Best Elongated Toilet Seat Reviews


A toilet seat may not seem that important, until you have to sit on one. Over time lids and seats can crack and break making it extremely uncomfortable for you to use. While you don’t need your toilet seat to be as cushioned as a reclining chair, it should be comfortable enough for you to sit on for several minutes. You also want to make sure that you get a seat that fits your toilet. Some of the best toilets of 2019 are use elongated seats which are ideal if you are worried about germs and bacteria. To help you find the best elongated toilet seat we have put together this informative buying guide. This will help you find a toilet seat that not only fits your current model, but will also help keep your bathroom sanitary and germ free.

What to look for when buying an elongated toilet seat?



Whether you need a seat for Kohler toilets or another top name brand, one of the most important benefits is being able to choose the material used in construction. Toilets in areas with high moisture levels often benefit from durable seats made from polypropylene. Elongated wood toilet seats are generally warmer, and are perfect if you live in colder climates. The most popular material is durable plastic, which is also the least expensive. Your budget will also help you determine which material is right for you.



Not all elongated seats attach to the toilet in the same way. The most common is the standard nut and bolt assembly, and it often looks the best when the seat is attached. This type of mounting can be difficult to remove, if you want to change your toilet seat. Integral mountings are easier to remove, but are often only found on the higher priced models.



One of the best benefits associated with elongated toilet seats is being able to choose a style and color. Toilet seats are available in a range of different colors that can be matched to any décor. Some elongated toilet seats also include convenient side handles, while others have the advantage of extra cushioning and heating elements.


Top Elongated Toilet Seats in 2019


Mayfair 148E2 000


One of the first aspects that should be mentioned is that this elongated wood toilet seat is proudly manufactured in the United States. This “green” toilet seat is constructed using materials that are environmentally friendly, along with the manufacturing process. Not only does this give you a durable wood toilet seat, you can also feel good knowing that your purchase did not hurt the environment.

This toilet seat will fit all standard elongated toilet bowls, and you will love how the high gloss finish looks in your bathroom. It has a clean and pristine white finish that is resistant to every day wear and tear. The long lasting protective coat won’t chip or scratch, to prolong the life of the toilet seat. You also have the benefit of the innovative hinge design that makes this model extremely easy to clean, and convenient to use.

The hinges close the lid quietly to prevent loud banging, and it can also help prevent you from slamming the lid on your fingers. These special hinges are also easy to remove, so you can quickly and efficiently clean and eliminate bacteria and germs. Designed to last for a lifetime, you will love the casual elegance this elongated wooden toilet seat brings to your bathroom.

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Toto SS114#01


Constructed from durable and long lasting polypropylene, this elongated toilet seat is ideal for high traffic areas. Constructed from the durable material it is resistant to cracks and breaks, along with frequent moisture that can cause wooden seats to soften and buckle. It is designed to fit most standard elongated toilets, and the bright high gloss finish is professional and hygienic. The clean, white glossy coating gives the appearance of a safe and germ free environment, and the seat’s comfortable design will fit almost anyone’s size.

Not only is this elongated toilet seat designed to fit almost everyone comfortably, it also gives you the advantage of its “soft closing system”. This prevents the annoying problem of the lid slamming down, along with helping to save your fingers from being pinched. The unique closing system allows the lid to slowly lower, which prevents your fingers from being caught and the lid from hitting the bowl.

The mounting assembly is also included with the toilet seat, and the included instructions ensures that installation only takes seconds. The protective finish also makes it easy for you to clean the seat and lid, so it can really be just as germ free as it looks.

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KOHLER K-4636-0


Even the name Kohler inspires images of uniquely designed kitchen and bathroom room products, and the brand’s line of elongated toilet seats is no exception. Available in a brilliant white finish, it can add a clean and classic touch to your powder room. The seat is designed to fit any standard size elongated toilet, and the included mounting assembly makes attaching the seat quick and easy.

The seat is constructed from chip and scratch resistant polypropylene, which makes it ideal for guest and public restrooms. The subtle lines on the seat are classic and elegant, and only add to its appeal. While its design looks great in any bathroom, you will also appreciate it convenient and hygienic hinge system.

While the hinges prevent the lid from slamming down on the toilet and potentially pinching your fingers, it also makes the seat extremely easy to remove. Enjoy the soft and quiet closing system, along with the ability to easily take the seat off for cleaning. This elongated toilet seat will add a touch of casual elegance to any bathroom, while still providing a clean and comfortable place to sit for a few moments.

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While there are several elongated toilet seats to choose from and we can’t pick the one that will look the best in your bathroom, we can make a couple of suggestions. The Mayfair 148E2 000 and the Toto SS114#01 are durable, comfortable, and affordable. Even if these elongated toilet seats aren’t perfect for you, these models can help you know what you are looking for.

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