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Useful Buying Advice for Hiking Backpacks


The success of bringing along all your hiking essentials depends on the sensibility of your choice from the products featured in the best hiking backpack reviews. Knowing you have the right kind of hiking backpack gives you peace of mind, so here are a few vital considerations for purchase.

Backpack Type

For single-day hiking adventures, running, climbing or bike riding, go for a daypack. Lightweight and designed to carry less heavy loads, daypacks that make it to the best hiking backpack reviews are geared with hip belts that keep the load from thumping on your back as you take every step.

Internal frame hiking backpacks are engineered to carry heavier and bigger loads than the lightweight daypack. The internal frame may be configured as curved Delrin rods, plastic framesheets, aluminum stays or a combination of any of those materials. With proper fit, the frame hugs the contours of the user’s back so the load is close to the spine.

An external frame model has a wider and more open fit than one with an internal frame, and is more designed for trail hiking. The higher center of gravity makes this type one of the top rated hiking backpacks 2019, thanks to good weight transfer to the hips, plus an upright walking posture for the user.



Essential Features

If you’re going for the best hiking backpack 2019, make sure the shoulder straps fit nicely and comfortably on your shoulders. It shouldn’t dig under or pinch your armpits. The hipbelt should keep the pack against your spine so there won’t be thumping or swaying as you take every stride.

Whether the unit has a fixed, adjustable or interchangeable suspension system, make sure this component contributes to a perfect fit. The best hiking backpack reviews with interchangeable suspensions are great for large-size hikers.

Make sure the belts, zippers, hooks, barrel locks and other components are of good quality. The shoulder straps should have ample padding.



Make sure your choice of the best hiking backpack 2019 comes with the right capacity for your needs. Daypacks offer a capacity of up to 40 liters, while weekend backpacks can be between 40 to 65 liters. A capacity of 65 to 95 liters is fine for weeklong hiking. A capacity higher than 95 liters is needed for an expedition.


Top Hiking Backpacks in 2019


Hiking gear like backpacks can be daunting to purchase if you don’t know what to look for when buying them. The number of choices can also present a huge challenge. Here are three products to make your list of choices much shorter and less of a challenge to research on.


TETON Sports Scout3400


Available in Mecca Orange and Hunter Green, the TETON Sports Scout3400 Internal Frame model will surely earn raves in the best hiking backpack reviews. It is perfectly sized for younger and light-build backpackers. It has torso adjustments that ensure a great fit, so you can modify the length of space between the shoulders and hips to fit your body type. The aluminum stays ensure durability and dependable resistance to corrosion.

The thickly padded straps ensure correct fit minus the pinching or digging under your armpits. They also ensure a comfortable wrap around the shoulders. There are plenty of pockets on the TETON Sports Scout3400 Internal Frame Backpack. Use the two zippered side pockets to store your communication devices safely so they don’t get wet while still being within easy reach. The side and front mesh pockets can be used to quickly stow items such as smaller accessories and maps that have to be within easy access.

The top zippered pocket offers more storage space. The top loading main compartment and sleeping bag compartment ensure space for your hiking essentials. This durable hiking backpack has the important elements that ensure optimal use. It has sturdy zippers and mesh lumbar support. The safety yellow rainfly pulls out to protect gear and the pack, and stays hidden when not in use.

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Everest Hiking Pack


The Everest Hiking Pack is made of 600 denier polyester, giving a higher strength rating to the fabric. This imported backpack is 13.5 inches high and 24 inches wide, ensuring that it can hold as many hiking items as possible, so you’ll always have what you need to make your outdoor adventures truly enjoyable. This medium size hiking backpack holds a lot inside, and keeps everything protected against the elements as you follow the trail, or blaze your own path.

The Everest Hiking Backpack has zippered side pockets, where you can store hiking essentials that need to be protected from the environment’s damaging components, while still being easily accessible to you. The secure snap buckle compartment offers extra support to what’s inside, keeping them in shape despite being enveloped in reliable safety. Keep your maps inside and protect them from getting crumpled or torn out of shape.

The backpack is solidly built using quality materials and craftsmanship customized for rugged use. Available in a variety of great colors, the Everest Hiking Pack comes in red, black, navy,dark green, digital camo and jungle camo. This gives you a genuine choice on how you want your backpack to reflect your unique personality.

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Explorer Tactical


With the Explorer Giant Tactical Backpack, you get an authentic feel of the outdoors. This heavy duty hiking backpack has a big main compartment where you can store more of your hiking items packed into the large space. There’s two feet of space vertically, so you can store bulky or thick items inside. The two long side pockets let you store maps conveniently, while making the hiking necessities easy to retrieve when needed. These side pockets have a covered zipper to keep stored items protected from the elements.

For easy ventilation plus protection for your back, the backside of the pack is outfitted with thick foam layered with soft netting. This makes the backpack comfortable to carry for extended periods. The two thick foamed shoulder straps provide comfortable carrying as well, so your shoulders do not feel achy after a long day of being on the trail. A single chest strap fastens the shoulder straps together, keeping them attached to each other for easier management.

The other wide strap is geared with a large clip to ensure that the two wings go securely around your waist, effectively preventing thumping and swaying as you take every stride. Available in Olive Green, black and tan, the Explorer Giant Tactical Backpack lets you fully enjoy the great outdoors.

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