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Top internal hard drives in 2019


More and more people want to add extra storage space to their personal computer. This is where high quality internal hard drives come into play. There are many good models of hard drives that can be used to store more movies, games, music and programs. Today’s growing interest for reliable hard drives is pretty impressive. Everyone wants the best for their computer. We tested 30 of the most popular hard drives in the U.S. so we could offer some professional advice. After 80 hours of tests, we were able to write the best internal hard drive reviews on five models that received the highest marks of efficiency from our IT specialists.


Seagate Barracuda 3 TB HDD SATA 6


Best internal hard drive reviewsMost of the time a computer’s built-in storage capacity is not enough for storing important files. This is why we recommend the Barracuda 3 TB HDD SATA from Seagate. The hard drive delivers impressive 3 TB capacity with 7200 RPM performance. Furthermore, the device uses Advanced Format 4K technology and alsoa SmartAlign system, for fast transition to 4k technology. Everyone knows that Barracuda models are one of the most popular hard drives available for computer owners. The HDD uses unique OptiCachetechnology that enhances overall performance with 45% more efficiency than other models. It is the perfect HDD for family use!

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Western Digital WD Green 2 TB


The current best internal hard drive reviews underline storing efficiency of the WD Green from Western Digital. This HDD unique construction is by up to 40% more power efficient. Due to the exclusive GreenPowertechnology, the hard drive saves power during each operation. It provides cool and silent operation every time. The model has an impressive 2 TB storage capacity which can hold up to 240 hours of high definition videos, 500.000 MP3 songs and also 400.000 digital photos. It is important to know that the HDD benefits from exclusive 2 year warranty. This hard drive is absolutely perfect for a variety of computers!

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Toshiba DT01ACA300


People should install in their computers a high quality internal hard drive, capable of storing various videos, photos, programs, games and applications. A top rated internal hard drive in 2019 comes from Toshiba, the 3.5 inch 3TB HDD. It has a SATA interface capable of 7200 RPM which makes it perfect for desktop computers or home servers! It is good to know that the HDD incorporates Ramp Load technology which diminishes the chances of the drive recording head to ever reaching the disk media. Furthermore, the HDD features an advanced servo system which significantly minimizes drive acoustics! The device consumes around 5.2 watts in active idle state.

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Western Digital WD Blue 1 TB


Finding the best internal hard drive in 2019 can be pretty difficult given the multitude of products out there. For fast storage and optimal performance, we recommend the WD Blue from Western Digital. This high quality desktop hard drive includes a wide range of features with SATA interface and 6 GB/s transfer rate. In addition to the smooth performance, the hard drive delivers smooth performance in quiet parameters. Furthermore, the model includes WhisperDrive technology that reduces noise levels! This 1 TB HDD benefits from a 2 year warranty! In the 1 TB storage capacity people can hold up to 200.000 photos and also 120 hours of HD videos.

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Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKX


How to choose the best internal hard drive in 2019? Well, thousands of people use the Caviar Blue from Western Digital! This model has an impressive 500 GB storage capacity which can hold up to 60 hours of HD video, 100.000 digital photos and also 125.000 MP3 files. The HDD features a 3rd Generation SATA interface for smooth 6 GB/s transfer rate. It also incorporates WhisperDrive technology whish safely minimizes noise for comfortable and silent operation. The HDD is ideal for family and business computing, adding extra storage in desktop PCs! It is compatible with the most popular operating systems.

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