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Top home subwoofers in 2019


The different products from the best home subwoofers reviews, specifically those that will be mentioned in this article, will prove to be helpful in making sure that you engage in a superior entertainment experience even at the comfort of your own home. This will be made possible by having a device that will allow you to maximize audio clarity and quality.



BIC America F12


Best home subwoofers reviewsVenturi, a patented technology by the manufacturer, is one that makes this subwoofer a great option for people who are looking forward into having better audio experience. The most significant benefit of such innovation is that it leads into the presence of a vent that prevents the presence of port noise. More so, this subwoofer is equipped with terminals that are plated with gold, which means that the sounds will be clear, compared to the other subwoofers that are available in the marketplace today.

“I’m one of those sound freaks craving for power… That’s why for my quite spacious room I opted for this 12 inch, 475 watt BIC America “Venturi” woofer. It comes with the adjustable volume controller, crossover, automatic signal sensing feature and Dolby Digital-DTS and Pro Logic inputs. Backed by a 5 years warranty the price is really the last thing to take into account if you search for some quality woofs.”  


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Polk Audio PSW505


If you are looking through the best home subwoofers reviews for the best one, this is another option that will prove to be fitted for your needs. One of the best things about this option is that it is slot-load venting, which allows the reduction of distortion, noise, and turbulence to the audio that one can hear. The design of this subwoofer is also worth commending, as it makes sure that there is a right balance between the materials and aesthetics to result in the highest quality of audio that it can possibly deliver.

“Along with some loud speakers and a good amp I’ve managed to create an outstanding sound system by incorporating this 300 watt madness. The manufacturer says it can reach 460 watt of dynamic power. All I can say is that it has all features you look for when searching for a banging woofer such as good vents to improve bass response and reduce turbulence, unwanted noise in order to get that head kicking clear bass!” Aidan Benjamin


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Martin Logan Dynamo 300


One of the technical specifications that have contributed to the superiority of this option is the inverse mathematical equalization, which makes it possible for the subwoofer to deliver low frequency response and enhance the quality of audio from its source. More so, it also has a portless enclosure, which has been lauded because of its convenience and ability to increase the output at low frequency. Lastly, the subwoofer comes with a seamless design to make integrating such with other devices a lot easier.

“If you are looking for a low-power in a 150 watt peak range than this is what I recommend. First because of the low turbulence, lack of noise, low distortion 8-inch cone and second because of its high quality construction of the cabinet that incorporates its 75 watt amp. As a sound system reviewer I can’t say I’m a fan of Martin Logan but for a mid-class home theater or sound system this is on top of my list.” Isaac Thomson


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BIC America V-1220


Even if this unit is not manufactured by one of the largest or most prominent brands within the product category, a lot of people have found such to be a satisfactory option, especially given the price range at which it belongs. It has a tight and controlled bass, which influences its ability to deliver good quality of audio. More so, it has a black elegant finish and settings that can be easily configured by its users. This is one of the headlights of the best home subwoofers reviews, based on the positive reports given by many of the people who have already used such.

“After trying various woofers I’ve managed to set to this 200 RMS, 12 inch creature. It comes with all the top features you can find in a medium bass system such as the automatic signal sensing feature, adjustable crossover, 4 way binding posts with external fuse, Pro Logic/Dolby and Digital/Dolby gold plated inputs. The 7 year warranty is a guarantee for its high quality.” Eduard Byrne


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Yamaha YST-SW216BL


The Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology that is incorporated in the design of this subwoofer is most probably of the things that set it apart from competition. This feature makes it possible for the subwoofer to make the amplifier and the speaker work at the same time, which results into the creation of a clear linear motion that positively influences the sound quality. In addition, the subwoofer also has low noise performance and high dynamic power, all contributing to the production of the highest quality of audio.

“Incorporating this Yamaha sub to my home theater system turned great results. I can enjoy now a clear yet powerful sound when listening to music or watching movies together with my family. The 100 W dynamic power proved to be more than enough. It has a decent price compared reflected in the good quality of its construction compared to other models.” Andrew Henderson


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