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Top Handheld Game Consoles in 2019


Kids, teens, and sometimes even men, get really hooked with games. Over the years, gaming gadgets have improved in a lot of aspects. Today, the gaming consoles even have additional features that seem out of place. But no matter how they look, or how small or big they are they will always capture a boy’s heart. Our team has enlisted the items that stood out in the best handheld game console reviews, as rated by the responsive consumers.


PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System


Best Handheld Game Console ReviewsThe Playstation portable 3000 Core Pack system is one of the best handheld game consoles in 2019 that has promising features. The screen has been improved to be brighter than ever. It has a lot of functions, such as games, music, movies, and internet. It also has a built-in microphone which is very convenient for apps like Skype. This playstation portable unit is a complete entertainment system packed into a handheld gadget with a 4.3 inch screen display.

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At Games Ultimate Portable Game Player


Based on its ratings from the best handheld game console reviews, the At Games Ultimate Portable Game player has a very surprising quality. Its lightweight construction is very misleading to its actual performance. The hardware is well-constructed. The buttons are tightly screwed while the d-pad has just the right stiffness. It sports a 2.8 inch LCD screen, which may be small for some players; but considering the price of the whole unit, all its features are more than decent.

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AFUNTA Jxd A1000


The AFUNTA Jxd A1003 game console media player is a very impressive product. It can play SNES as well as Game Boy Advanced games. Not a lot of game consoles at this price point have that function. The color support may be off for some of the games but they’re still playable. The screen is bright and it displays crisp and clear images for majority of the games. The battery lasts long enough. And the fact that the games load faster than other models makes it the best handheld game console in 2019.

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Im Game Handheld Game Player GP120B


The GP 120B game player made it to the list of the best handheld game consoles in 2019 because of its wide variety of fun and challenging games that provide entertainment for kids of all ages. There are puzzle, adventure, and sports games available in this pocket-sized game console. It sports a 2.7 inch screen that is very bright and displays clear images. Aside from that, it also has built-in speakers and an AV output. It is available in 3 color variations.

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76-in-1 Smart Portable New Generation Digital


The New Generation Digital handheld console is not a very popular product on the market. Aside from the fact that it is inappropriately priced, the unit itself has a very faulty construction. Most of the concerns coming from the consumers are the faulty battery charger, easily corrupted program, and poor audio performance. Although the parts, especially the buttons and directional pads, are fine, it is still not a worthy purchase.

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