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There is nothing quite like traveling around the country in an RV. You have the freedom to follow your own schedule, while bringing all of the comforts of home along with you on the road. Even though you can travel at your leisure, this does not necessarily mean that you want to get lost. To keep you happily touring the roads in the right direction you might want to consider a Garmin RV GPS or other navigational system. The best GPS for RV travel will give you clear and concise directions to your intended destination, while there are several models to choose from there are a few factors to consider. While the right GPS will get you where you need to be, the wrong one could have you driving aimlessly in circles for hours.

What to look for when buying a GPS for RV travel?


Frequency of updates

Drivers who are only using their GPS device for running errands and finding the nearest coffee shop probably do not need to worry about frequent map updates, but this should be an important consideration for RV owners. Traveling unfamiliar country and city roads ensures the necessity of needing a reliable mapping device. Not only will frequent updates to the GPS system ensure that you are always apprised of any road closures or sudden accidents, but it can also help you get to your destination on time. While these models are priced slightly higher, it is well worth it for RV owners who do not want to get lost on vacation.


Attaching the GPS

Where and how to attach the GPS device is another factor to consider, and can make a difference in the model that you pick. Some GPS devices can be attached to your dashboard or window with a suction cup, but this is not also legal in all states. Other devices can clip onto your air vents, while others can be held in place with small weighted bags. The laws in the state, along with the design of the RV will determine which design is right for you.



In most cases you would consider your budget first, but with GPS system this will not help you determine what type of navigational device is right for you. Frequent long distance travelers will do better with a higher priced GPS device than a lower priced model that does not include the necessary mapping updates. While you do not want to exceed your budget, you may also have to accept the fact that the cheapest model may not be right for you.


Top GPS for RV Travel in 2019


Garmin 010-01168-00 RV 760 LMT


This is the best RV GPS device with its frequent map updates and informative system. This GPS from Garmin includes free mapping updates for life so you never have to worry about getting lost. The large viewing screen measures 7 inches, and clearly displays street names, signs, and familiar navigational landmarks.

Since this GPS device was designed for RVs you also get the advantage of always knowing where your large vehicle is legal. Find RV camping sites in the U.S. and Canada, along with the listed clearance height for any bridges you might encounter on your travels. Enjoy the convenience of the audio speakers which clearly give you precise directions so you do not have to take your eyes of the road.

The Garmin GPS is easy to use and program, and you will love being able to customize the device to your specifications. Enter in your vehicle information and your intended destination, and let the GPS figure out the perfect route for you. Never worry about getting stuck in road closures or underneath a bridge, and always know where you are going with this GPS device that is designed for RVs.

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Rand McNally TripMaker RVND 5510


As the top GPS for RVs you would expect the device to be able to plot your route without any problems, but this model does so much more to improve your traveling experience. It is designed specifically for RVs, and includes a number of innovative and exciting features. Not only can you plan your trip, you can also let this design help you decide where you are going.

It is easy to use and program, and lets you pick the type of RV you are driving and any trailers you might be using. This ensures that the route you take is truly the right one for your vehicle, and any additional equipment. You also have the advantage of the preprogrammed checklist that gives you the peace of mind knowing that nothing has been forgotten before you leave for your trip.

Along with plotting out the best route, you can also let the device choose a destination for you. Let this GPS show you different travel spots, along with included pictures of possible stops along the way. With the innovative “Best of Road” feature you can always find new and exciting places to travel to.

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Magellan RoadMate RV5365T-LMB


With its 5 inch viewing screen and included map updates for the life of the unit, this is the perfect GPS device for RV owners. You will love how easy it is to read the street signs and follow the bold blinking directional arrow, and the device only takes seconds to set up. You can customize this model to program the best route for cars or RVs, and the GPS is even compatible with your Bluetooth device.

This GPS model has the advantage of being to map out routes that include pet friendly locations, along with campsites for RVs and which ones have a stable Wi-Fi network. With all of this information preloaded and constantly updated, you will also know where you can comfortably stay on your road trips.

You also have the advantage of special features which make it easy to navigate unfamiliar roads. Have landmarks displayed to mark your progress, and know exactly where speed limit changes occur. You can also have the GPS display the upcoming traffic lights, and you can even find out where the cameras are to avoid speeding and seat belt tickets. With everything you need to find your way at your fingertips, this GPS device can get you to your destination without any problems or hassles.

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