and mesh upper which deliver great comfort while exercising, irrespective of terrain. ASICS men’s GEL-Nimbus shoes are made out of Solyte Midsole, a light and relaxing ambiance to the feet. Furthermore these shoes come with Impact Guidance System has the unique design technical philosophy that fully enhances the foot’s natural gait, starting from the heel and ending with the toe-off. Run in style and comfort!

“I feel so comfortable while I am doing my evening run with these shoes. They have a very good look at the same time and are built from quality materials, because they feel very solid as well. Overall I consider them to be one of the best running shoes money can buy.” Andy Mathews


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Salomon men’s Speedcross


The superb design of Salomon men’s Speedcross running shoes made the model a great addition to any jogging fan. Take these bad boys out for a run and feel the difference between them and your old shoes. With a solid and lightweight construction, Speedcross from Salomon will help you push your physical limits by providing extra comfort while running. Furthermore Salomon running shoes are equipped with Mud and Snow Contagrip sole that delivers performance at every step. Salomon Speedcross is waterproof and weighs only 626 grams, thus letting you push your limits while you run in the park or round the block.

“One of the main reasons why I bought them is the aggressive look they have, which caught my attention the first time I laid eyes on them. The sole offers a great grip and protects me from potential dangerous injuries. I recommend them for people who like to take care of their body.”  Will Henderson


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ASICS women’s GEL-Noosa


Everyone loves ASICS running shoes, especially women that wear them with great delight while running. GEL-Noosa running shoes from ASICS provide quick and stable transitions on the terrain you run on, protecting the feet. ASICS running shoes feature Propulsion Trusstic System and Impact Guidance System which enhances your movement while stepping on the ground. The lightweight design of ASICS running shoes, manage to absorb shock in the forefoot and rear due to the presence of GEL cushioning system. If you want to maximize your performance during runs, long or short, then, take with confidence ASICS for a spin.

“I don’t believe running shoes can be better that the ASICS GEL-Noosa because I feel like they are perfect for my feet when I go out and run. They have such a lovely design and feel so light on my  feet, so I know for certain that they have a higher quality than most other shoes.” Mary Button


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ASICS women’s Gel-Nimbus


The best running shoes reviews recommend women to use with confidence ASICS Gel-Nimbus model, which seems to accommodate any running desires. Gel-Nimbus running shoes come equipped with GEL cushioning system that deliver extra comfort and stability while running. Furthermore due to the presence of vertical Guidance Line the shoes keep you in control even though the terrain is challenging. These shoes have a personalized fit, featuring two layers of foam in the collar and eyelets which caress the foot instead of choking it like other models. You should also know that ASICS Gel-Nimbus incorporates Space Trusstic system enabling an efficient foot function, improving the performance.

“I feel very comfortable while running with them on and my feet manage to stay dry even after the longest jogs I take. The low price and the great look are other reasons why I settled for buying this pair of running shoes.” Laura Alfonse


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