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What to Consider When Buying a Garden Tiller


Whether you are planting a springtime garden or simply need to break up a section of hard packed soil a garden tiller can make the job easier. These versatile yard and garden tools are available in several sizes, and can include different features. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide, you will be able to find the best garden tiller in 2019 for all your back breaking yard chores.

A. Garden tiller


As stated in the best garden tiller reviews there are several models to choose from, and each has its own advantages. Mini tillers are ideal for loosening the soil for small gardens, and are also priced lower than other types. Medium size models feature tines on the front, and can quickly loosen hard, packed soil. Rear tillers are designed for rocky terrain, and are ideal for preparing the soil for sowing grass seed or planting large gardens. The price of the garden tiller will also increase with the size, and should be considered.



The best garden tiller reviews recommend choosing the amount of horsepower based on the size of the area you will be working in. The size of the engine will determine how powerful the tines are at breaking up the soil, and larger garden tillers will be able to supply you with more power. Smaller tillers generally have between one and four horsepower engines, while larger models can have motors with up to 12HP. The number of tines on the garden tiller will also reflect the amount of available horsepower, and determine how big of an area you can easily work.


Additional Features

While the horsepower and number of tines will be determined by the size of the garden tiller, there are a few additional features to consider. The best garden tiller reviews suggest considering the type of power, with most models using a gas engine. Some models also feature electric power, but you are also limited in its use. Easy start buttons are always a welcome advantage, along with lightweight garden tillers that feature front tines. While garden tillers with rear tines are the easiest to maneuver, these models are generally priced slight higher.


Top Garden Tillers in 2019


We can’t choose the equipment for your yard, but we can recommend the top rated garden tillers for 2019. These convenient tools can prevent back aches and muscle strain, while easily breaking up the soil for your garden or new lawn.


Earthwise TC70001 Electric


1. Earthwise TC70001 Electric TillerThis is considered one of the best garden tillers in 2019, and features an easy start electric motor. The compact construction is ideal for smaller yards, and will easily break up the soil for a vegetable or flower garden. You will love how easy the small tiller is to maneuver, along with its affordable price.

You have the advantage of the 4 tines, which are constructed from strong, durable steel. You can easily rip through packed soil without worrying about hidden rocks breaking the strong tines. The powerful tines are capable of cutting up to 8.5 inches deep, and can also create rows 11 inches wide to give you loose soil that is ideal for planting. The lightweight garden tiller is designed to almost push itself, and the electric motor is easy to care for,

The electric motor is powerful enough to break up hard soil, and is compatible with 120v outlets. The longer handle is designed to be comfortable, and to make the garden tiller even easier to push. Perfect for small lawns and gardens, this affordable tiller will take all of the hard, back breaking work out of your yard chores.

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GreenWorks 27072 Corded


2. GreenWorks 27072 Corded TillerThe best garden tiller reviews state that this model is designed to be easy to use. The compact construction is ideal for smaller spaces, and this tiller can also be folded down for convenient storage. The lightweight model features a simple electric starter, and you’ll love that it is easier to use and maintain than gas powered garden tillers.

You have the advantage of the four rotating tines that are capable of cutting through tightly packed earth. The 8″ tines are placed in the forward position to make it easier to maneuver the tiller, and you’ll appreciate the self propelling action when you are trying to loosen hard, rocky soil. The depth and width of the tines can also be adjusted, so your garden turns out exactly the way you want it.

With widths that can measure between 8.25 and 10 inches and depths up to 5 inches, you can easily create the perfect garden for all types of plants. Adjust the tines to match the necessary depth for tomatoes, roses, and climbing vines and you’ll appreciate the easy to maintain electric motor. The 8 amp motor is powerful and easy to start, and the tines can also be removed for a quick and thorough cleaning.

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Sun Joe TJ600E Electric


3. Sun Joe TJ600E Electric TillerWhether you want to plant a garden or seed a lush green lawn, this powerful electric tiller can help you get the job done. You will love how easy it is to start the motor, and everything about this garden tiller is designed for your comfort. The longer curved handles prevent back and shoulder strain, and this garden tiller only weights 17 pounds.

This lightweight construction is still durable, while being incredibly easier to lift and maneuver. Not only is this garden tiller designed to function in smaller yards, it also features a compact construction that can be folded for convenient storage. With the 6.5 amp electric motor and 4 steel tines, you can easily rip through hard and rocky soil and get your garden started on time.

The four steel tines are sturdy, powerful, and capable of cutting through 7 inches of hard packed soil. With a cutting width of four inches, you will also have plenty of space for all of your plants and seedlings. Easy to operate and maneuver, this tiller can actually make you look forward to planting a garden each year.

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