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If you’re here just to find the best golf balls and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. After looking at owner feedback, expert reviews, overall brand quality and even social media activity we have concluded that the Callaway Supersoft is the best b product for sale because it is advertised as being one of  “the softest golf balls” on the market. These 35 compression golf balls are designed to reduce spin so it can travel farther faster. Since the amount of spin is minimal it also travels in a straighter line. This will help improve accuracy so you can finally lower your golf score. This is also a multipack making it an excellent value for your money. If the Callaway Supersoft is not available, you could consider the Callaway Warbirds as it is the second best option.



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Contrary to what people think, the advancements in golf balls have not been less common and slower compared to what has been happening with golf clubs. It has become advantageous to pick the right ball for your game as much as picking the right golf club. The following points are to be considered when buying the perfect golf ball, and they certainly don’t include glow in the dark capability.

2.2015 TaylorMade Tour Preferred X Golf Balls


The way a golf ball will react with your golf club is determined by its construction. You need to take advantage of how the limits of golf ball construction have been pushed consistently by manufacturers to find a suitable one you can use. The most basic and least expensive to make is a one-piece golf ball. Primarily engineered for beginners, one-piece golf balls are seldom used for playing but are commonly utilized in crazy-golf courses and driving ranges. Typically constructed from a solid piece of Surlyn, one-piece golf balls have characteristic dimples moulded in them. Soft but quite durable, this type is not exactly high on compression ratings so it won’t provide the distance you want.

On the other hand, a two-piece model is heavily used by most everyday golfers thanks to its fusion of maximum distance and durability. The single solid core is typically of hard plastic, resin or high-energy acrylate encapsulated in a robust, cut-resistant blended cover that delivers greater distance to the ball compared to other types. Two-piece golf balls are hard balls enclosed in a specialty plastic called Surlyn or a similar material. Built for slow swing speeds, this type of ball boasts a firmer feel that generates distance but doesn’t offer easy control as what you can get from a softer ball. It is designed for virtual indestructibility and high roll distance, making it a favorite option for ordinary golfers.

Featuring either a solid rubber or liquid core, a three-piece golf ball offers more spin and is made softer so it can work for those who want to overcome issues on ball flight control. The greater number of layers offers higher spin separation, resulting in a more customized performance with a driver compared to a wedge or iron. With multiple layers designed for a specific and different purpose, a four-piece golf ball is engineered to be longest hitting and softest feeling among all golf balls, making it the best option for high handicappers. You can expect explosive distance with a driver thanks to the solid rubber center. The next layer is an inner cover that transmits the energy from the strike to the ball’s hot core. The middle cover serves as an extra layer that increases driver distance while producing mid-iron feel and spin around the green. The feel of the golf ball comes from the outer cover or the thinnest layer, which typically features 300 to 400 dimples.

The five-piece golf ball boasts the latest in golf ball design. It offers more performance and spin separation benefits because of the higher number of layers and materials it has. Suitable for handling slow swing speed as well as fast ones, this type delivers the highest tour-level performance. Distinguished for having three mantle layers enclosed between a soft urethane cover and a high-speed core, this type makes it possible for each of its mantle layers to react to various swing speeds and shots.



The measure of deflection the golf ball goes through when struck is referred to as its compression. With parameters set between 0 and 200, this basically refers to the variable pressure the ball provides when struck. A compression of 200 means the ball does not compress while one of 0 means the ball will deflect 5 mm or more. Compression ranges in most golf balls are typically from 50 to 100. With lower compression, you get a softer ball that compresses greater to generate more distance, which is perfect for women. On the other hand, a higher compression ball delivers greater control that better players prefer since they allow the use of faster swing speeds to compress the golf ball.

3.Wilson Titanium Bal



The sidespin of your shots tends to get reduced with a lower spinning golf ball. Air travel may not be that far but you can expect increased roll upon landing because of the deficiency in spin. A lower spin golf ball is best for seniors or for those who slice the ball or struggle to get ground distance. A mid spin golf ball combines the best of feel/ softness and distance. A high spinning model is engineered for greater air spin so when hit, it gets released with a certain level of backspin to create a longer carry.
There are hundreds of golf ball choices on the market. Use the buying guide above to point you in the right direction and get a good product. The best golf balls are showcased below.



Top Golf Balls in 2019


Having the right golf ball for your game is what drives up readership for the best golf balls reviews. A golf ball’s construction may be anything from a simple one-piece to a two-, three-, four- and boundary-pushing five-piece. The spin may be low, mid-range or high and the feel may be firm or soft. Whichever option you go for, you may need to understand the physics behind each one.



