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What to Consider When Buying a Fabric Steamer


There are many advantages a fabric steamer has compared to a clothing iron. It is easy to use even by someone without too much skill or time on their hands, and it helps restore the beauty of your clothes, preventing any wrinkles. If you are on the lookout for a fabric steamer, the following guide is meant to help you in your quest. Reading many best fabric steamer reviews also helps a great deal when you want to pick the right model.

A.Fabric Steamer


The most important aspect to keep in mind when you are selecting a fabric steamer is its type. Basically, there are two major kinds of fabric steamers: the kind you can use only at home, and the kind that you can take along with you when you are traveling. Portability is important when you are traveling a lot, but, in case you want a more powerful and reliable model, you will do just great with a model you can use at home. The home based category also has two sub-categories: standing steamers and handheld steamers. The latter takes considerably less space than others, and they are very convenient.



You do not necessarily have to break the bank to purchase a good quality product. Plenty of best fabric steamer reviews agree that there are plenty of cheaper models that can get the job done, and that there are more expensive models that are not necessarily the greatest. As always, it is up to you to choose a model to your liking, and budget can be an important consideration to keep in mind. Always try to compare features and other accessories, to see if a certain model is worth the price.



Without a doubt, what you need most from your fabric steamer is to get the job done. You can always read comments from other users and the best fabric steamer reviews available online can help you a great deal in this regard. See what others have to say and run a few comparisons between different models to see which one performs best and is worth spending your hard earned money on.


Top Rated Fabric Steamers in 2o15


Fabric steamers are very popular among consumers, because of their convenience and great performance in eliminating wrinkles from clothes. The following list contains the top rated fabric steamers 2019 consumers absolutely love right now. We hope one of them is exactly what you are looking for and that your clothes will always look their best.


Steamfast SF-407


1.Steamfast SF-407This standing model is ideal for home use. You will not have to worry about any wrinkles, even when you have to deal with more stubborn fabrics that are not exactly friendly with your regular iron. The Steamfast SF-407 is powered by a 1500 watt engine, and the removable water tank makes it easy to use. The 40 ounce tank is ideal for steaming plenty of clothes, so your wardrobe will always look in top shape.

Ranked as the best fabric steamer 2019, it is a great tool to have around. It is capable of bringing the water inside the tank at the boiling point in just 45 seconds, and you can use it continuously for 45 minutes.

The great news is that the Steamfast SF-407 is great not only for clothes, but also for cleaning upholstery as well as linens and curtains.

You will also like that this model comes equipped with a wide range of accessories. A telescopic pole, a fabric brush and a press pad are among them, and you will find them all handy and very useful when you want to eliminate wrinkles from your clothes. The hanger hook helps the entire process, making it as easy as a breeze.

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PureSteam PEMINISTM Portable


2.PureSteam Portable Fabric SteamerIn case you are traveling a lot, and you do not want to pay the exorbitant prices hotels usually charge for ironing your clothes, a portable fabric steamer is exactly what you need. The PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer is ideal for those business trips that require you to look professional from head to toes, always wearing impeccable clothes.

The model comes equipped with an 8 foot built in cable, so there is no need for an extension cord. Its compact design makes it a star among all the best fabric steamer reviews from users and critics alike.

You will also appreciate that a safety feature is employed on the PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer. When the water gets too hot or its level too low, the steamer shuts down on its own, without the need for your prompt intervention. This is a very handy feature, since people on trips can get absorbed with other issues and tend to forget electric equipment plugged in.

Although not as competitive as the standing steamer described above, this one gets the job done nonetheless. The water is heated up in just 2 minutes, and 10 minutes of uninterrupted steaming are guaranteed, with great results.

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Conair GS23 / GS23R Extreme Steam


3.Conair Extreme Steam Fabric SteamerIt is not unusual for household appliances to evolve at tremendous speeds, as manufacturers are striving to deliver the best quality, comfort and convenience for users. The Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer is gifted with the Extreme Steam Dual Heat Technology that basically concentrates steam in order to penetrate heavier fabrics and eliminate wrinkles five times faster than other models. This steamer is also ideal for killing dust mites and bed bugs, so it is a good choice if you also want to use it for cleaning the upholstery in your home.

This handheld device is considered the best fabric steamer 2019 by a wide category of consumers. It heats up the water in 75 seconds and it provides 15 minutes of continuous steaming, so it is great for those times when you need to get your clothes ready in short notice.

Although not as pretentious as standing models, the Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer has its fair share of accessories. A fabric brush, a creaser and a soft cushion brush are available to help you get the best results.

The power cord measures 9 feet, making it easy to use, without the need for any extension cords.

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