Best Electric Broom with Cord Reviews


Cleaning your living space becomes more convenient when you have the best electric broom with cord to help you complete the task. A corded vacuum cleaner doesn’t use batteries that get drained of power. Cordless units do not offer sustained cleaning power unlike their corded counterparts, which offer hours of cleaning and consistent suction ability. It is vital that you make sure the unit you choose is the best for the money. This entails doing research before purchase. Reading can inform you of the benefits that an electric broom offers.

It could also save you money for the long term, since you are more able to make a sensible choice under a set budget.

What to look for when buying an electric broom with cord?


Suction Power

The best electric broom comes with great suction power. It comes with a proven suction technology to handle dirt, dust and debris with ample air flow that enables it not to lose suction. The motor has to be effective on the job, while still being energy efficient. Vacuum cleaners have been restricted to a maximum of 1600 watts as of September 2014, so anything within that range is acceptable. Power rating, however, needs to be balanced with the unit’s design, as well as the floorhead design.

Some units have low input power but their motors are still powerful on the job.



For a machine to be convenient to use, it has to be lightweight. This enables easy carrying from one area of the house to another. A convenient electric broom for wood floors features a dust bin that is easy to empty. If the machine doesn’t have HEPA filtration that makes it safe to use in homes with allergy and asthma sufferers, it should at least have washable foam filters.

Controls should be conveniently placed on the handle. Accessories enable cleaning of a variety of surfaces.


Ease of Use

The machine should be easy to use. Maneuverability is guaranteed with a swiveling or pivoting floorhead. The electric cable should be long enough to allow you to go around the room without having to change outlets. A handle that offers extreme recline and a low profile base enable you to reach under furniture without effort. The machine should let you vacuum without creating too much noise, so you can vacuum and still hear the doorbell or watch TV.


Top Electric Brooms with Cord in 2019


Hoover SH20030 Stick Vacuum


The Hoover SH20030 Stick Vacuum is perfect for small living spaces and apartments. Weighing just 8 pounds, the SH20030 offers the same cleaning power and efficiency as a standard size vacuum cleaner. Utilizing legendary WindTunnel technology, this cleaning machine offers thorough cleaning by picking up dirt at a single sweep of 11 inches. This enables you to get the cleaning done with fewer passes. The two-amp motor boasts 220 watts to provide the suction power you need for convenient cleaning.

The powered brushroll sweeps dirt into the nozzle and to the collection cup. The dust bin is quite easy to empty out using a single button flick. The canister holds one quart of dirt. This stick vacuum may not come with HEPA filtration, but it does have washable foam filters that do not quickly get dirty due to the multi-cyclonic technology that the unit is geared with. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the Hoover SH20030 Stick Vacuum has brushroll controls within easy reach of your fingers on the machine’s handle.

The swivel steering enables easy maneuverability, while the 20-foot long power cord lets you complete the cleaning task in a specific area without having to switch outlets much too often.

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BISSELL 81L2A PowerEdge Corded Vacuum


This Bissell electric broom uses revolutionary Suction Technology that provides easy capture of both fine particles and large debris so you won’t have to purchase two different machines just to complete your cleaning chores. The machine doesn’t use a brushroll to accomplish cleaning tasks. However, it offers exceptional suction to ensure better pick up of pet hair and dirt, without requiring extra attachments or the use of a broom.

Directing larger debris into the center suction path is the V-shaped wipers. Fine particles are forced along the arms. Lightweight and extra convenient, the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Stick Vacuum has a swivel head that enables hassle-free maneuverability. This also makes it easy to clean around furniture bases or legs. The bag-less design of the vacuum cleaner ensures sustained suction power even when the dust bin fills up, unlike bagged cleaning devices.

The dirt cup is easy to empty. Just place it over a waste can and push the button to release the collected dirt into the garbage receptacle. Clean along base boards and tight spaces using the highly-efficient Cyclonic Technology to powerfully suck all the dirt in. The 20-inch power cord lets you go around the room without frequent changing of outlets.

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Dirt Devil M083410RED Swift Stick Vacuum


The Dirt Devil Swift Stick Vacuum lets you conveniently handle your cleaning chores with ease. It offers 10.8 volts of power to effortlessly move from the carpet to the hardwood floor at a touch of the on/off switch for the rotating brushroll. Built with a durable metal handle, the stick vacuum offers easy grip and problem-free handling. It is made lightweight at less than six pounds for quick pick ups and easy room-to-room or floor-to-floor carrying. Use it on the second floor then take it down to the first floor for more vacuuming work.

The on-board crevice tool lets you reach into tight spaces, giving a thorough, edge-to-edge cleaning. This stick vacuum comes with a dirt cup that is easy to empty from the bottom while enabling bag-less cleaning. This feature also ensures that the suction power is sustained, unlike bagged vacuum cleaners that get reduced power when the dust bag fills up. The cleaning machine is built with a low profile nozzle that enables easy cleaning under beds, chairs and tables.

The folding handle facilitates easy transfer of the machine from one area of the house to another. It also enables easy storage. The swivel head enables easy maneuverability around furniture legs and under furniture.

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