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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best reading bed pillow money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gone over many expert review sites and looked at essential data including value for money and price to be able to gather as much information as possible on reading bed pillows. This tireless research has enabled us to prove that the Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest is the best reading bed pillow on the market. This impressive product carries a bedrest design that comes with a suitable back and head support so you can read and watch TV while comfortably in bed. The pillow comes with a durable cover of brushed twill polyester fabric plus an equally tough polyester fiber fill to ensure adequate comfort and support. Measuring 26 inches long, 18 inches high and 18 inches wide, the pillow even comes with a handle that enables easy lifting and transfer plus armrests that add extra comfort. If you have difficulty finding the Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest at your favorite online store, we suggest getting the second best reading bed pillow on the market, the Jobri Spine Reliever.


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Like any other bed pillow that lets you sleep in blissful comfort, a reading bed pillow allows you to relax comfortably in bed while reading your novel of the month or watching your favorite TV show. An ordinary bed pillow may not be able to provide the level of comfort and support that a customized pillow for reading is exactly designed to deliver. These are the aspects to look for when buying a reading bed pillow.

1.Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest, Navy

Fill Type

Reading bed pillows come with a variety of fill types from down and feathers to synthetic, memory foam and hypoallergenic elements to ensure that consumers get the exact product they want or need. If you want a reading bed pillow that is lightweight and soft as a cloud, get yourself a lofty down pillow. The most luxurious of all fills, down is made using the silky undercoat beneath duck and geese feathers. The down clusters are composed of gossamer-like filaments that expand and interlock, forming air pockets that trap air and create a most effective breathable insulation. A more budget-friendly alternative would be down/ feather mix fills, with the feathers providing exceptional support and firmness and the down component adding the needed loftiness to the pillow. Most premium quality down-and-feather pillows are suitable for people with asthma or allergies as they are hypoallergenic.

Foam pillows are able to hold their shape and firm feel rather well even when you move around while lying in their folds. A foam pillow is a good quality compromise. Down alternative pillows have fills made of natural or synthetic materials that offer the feel of lofty down. They are typically hypoallergenic as well. Synthetic Fill pillows are similar to down alternative pillows thanks to their hypoallergenic properties. They are able to offer supportive resistance for the head and neck. Other synthetic fills aside from polyester include water, latex, wool, microbeads and buckwheat hulls.

Made of a dense, sponge-like material, memory foam fills follow the contours of the head and neck for ergonomic support, so you can relax better and rest comfortably on the reading bed pillow without feeling too much resistance from it. Memory foam pillows feel like they come with massage capability because they are thicker and firmer and are designed for people who suffer from neck or spine problems.



Loft or Fill Power

The fill power or loft refers to the volume a single ounce of fill or down occupies. Firm reading bed pillows have tighter fills, while fluffier ones are loftier, softer, and provide a higher level of comfort because of the higher fill power. Fill power also helps you gauge the pillow’s quality, warmth and breathability, with good quality down pillows offering a fill power of at least 500. Take note that fill power only applies to down pillows so any lower than 500 means the fill has small, damaged clusters of down or plenty of feathers. Do bear in mind that you will have to replace the down or feather fill after a decade or so of use.



Pillow Cover or Ticking

Foam bed pillows need not come with specialty covers but down or feather pillows should be covered in tightly woven cotton to prevent the feathers from leaking out. Make it a point to get a different cover for every pillow you use to ensure long life and cleanliness for the ticking. The outer fabric should be tightly woven, which ensures that the fill is kept in while allergens or impurities are kept out effectively. You want tight stitching with no fibers or feathers poking out.

A good quality reading bed pillow comes with a high quality fabric sheath with a higher thread count, ensuring a silkier, softer and more durable shell that protects against body oils and moisture, which reduce the lifespan of the pillow itself.

2.Jobri Spine Reliever Bed Wedge

Size and Specialty Features

Naturally, reading bed pillows are specialty pillows that do not follow the same size format for regular bed pillows. While standard bed pillows come in regular, queen, king, European, and Travel sizes (great for kids, too), a reading bed pillow comes in a different size range. Choose the size that best fits your preferred level of comfort. Many reading bed pillows are easy to clean regularly and can be laundered in the washer. Others may have to be dry cleaned. Some reading bed pillows come with arms on which you can rest your own arms while reading so you won’t experience fatigue for a truly relaxing experience.

We designed the above buying guide to help you make a sensible purchase of a reading bed pillow. We know how difficult it can be to make a good choice because reading bed pillows are not products that are common and easy to find. We also include a description below of the best reading bed pillows on the market to help you make an educated choice.



Top reading bed pillows in 2019


Not all people can fall asleep immediately at night. There are those who struggle in falling directly to sleep sometimes. This has brought about the habit of reading books to slowly lull them to sleep. However, some find it a bit difficult to read books in bed because of the awkward sitting position. Fortunately, the reading pillow was created. This seat keeps a person from slouching and staying in a bad posture while reading in bed. Reading pillows come is different types; there are bed rests, husband pillows, and back rests. The best reading bed pillow reviews is a good place to find suggestions from other buyers. Reading through every product can be quite tedious, which is why we are here to aid the buyers in choosing the best. We made a list of items which the majority might be interested in.



Back Buddy Support



The Back Buddy Support pillow is basically designed for a nursing mother, but it works really great just for reading books before sleeping. It is made of Polyurethane foam and cotton. The structure of the pillow is designed to alleviate back pain and promotes the proper spine alignment. The pillow is extremely safe and is free of any flame retardant chemicals. The back buddy is the best reading bed pillow that provides support and comfort while reading in bed.



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Jobri Spine Reliever Bed Wedge



This reading bed pillow may be expensive but it really provides the comfort and support that is expected from a reading pillow. The Viscoelastic memory foam provides maximum comfort and the Velcro neck roll can be removed according to the most comfortable position. It offers two reclining positions providing the best angle for reading or nursing. It can be too firm for some people though, and can take a lot of space in the bed.



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Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest




The Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest is a very popular item on the market. A lot of people love its soft and solid back support. This is a rather firm pillow that is very comfortable for reading and watching TV. It is described as a pillow but it feels more of a portable chair that can be placed on the bed. It is firmer than a pillow which actually works better for a lot of people. Considering its very affordable price, this may be the best reading pillow in 2019.



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Brentwood Poodle Bedrest



The Poodle Bedrest is easily the customer’s favorite, as reflected in all the 5-star ratings it received in the consumer satisfaction survey. It has a unique fluffy texture that is not present in the other reading bed pillows in this list. It feels like a chair-shaped stuffed toy that gives firm back support for reading and watching TV. The Poodle bedrest is made of polyester and stuffed with rayon and poly cotton. It is available in various colors.



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Contour 10 In 1 Flip



Even with some minor flaws, the Contour Flip pillow was still mentioned in the top reading bed pillow reviews. It is basically made of polyester and designed in a structure that provides multiple levels of support to accommodate the preferred sitting angle. This pillow is very versatile and can be used as a sleeping pillow or a bed wedge when flipped. It is fluffy and the cover is really smooth. However, it can be too squishy for some people. Generally, it is an OK product that comes at an affordable price.



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