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If you’re about to invest in the best radio with Bluetooth that could also double as a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, then this comprehensive article should simplify the process for you. It features plenty of premium options that could prove themselves reliable since we based our selection on thorough research. We went through many expert reviews and brought to light some of the most popular and well-designed pieces that buyers deemed worthy of your money, just like the Sangean BB-100 Rechargeable. The product has waterproof capabilities, it’s ideal for rougher environments, and it sports a sturdy body that doesn’t get damaged easily. Another highlight is its sound, which shows no sign of distortion even at maximum loudness levels. An equally satisfying alternative is the Pyle PUNP34BT Vintage, if our first recommendation is out of stock or if the seller doesn’t ship to your address.



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Bluetooth music devices are increasingly popular, and the good old radio still offers many unique advantages, especially when it comes to newer reincarnations like the popular digital radio. They have evolved to allow us to connect our devices to stream music and all types of audio content. But because there are many models for you to choose from, it is essential to learn about their must-have features so you won’t regret it later.  In the following minutes, you will learn about the types of radios available and what makes them stand out.

Types of radios

The wireless radio is ideal for you if you’re seeking a high-quality alternative to the regular FM radio. The Wi-Fi connection gives you immediate access to thousands of digital stations from all over the country. Tuning is easy too since all you have to do is select the station from a list. The downside is that you need a permanent Internet connection.

Satellite radios can help make commuting enjoyable. Plus, they are easy to install in any vehicle. If you don’t drive, a satellite radio could still be a great entertainment option at home, but it is not as accessible and easy to install as other types of devices.

Boom boxes might sound outdated, but they are great when you have to entertain a crowd. Their main highlight is their large, powerful speakers, which bring outdoor events and house parties to life. The big issue is that many don’t have any of the modern connectivity ports.

The last category belongs to vintage radios, which can be decorative and functional as well. Vintage-style radios are created via a combination between modern electronic systems and a classic, retro design. These gadgets are suited for those who have an eclectic style and personality.


Proofing and compactness

If you’re opting for something powered by batteries and that you’re planning to take with you when you’re having an outdoor adventure, there’s a high chance that at some point the piece will be exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Therefore, the best Bluetooth radio should have at least the minimal level of waterproofing. Some designs are splashproof and able to withstand light to moderate rain, while others are rain-resistant or even completely waterproof, and also tailored to meet military specifications.

Because while you’re exploring new grounds, Bluetooth radio reviews tell us, you shouldn’t be held back by your backpack, make sure that your gadget is compact, lightweight, all without compromising on craft quality.


Other features

A product from this category can be a great addition to an emergency kit. Although the best option would be to go for a product created especially for this mission, if you don’t have the budget, you can go for a good Bluetooth radio that has an incorporated Emergency Alert function.

Along the same lines, you should go for something that can be powered in more than one way. The battery-operated models are handy not only while listening to music around a campfire, but when there’s a blackout too. They just offer more versatility that cannot be mimicked by traditional units.

Some other small things that can make your life easier when it comes to a cheap radio with Bluetooth, are an LCD screen that can tell the time, a design without corners and notches so it will be easy to clean, and if you’re feeling adventurous and quirky, you can invest in something that can play CDs and cassettes.



Top radios with Bluetooth in 2019


In this list, you’ll surely find a Bluetooth radio for sale that will last you a lifetime. Each piece we chose is of superior quality, so you won’t have to worry about this aspect when making a decision. Furthermore, the items also have other connectivity possibilities if you’re someone who appreciates versatility.



Sangean BB-100 Rechargeable


The BlueBox is a rugged piece that is perfect for any job site or any other rough environment where you’d like to take it without being concerned it will get ruined. It’s rain resistant to JIS4 standard, and if you’re a camper or a hiker, you’ll appreciate that it’s also dust and shock resistant.

You can connect your phone and iPod to the machine with its built-in Bluetooth technology, which is updated to version 4.1, all so you can bring your device to life in case you want to use it as a portable speaker and not only as a radio or a news source.

The BB-100 is powered by four rechargeable ‘C’ batteries, which can be charged with the provided charger. If you want versatility, the unit can also be powered via Alkaline batteries or with the supplied power cord. This dedication to detail means you can make it part of an emergency set, in case something goes wrong.

Other features include the aux-input to connect your non-Bluetooth gadgets, a rugged rotary tuning control and a sturdy ABS body that can take a hit or two without any scratches. You can also make use of the ten preset memory stations and the LED indicator.

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Pyle PUNP34BT Vintage


If you want a radio with clear sound output that also looks good, this model might be for you. It has a classic style with a vintage vibe to it, but its features are all modern and useful. The best part about it is the Replica-crafted sound system, which generates robust and clean sound in any environment.

Another highlight for those looking for comfort is the fact that it is a Bluetooth-enabled device, meaning it can stream audio wirelessly. This is handy if you like to listen to podcasts, audiobooks or if you have an extensive music library on your phone.

It works with both AM/FM radio frequencies, and its easy-to-use retro styled dial will allow you to fine-tune and not to miss your favorite radio stations. Connectivity won’t be an issue for this piece, as it comes with all the traditional ports you might need for a smooth experience.

To take things even further, it rocks an incorporated flash reader and the USB port doubles as charging port, which is a feature that most travelers are going to appreciate. Furthermore, the design is appealing, and the body of the model is well-crafted, without weighing too much.

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Pyle PBMSPG50 Street


Bring your music alive with the help of this attractive radio. It was designed to be portable and convenient for everybody. Its compact size and light weight allow you to put it in your backpack and forget it is there until you need it because it won’t be heavy at all. It is an all-purpose radio ideal for dance parties, picnics, and many other activities.

It will let you sync your Bluetooth or NFC compatible devices to the model with just a few settings. This way, you can enjoy all the major benefits of streaming wirelessly with the help of the Bluetooth 3.0 connection. Moreover, it has a 28-foot range so you can mind your business and move freely, without it lagging.

This compact yet powerful unit has superior bass performance. The full range stereo sound is pleasant to your ears, and it won’t tire you even if you listen to it for hours on end. The Bluetooth connectivity is the definition of versatility.

But if you don’t want to stream wirelessly, you can take advantage of the Micro SD card and USB drive connectivity. Lastly, you can charge the unit with the included charging cable, and it gives 4.5 hours of use on a single charge.

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