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How to Select the Best Heated Toilet Seat


The best toilets fundamentally have the best seats in the house. Remember that your toilet is where you flush out all your ‘inner troubles’ and ‘turmoils’, which, when left inside too long,can cause a host of different health problems. Now, we kid you not with this declaration, as any person suffering from constipation can attest to its veracity. This is why spending a bit of time doing sensible research on a good toilet seat can be tantamount to saving money for the longer term.

With a wisely bought toilet seat, you will truly enjoy every moment spent in the bathroom doing your toilet routine.

What to look for when buying a heated toilet seat?


Toilet Seat Shape

Toilet seats aren’t sold according to sizes but to shape. The best heated toilet seat can come in two different shapes. You can choose between elongated toilet seats or round units, depending on the shape of the toilet bowl. As the standard in most homes, round toilet seats are typically seen most often. Elongated ones have gradually gained popularity due to their unique long oval shape.

Shopping for a toilet seat entails determining the shape that is appropriate for the toilet bowl you have in the home. You can’t simply go for an elongated seat just because it catches your fancy. Chances are, if you do, the toilet seat won’t fit.


Mount Type and Style

You can select between a conventional bolt-and-nut mount or an integral bolt and nut to mount the toilet seat. An integral bolt-and-nut mount type may look great in the beginning, but removing it to replace the toilet seat can be utterly difficult. The nut will need to be drilled out to detach the seat. Besides being easier to use, conventional bolt-and-nut mounted toilet seats remain to be the standard for most modern units.

Toilet seats are available in a wide array of hues and style to suit every preference.


Material and Padding

The material of the toilet seat can be plastic, cushioned or wood. Most units are constructed of high-impact resilient plastic or even a plastic coating laid over composite wood, but they are prone to warping and splitting. Natural wood offers a warmer surface, but can easily be damaged by strongly formulated toilet bowl cleaners. Offering softness and comfort are cushioned models, which can also be prone to splitting and cracking over time. A heated toilet seat in a bidet toilet can be a terrific option.


 Top Heated Toilet Seats in 2019


Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat


Full featured and luxurious, the Bio Bidet BB-600 offers the ultimate in bidet and toilet seat engineering. This model offers a satisfying posterior and feminine wash, which is especially good for women during pregnancy and on their monthly periods. The dual action nozzle offers cleaning unlike any other, so users can have not just ordinary surface cleaning but deep cleaning, as needed.

The Aerated bubble infusion technology produces a more powerful stream of water to wash and flush away dirt that tissue paper only leaves behind. The seat can be programmed to be heated, perfect for the coldest winters. You can also get warm air dry to ensure mess-free cleaning. This bidet seat comes with an attached side control panel that enables convenient use and optimization of its features. The auto and kids wash modes help children and adults get proper cleaning of the rectal and genital area.

If the owner wants to clean the toilet bidet, the lid slides easily off the toilet with a little tug. The electrical cord is about four feet long, for easy connection to a GFCI outlet. The dual-function bidet seat has a maximum capacity of 400 pounds, so everyone in the home can use it. It offers controls for warm water, air and seat, as well as sprayer positioning. The Bio Bidet BB-600 can be installed easily.

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KOHLER K-4108-0 C3 230 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat


Made to fit most elongated best Kohler toilets, the K-4108-0 C3 230 model is ergonomically designed to provide comfortable seating. The slim, low-profile design enables easy fit while ensuring the freshness of bidet cleansing. This is a heated bidet seat that ships with an easy-to-use touchscreen remote. The remote enables easy adjustment and setting according to one’s personal preferences. You can choose the water temperature and pressure, along with the air drying feature and the seat temperature.

The built-in night light gives illumination to the bowl. The self-cleaning stainless steel wand utilizes UV light for automatic sanitizing. This ensures that the unit is perennially clean for everyone’s use. This toilet seat provides a comfortable clean thanks to its localized stream of water. Serving as a refreshing alternative to plain toilet tissue, the toilet seat/bidet uses the naturally soothing quality of water to give you hygienic warm water cleansing.

The toilet seat features touchscreen remote controls that offer a customized experience for every aspect of the unit. The heated seat comes with five temperature settings. In addition, you can adjust the spray and water temperature to suit your preferences for a truly comfortable clean. The anterior and posterior nozzles offer warm and aerated water for deep cleansing.

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Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm Toilet Seat


The heated toilet seat comes with a nightlight to illuminate the bowl for easy use. The nightlight also provides soothing comfort. The LumaWarm provides the soothing comfort of a heated toilet seat even in the midst of cold winters. The soft illuminating glow of its blue nightlight leads you to easily find the toilet seat even in the dark. You can set the temperature of the heated toilet seat to your preferred setting. The four temperature settings include off, low high and medium, to give you options on how you want the seat heated.

The nightlight also comes with a convenient on/off button and an energy-efficient LED light bulb that has long life. This model quickly and easily replaces an old toilet seat. It is adjustable to fit into any standard fixture. The LumaWarm has a gentle closing seat and lid, while offering superior quality and style that is both unique and trendy. Every modern bathroom becomes more luxurious with the LumaWarm installed.

This solidly built toilet seat has simple intuitive controls that provide reliable settings for every need. The soft lowering mechanism ensures noiseless closing after use. Many users have been amazed by its easy installation and high quality components.

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