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If you are a driver then you know how important it is to have a professional radar detector capable of making you immune to policemen tickets. Still, great radar won’t just give you a subtle permit to speed away on the freeway but more importantly gets you connected with the surroundings. The results will be the following: You will be able to drive smart, without having to worry about dealing with problems. Reading some of the current best radar detectors reviews represents a clear possibility to find a high quality model, created to deliver accurate data on every drive, long or short.



Escort Passport 9500ix


Best Radar Detectors reviewsEscort Passport 9500ix radar detector combines technological intelligence with precise data efficiency which will help you drive with ease. The model manages to detect all bands of speed enforcement radar that include X, K, Ka and also Ku. In addition to its intelligent design, Passport 9500ix has a programmable GPS-enabled circuitry which means that you won’t get caught off-guard by various cameras, located in various places of the road. No more false alarms! Due to the TrueLock filter and the Artificial Protection technology you won’t have to deal with false leads. This radar learns on every trip the best way to inform you.

“In order to avoid those annoying traffic tickets I got my car this radar detector. It manages to detect so far all types of radar, fixed or moving. The false alarms which my old radar detector gave are all but eliminated by this one, making me very satisfied with my investment.” Zack Jefferson


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Cobra Electronics ESD 777


When it comes to radar detectors, Cobra Electronics always managed to create high quality models, optimal to be used during any ride. Any driver would be fortunate enough to have ESD 777 radar detector from Cobra, a model that manages to precisely detect all radar and laser guns types, which can’t wait to pin you down with a high speed. You won’t have to worry ever again about getting speed tickets once you install Cobra in your car. Equipped with Lasereye technology, Cobra ESD 777 provides 360 degree detection of various laser signals, which keeps you on your toes.

“I am completely covered againsed police radars with the Cobra EDS 777 detector, which doesn’t even cost so much. Previously I had a bit of an issue with speeding tickets, but after I got it I haven`t got one since, which make me recommend it for other drivers.” Chris Moore


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Cobra XRS9370


Most of the best radar detectors reviews, drafted truck drivers and auto technicians, underline the efficiency of Cobra XRS9370, a model very popular in the US. This compact unit has a modern aspect that precisely detects around 14 radar and laser bands, at significantly more range than any of the predecessor versions. The model comes with super-fast sweep circuitry that delivers extra detection range, thus taking in accurate data. The VG-2 radar detector from Cobra is undetectable to other devices. In addition, XRS9370 radar detector comes with Spectre Alert that gives you notice when you are under surveillance from police scanners.

“I must admit the modern design attracted me a bit and was a reason why I bought this radar detector. But the main reasons were its excellent reviews which I found out to be true, because I didn’t get one ticket after I bought it.” George Willis


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Whistler Radar XTR-140


If you are searching for a professional and high quality radar detector then Whistler Radar XTR-140 is exactly what you need to drive with ease and without worries that a surprising speed ticket might occur out of nowhere. This radar detector includes the following modes: city and highway, quiet and Twin Alert Periscopes. Whistler Radar XTR-140 delivers precise protection against all the current lasers, Radar, Safety Radar bands and also VG-2. The exclusive presence of Twin Alert Periscopes will alarm you extra attention with two LEDs flashing. Quiet Mode will make the radar detector silent, coming to “life” when foreign radars are near.

“No more speeding tickets for me once I purchased the Whistler XTR-140 radar detector, which does its job to perfection. The excellent functionality makes me recommend it to drivers which have a problem with police radars like me.” Paul Keeley


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Cobra XRS 9545


Cobra XRS 9545Today’s best radar detectors reviews, drafted in details by thousands of drivers, underline the efficiency and accuracy of Cobra XRS 9545 model. This radar detector delivers complete protection against police radars, due to the presence of Xtreme Range Super heterodyne technology, which can detect 14 radar and laser bands. Cobra XRS radar notifies the user when a radar detector is near and thus speed tickets become a distant memory. The radar signals include: X Band, Ka, K and Ku band, Spectre 1 to IV, LTI 20-20, ProLaser III and also the infamous Stalker LIDAR or Speedlaser thus letting you drive without worries.

“I have this radar detector for almost one year now and I am completely satisfied with what it is able to do and the fact that it makes me be ticket free. It doesn’t put out too many false alarms either, which can be pretty bothering at some point.” Erwin Letherman


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