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Top impact drivers in 2019


It is indeed important to have a handy, reliable and price effective tool on any construction field of activity. Any project really needs care and assistance in order to make a tough and compact output. With careful look through the best impact drivers reviews, you can choose the one suited for you and be assured that your construction project will go well with less effort provided.


Dewalt DC825KA compact impact driver


Best Impact Drivers reviewsThe Dewalt 18-volt impact driver product has the speed of 0-2.400 and 0-2700 RPM makes your task more comfortable. Along with the speed is the 1.330 in-lbs torque which can help the users to make various tasks and applications in a minimum amount of time. Because of the solid yet light weight structure of the Dewalt 18-volt impact driver, users really feel the security and functionality of the device. The Dewalt 18-volt impact driver was placed as one of the best impact drivers this year.

“In my collection of tools this Dewalt cordless screw driver deserves a special place. It uses various heads and its powerful motor drives them easily in their holes. I can use it even on dowel pined screws. It has also a relatively long lasting battery. It can also be bought with some adaptable accessory set.” Gabriel Lovegrove

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Makita LXDT01Z cordless impact driver


The Makita LXDT01Z cordless impact driver is really incomparable to other tools because of the functionality it partakes in every construction applications. The product has the brushless motor technology which is really reliable anytime you use it. This byproduct of the Makita brand has three speeds you can choose from. The speeds vary from 0-1.300, 0-2.800, 0-3.400 to 0-1.300, 0-2.000, 0-2.600 imp. It can supply up to 1.460 in. lbs because of the powerful built-in motor.

“I have 9 years experience in the furniture making business. Any modern piece requires some screwing. That’s why I use a cordless driver because its handy, ergonomic and fast. With this model I have a good accessibility in some difficult spaces and thanks to its long lasting battery I almost forget when to recharge it!” Petter Verrankoski

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Dewalt bare-tool DC825B cordless impact driver


Known for the reliability and functionality this product shows it became the most demanded type of impact driver of this year. The product has the 1.330 in-lbs of torque that allows the users to do various activities in a minimal time. It produces up to 0-2.400 RPM/0-2700 RPM speed which makes the work faster. Furthermore, the device is really compact allowing you to work easily in a tough structure and areas without giving the user the difficulty. The Dewalt bare-tool DC825B impact driver is included in the best impact drivers reviews this year.

“This is a low cost yet reliable tool. I bought it to use it whenever something to repair comes up. And which home doesn’t need repairs? It came also with a good warranty. Had some problems with it’s trigger and it heated after a while but they managed to change all this and now it works just fine.” Angelika Berg

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Makita DF010DSE cordless impact driver kit


Almost all of the U.S constructor make use of the Makita DF010DSE model as their construction fellow. You can use this product anytime in any task. It has a speed of 2.300 RPM and 3.000 RPM which can deliver up to 177 lbs. You can also do various projects in a short time span with the precision and efficiency offered by this output. To further deliver and see its command panel clearly, this Makita model is equipped with LED light and ¼-inch hex chuck.

“This is a very handy and sleek tool! It has all good qualities of a normal impact driver together with the fact that its handle can be folded so that I can get extra accessibility. It’s also powerful and has some various working rates. Thanks to its drilling set it can be used on various materials with minimum effort.” Angus Suntherland

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Hitachi WH18DFL impact driver


Many people are really impressed with the features and functionality the Hitachi WH18DFL model has. According to some of its users, they love the reliability of ergonomic elastomer grip of the product because it provides them with comfort making the construction easy to be controlled in any situation they encounter. The Hitachi impact driver has a lithium-ion batteries charger which is really helpful to have consistent work without worrying any restrictions and difficulties. Because of the features mentioned, the product became the leading choice of construction workers for their projects.

“With this high reliable tool I can get my job done during the day without headaches. Thanks to its full set and plus the 2 batteries I can take it anywhere around the site without needing a plug. It is very powerful and can be used for various tasks on different materials with a large range of drills and screws.” Samir Sojberg

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