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What Features to Consider When Buying a Fry Pan


Being the single most commonly used type of cookware, the products featured in the best fry pan reviews remain as the bestsellers in the houseware aisles and sections of brick-and-mortar and online stores.

It is important that buyers do a substantial amount of research to ensure that they get a top-of-the-line fry pan. Take note of these considerations before rushing to online or physical stores.

Fry Pan Material

For heat conduction, aluminum and aluminum-clad stainless steel products described in the best fry pan reviews get outstanding ratings. That is also true with copper/stainless steel and stainless steel/aluminum hybrid pans. Induction-ready cookware offers high heat resistance, while pure stainless steel cooking vessels offer durability and non-reactivity. Anodized aluminum/heavy duty hard coat frying pans have superb heat conductivity plus four times the strength of aluminum.


Cooking Surface

Many of the top rated fry pans 2019 are constructed with a non-stick surface. Aside from food not sticking to the pan surface, non stick products also enable quick and easy clean up. They also minimize the need to use oil and fats in cooking.

However, frying pans with a standard cooking surface can be used with regular metal utensils, aside from being resistant to scratching. They can also be used for cooking at high temperatures.


Thickness and Gauge

When looking for the best fry pan 2019, take note of the stated thickness and gauge of every product you see. Thickness is directly proportional to the number of mils (1/1000=1 mil), so the higher the mil count, the thicker the pan is.

Gauge is in reverse proportion to thickness. Thinner metals have higher gauges. You can find thin cookware with 22 gauge and thick ones with 10 gauge construction.


Frying Pan Handles

Check out products in the best fry pan reviews outfitted with stainless steel handles, which do not conduct heat to as high a level as aluminum handles. This ensures they stay consistently cool on the cooktop. Another great option is silicone handles, which provide an ergonomic grip, and are often designed to slide off for easy cleaning.

Do take note not all silicone handles are intended for high temperature cooking use. These require the use of a pot handle holder.


Top Fry Pans in 2019


Although doing research is quite tedious, you will need that to bag a great choice among the products featured in the best fry pan reviews. If reading is not for you, take a shortcut by checking out the three bestselling products described below. You won’t be sorry for picking any one of them.


T-fal E91898 Ultimate


Undoubtedly the best fry pan 2019, the T-fal E91898 Ultimate makes a versatile and stylish addition to any kitchen. If you’re planning to upgrade from your old, rust-prone and oil-hungry frying pan, this is the one you should get. It is 11.5 inches across, giving you more than enough space to fry an egg, make a lovely omelette or cook some gorgeous scrambled eggs. The T-Fal Ultimate is geared with the exclusive Thermo-Spot heat indicator, a patented technological innovation that shows you when the pan is at the perfect pre-heated temperature.

This enables food to cook at an ideal temperature that will seal in all the flavor and juices for you to enjoy fully. This cookware can be washed safely in the dishwasher, as it is given a state-of-the-art exterior coating that maintains the frying pan’s hard anodized satin grey appearance. The T-fal Ultimate Frying Pan is usable with all kinds of cooktops except induction. Featuring T-fal’s exclusive Prometal non-stick interior, the T-fal Ultimate Frying Pan is remarkably durable and resistant to scratches.

The revolutionary frying pan is built with the TechnoResist Anti-Warp Base, which provides excellent resistance to warping while ensuring even heat distribution to give you excellent cooking results.

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Calphalon Contemporary Combo


The Calphalon Contemporary Frying Pan Combo gives you the opportunity to buy two items at one great price. Created with a multi-layer non-stick material to ensure extra durability, the pans in the combo set have a thick flat bottom and gently sloping sides, ensuring that they can sit flat on the cooktop so the food is cooked evenly as heat is maximized on all sides. The three-layer, nonstick surface of the pans is free of toxic PFOA, so you can have peace of mind about the food you cook in the pans.

Both of the pans are dishwasher-safe, so clean up is never a hassle. The pans make great additions to your cookware collection, as they boast a visually attractive, modern design that will go well with everything in the kitchen. One pan measures 10 inches; the other is 12 inches. Choose the smaller pan for smaller servings, or use the larger one when cooking for more people.

Saute vegetables, cook gorgeous omelets or scrambled eggs, make some French toast. Enjoy healthy, low fat cooking with these two lovely pans. The sloped slides enable easy slide out of cooked food from the pan to a plate. Made of hard anodized aluminum, these fry pans are sure to be your kitchen partners for years.

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Cuisinart 722-36H Chef’s Classic Open Skillet


Making family meals more memorable, the Cuisinart 722-36H Chef’s Classic Open Skillet is a French cuisine-inspired product that will also make entertaining a real pleasure. Invest in this pan and you are sure to enjoy delightful kitchen memories. The 8-inch open skillet boasts an aluminum encapsulated bottom composed of three tough layers. At the base is a stainless steel protective cover for enhanced durability, while layered over that is the robust aluminum core. Another sheet of stainless steel seals in everything.

Enjoy even heat distribution while cooking, as the pure aluminum encapsulated base heats up in no time, then spreads the heat evenly to eliminate hot spots. The stainless steel cooking surface will not deteriorate or discolor, and will not react with food or alter its flavor. Thanks to the shiny, 18/10 mirror-finish, stainless steel construction, the skillet comes out of the dishwasher still looking like new.

The skillet is oven-safe to 500°F, ensuring you that it can be used for high temperature cooking on the stovetop, in the oven or under a broiler. It is also freezer-safe to enable easy storage. The Cool Grip stainless steel stick handles are shaped for a secure grip while staying cool on the cooktop. They are also professionally riveted and come with helper handles and side grips for perfect balance.

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