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If you are determined to purchase the best painting easel available, but you are short on time, we can clue you in. After assessing the market by reading plenty of reviews left by the experts and by previous users, we have concluded that the Tri-C Aluminum Field is the unit that you should consider investing in. This option is light in weight, and it can hold canvases that are up to 32 inches tall. Moreover, the legs of the unit can be adjusted to fit a wide array of terrains. Therefore, its stability won’t be an issue. When shipped, this item comes equipped with a very practical nylon bag that features a shoulder strap so that you can transport it effortlessly in between locations. If this model is out of stock, be sure to take a look at the Pro Art 2006-42 as it has also received positive reviews from its users.



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Finding a good painting easel can be a challenging task if you have not shopped for an item of this type before. To help you, we have developed a list of aspects that you should not overlook before placing any orders.

The design

According to painting easel reviews, one of the first aspects that you should pay attention to before making a purchase is the design of the item. Generally, those interested in art easels can choose between three distinct types: H-frame models, tripods, and multipurpose units.

Firstly, the H-frame model uses two parallel posts, and it has a base with a rectangular shape. Moreover, it also features a horizontal crossbar on one side so that the H design is created. Secondly, tripods are supported by three legs. Plus, crossbars are placed between the legs of these units so that their structure is stable at all times. For portability reasons, most of these models can be folded.

Lastly, the multipurpose devices are designed to be highly versatile as they can be used for a wide array of applications. What is more, these choices have moving parts and are regarded as highly flexible.


Medium and workspace

Before you settle for that model that you’ve found for sale, it is crucial that you consider your medium. In other words, you have to take into account whether or not you work with oil, watercolors or acrylics.  

For instance, those that use watercolors often should invest in a device that allows them to paint in a horizontal position. Still, if you are a fan of acrylics, a product that enables you to paint vertically is better suited.

Next, take the time to think about your workplace. Do you like to paint indoors, or are you the type of artist that loves working outside? If you belong to the second category, the option that you select should be foldable, and it should come provided with a special bag where you can store it during transportation.


The available space

No matter if you intend to get cheap painting easels or a more expensive model, it is also important that you consider the dimensions of the unit. As you probably know, easels tend to take up quite a lot of space.

So, if you want to be sure that your new acquisition will fit your needs, start by measuring the space that you have available. If you are short on space, it is recommendable that you avoid investing in a floor standing easel as it takes up quite a lot of space.

Extra features

The material used in making a particular unit should also be considered. From this point of view, it is best that you order a model that is made of sturdy materials. If you are not certain that you have found a device that can cater to your needs, go ahead and read what previous buyers had to say about it.

The price of the product should not be ignored. If you are shopping on a budget, it is best that you only analyze those choices that do not require you to spend extra money. Additionally, if you are a beginner, it is best that you do not pay a lot of money on your first easel.


Purchasing a reliable easel is not easy. Because we know just how complicated it can be to navigate through all the models that are currently available, we have decided to be of help to you. Therefore, we have prepared a list of high-quality items that are worthy of your attention.


Tri-C Aluminum Field


This option is light in weight, and it is said to be capable of holding canvases that are up to 32 inches in height. Even more so, this choice has adjustable legs that can supply you with the necessary stability and support, no matter the terrain that you intend to install it on. According to current users, the item behaves well both indoors and outdoors.

When shipped, this option comes fitted with a free nylon bag with shoulder straps. You can use this bag to carry it from one location to another.

This device can be used right out of the box. If you want to adjust it to your liking, just utilize the holder knob included in its construction. For instance, if you loosen the knob at the end of the easel and push in upwards or downwards, you can change the height of the mast.

The biggest advantage of the model is that it is made of aluminum and consequently, it is light in weight. The choice is highly versatile as it can be used as a table-top and as a floor easel. What is more, you can adjust the height of the legs so that the model can stay securely even when it is placed on uneven ground. 

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Pro Art 2006-42


Another table easel that you can check out if you need a model that you can use when painting with watercolors is the Pro Art 2006-42. This choice is made of aluminum, and it can hold canvases that are up to 15 inches in height. Moreover, you can use this device to hold boards that measure 20 inches by 24 inches.

Therefore, you can use both for when you are painting, and for when you are displaying your creations. Its sturdy tubular legs are very secure, and they can provide you with the necessary support.

This model is ideal when used by beginner painters that need an easel for painting classes. Because it is so compact and light, you can transport it effortlessly whenever you are on the go.

Also, because of its dimensions, you can easily store it once you are done utilizing it. For extra convenience, its legs have been covered in a special material so that it won’t scratch your table.

Additionally, this option is said to be rather durable, so you don’t have to worry that it will break unexpectedly. Previous buyers of the item have appreciated that this model is a great fit for those that are short on space.

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Darice Aluminum Table


Another table-friendly alternative that you might want to check out is this item sold by Darice. This standard unit can hold canvases and signs that are up to 24 inches in height. On top of that, its bar is also said to support taller materials that you might need to display.

Because this option is collapsible, storing it in between uses won’t be an issue. This model only weighs one pound, and it also comes fitted with three rubber-tipped legs that are quite sturdy. Each leg that this choice features measures ½ inch.

However, when compared to other units also available, it is easy to remark that its legs are not fully adjustable. Given that it does not include extra screws necessary for the adjustments, this product is likely to last a long period of time.

Numerous happy buyers recommend it because it is budget-friendly and easy to carry and store. Because it is quite sturdy, the model can hold up various canvases, no matter their weight.

Still, it is worthy to point out that some of its buyers considered it a bit flimsy. Overall, this product is a good purchase, and it has received numerous positive reviews. So, feel free to give it a go!

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