Callaway Supersoft



It is not hard to see why these are considered the best golf balls, especially after you try them out on the course. The 35 compression rating makes them one of the softest balls on the market, and this is good news for players that are working on distance and accuracy. These balls are designed to spin less so they can travel farther and faster. The reduced spin also means that the balls will travel in a straight line. This makes it easier for you to stay on the green and this will reduce the number of swings you need to get the ball in the hole.



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Callaway Warbirds



There is very little not to like about these golf balls by Callaway. One of the first aspects you’ll notice is the large soft core that allows the ball to achieve maximum speed and distance. This also helps to maximize the “feel” without losing and speed or distance off of the tee. The Warbirds also come with a unique surface pattern that ensures it remains stable in flight even when covering greater distances. There are two color options available, white and yellow, and both can be easily seen on the ground or in the air.



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Titleist Pro V



This 12 pack of golf balls is a good value for your money. These are often considered the top balls on worldwide tours due to their performance capabilities. The Pro V might actually make you a better golfer. The balls are designed to have a softer feel so they can travel greater distances. This also helps to improve speed by reducing the amount of spin. Since there is less of a spin on the ball when it is hit off of the tee it is also more stable so your shots are more accurate. You will also appreciate their durable construction that is designed to last.



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TaylorMade Tour Preferred X


1.2015 TaylorMade Tour Preferred X Golf Balls

Durable, versatile and stylish, the 2015 TaylorMade Tour Preferred golf ball offers a fantastic soft feel and plays well in the wind. It promotes fast speed off the driver thanks to its revolutionary REACT™ Core technology. Additionally, the ball has Spin Mantle Technology via its inner layers that deliver consistent approach shot spin. Engineered to provide the same level of performance around the green and off the tee, the golf ball is suitable for players who want greater spin on iron shots. The Seamless LDP™ 322 Dimple Pattern is designed to provide penetrating ball flight to cover greater distance into the wind. For better greenside control and spin, the ball boasts the new Soft Tech™Cover.



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Bridgestone Golf e6


Each of the balls in the box has an improved cover that ensures good aerodynamics. The all-new enhanced Dual Dimple technology provides increased distance coverage, driving the ball further and closer to every target. Every ball is the softest multi-layer ball on the market, consistently softer than before. The reformulated cover provides increased softness without jacking up driver back spin, giving the golfer ample control and resilience. The bright white cover ensures sufficient visibility on the green. Get the score you aim for with these best golf balls in 2019.



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Nike Golf Mojo


Whether you play to live or live to play, the Nike Golf 2013 Mojo Golf Ball gives you the power to drive your shots farther and more on-target. Each of the 24 balls in the package is made of composite material, ensuring durability. You get extremely long-driving two-piece balls that offer outstanding robustness and long distance. The Mojo ball has a powerful solid sphere core that makes the product virtually indestructible. The cover offers a soft feel for controlled drive. The alignment aid on the ball helps you putter with a more immediate target to aim for.



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Callaway HEX Warbird


Featuring the legendary Warbird cover, the Callaway HEX Warbird Golf Ball can easily boast to be the stuff that the best golf balls reviews always talk about. It has a larger and softer core than ever before, which endows it with faster ball speeds to cover maximum distances. The thinner outer cover enhances the feel without taking it out on the drive speed and distance off the tee. Thanks to revolutionary HEX aerodynamics, the ball has a patented design on the surface that results to much better low-speed lift to cover greater distance while staying on consistent ball flight.



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Wilson Titanium Ball


Each US-made ball in this 18-piece pack is made of robust composite material, ensuring dependable durability. The 2-piece construction is further bolstered by an explosive titanium core, which ensures powerful drive, longer coverage and low long game spin. A cohesive unit is formed due to the titanium material holding the core together at optimum levels. Maximum energy transfer and distance are obtained with each ball, which are also built with sturdy, long-lasting Surlyn covers for even more strength. With the Wilson Titanium 18-Ball Pack, you’ll have just what you need to succeed!



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Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls


Offering longer distance, more consistent flight and exceptional spin control, the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls deserve to be called the best golf balls in 2019. Each of the balls is designed to give you low long game spin to cover exceptionally long distance at a single stroke. The balls are also made to deliver soft feel on all shots, which many great players and tour professionals prefer. This guarantees better performance of the ball through the air and being able to easily spin the ball into the pins. That’s easy control while ensuring excellent durability.



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