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Top outdoor heaters in 2019


A patio is the perfect place where you can just kick back and relax in the company of the people you love. But some evenings might get a bit chilly and this is when you need to rely on an outdoor heater. Out of the many models, five have been chosen by the best outdoor heaters reviews.  These are top notch models picked by our team of experts, ideal for your patio.


Fire Sense 11201 Deluxe Propane


Best Outdoor Heaters reviewsFine Sense 11201 propane patio heater will heat up the surroundings, to make the temperature comfortable for everyone.  Furthermore it manages to integrate itself excellently in a modern patio, thanks to its stylish design. Starting it will be problem free because it is fitted with Piezo igniter. It is made mostly out of stainless steel for durability, to resist the test of time. Safety features are included as well, with the shut-off valve closing automatically if the heater tilts. The best outdoor heaters reviews single out this model as the most reputable this year.

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Golden Flame Quartz Glass Pyramid Style


This patio heater has managed to integrate functionality in a very impressive design, making it ideal for patios with a carefully thought of decor. The model’s contemporary design is completed with a nice bronze finish, giving it a stunning look. It works on propane, having an output of 40000 BTU, warming up large areas efficiently. Also, to get the propane tank out of the heater is an simple process, when the tank is empty and you need to change it. This heater convinced us with its excellent design, to include it among our top five models.

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Fire Sense 01775 Commercial


The top outdoor heaters reviews are positive in their description of Fire Sense 01775 patio heater. A steady flow of warmth will be brought to your patio from a very stylish design, so it integrates perfectly in the patio’s decor. Durability is assured by the stainless steel construction and the double-mantle heating. You can move it around easily because it has built-in wheels in the design. Because this model is efficient in heating a large patio and has other very useful features, we have included it on our list.

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Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial


For a classic style heater you should check out Fire Sense Hamme.  The 46.000 BTU heating power is superior to most other of its rivals and assures large areas can be quickly heated. Piezo ignition system will start the heater quicly, not wasting time and effort. You even have the option to assemble its wheels, to moving it around without any problems. The double mantle heating grid with durable stainless steel burners, makes sure the whole heater will last you a long time. Patio owners believe it is one of the best outdoor heaters in 2019.

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AZ Patio Heaters HLI-1P Parasol Electric


For the outdoors, AZ HLI-1P patio heater is excellent and you even have the possibility to place it under sturdy umbrellas. This model can even be used indoors because it is very easy to install, proving to be a major advantage of the AZ HLI-1P over its rivals. Stainless steel is the most used material in its manufacturing process, making it a long term investment. Also, you will be able to control the temperature to the value you desire. Its price is affordable and for the reasons presented above, this model has proven to be very successful, getting positive feedback from its satisfied customers.

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