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How to Purchase a Dumbbell Set?


Choosing the right dumbbell set can be a challenging endeavor. Because there are so many types of dumbbell sets on the market, finding one that truly fits your fitness regimen may feel daunting, which is why reading best dumbbell set reviews is much recommended. The following guide will help you understand what you should look for when picking between various dumbbell sets, so you can make the best educated choice on the matter. Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle mass or endurance, you will find that a good dumbbell set is a great addition to the rest of your fitness equipment.


When exercising, a lot of accidents and injuries can happen, so absolute safety cannot be attained, since it is more up to you to watch out for mishaps than the actual equipment. Nonetheless, good dumbbell sets offer more protection than the regular sets, and this can be an important criteria for choosing one set over another. In case you want to purchase adjustable dumbbells, you need to make sure that the weights are well secured in place and they do not fall off easily.



The best dumbbells you can get are those that come with a progressive range. Basically, these dumbbell sets allow you to increase the challenge for your muscles little by little, helping you get the best out of your fitness regimen. There are sets that start at 2 lb dumbbells and end up with 10 lb dumbbells. Depending on how your fitness routine is designed, a progressive range can help you a great deal  in achieving progress. Many best dumbbell set reviews point out that the most popular sets right now are those with progressive range.



You will be exercising quite a great deal of time using your dumbbell set, so the grip has to be comfortable. If your hands constantly struggle to adapt to the grip, you will start losing your focus and your hands will feel the strain too early, so you won’t get the desired effect of the exercise . A good idea is to feel the grip of a dumbbell from the set, to see how it fits in your hand.


Top Dumbbell Sets in 2019


Getting the best from your fitness routine involves having the best equipment around. We put together a list with the most popular top rated dumbbell sets 2019, to help you make the best decision. When you want to get in shape and build more strength, the following sets are the most effective.


Body Solid SDRS550 Rubber Hex


The quality of materials used and the manufacturing employed is important for defining a good set of dumbbells. The Body Solid SDRS550 5-50-Pound Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set is built to last and is a great addition to any fitness enthusiast’s collection of strength building equipment.

Considered the best dumbbell set 2019, this product is highly appreciated by many consumers. Especially praised are the rubber finish, and the hexagonal design that does not allow the dumbbells to roll around when you are placing them on an even surface. This helps prevent a lot of accidents, so the safety factor is quite high.

This product features a progressive range of dumbbells. The smallest size is 5 lbs and the largest is 50 lbs, which makes this set ideal for bodybuilders looking to increase their strength, endurance and muscle mass. The dumbbells are made of high quality iron heads with steel inserts.

Also worth mentioning is the compact design, that allows you to store them even in cramped places. Ideal for home use, these dumbbells deserve every little bit of praise provided by many best dumbbell set reviews. Limited lifetime warranty rounds up a product that is already a very good deal for the price.

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Universal PowerPak Adjustable


The Universal PowerPak Adjustable Dumbbells offers great quality at a very good price. Not as expensive as the dumbbells described above, this set comes with its own bells and whistles that are worth taking into consideration.

The progressive range of dumbbells starts at 4 lbs and ends up at 45 lbs, allowing for easy switching between various exercises. The adjustable dumbbells take very little space and they are ideal for home use, because they take up very little space.

The provided stand allows you to neatly store the dumbbells during the times between training sessions, so you will have no trouble placing them in a small closet. Deemed as the best dumbbell set 2019 by plenty of users, the Universal PowerPak Adjustable Dumbbells offers all the most important benefits of a good and reliable set.

Let’s not forget that the handle is made of thermoplastic rubber, allowing for a comfortable safe grip. There will be few to no accidents when using these dumbbells correctly, which is a great plus, seeing that most gym accidents are related to dropping heavy plates on feet and other extremities. As long as you have a good grip, there will be no problems for you.

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CAP Barbell Adjustable


This is an inexpensive set of dumbbells that consumers absolutely love. Since pricing can be an issue for many people who want to work out, this cost effective option is more than welcome. You will find this particular set mentioned by a lot of best dumbbell set reviews, because of the conveniences it offers to those who are starting working out.

The set is consists of four 2.5 lb. plates and four 5 lb. plates, accompanied by 4 collars, to make it easier to put them together. A nice touch for the price is the plastic case you can use for storing the dumbbells when you are not exercising.

The plates are made of cast iron and they have a glossy finish. The handles are threaded to ensure safe gripping and the entire set is designed to resist the test of time. High quality for the price is what defines this dumbbell set, and, although not many options are provided, the plates included allow for easy progression for those who are beginners. Also, they are a good fit for women looking to increase their muscle mass, since they are not as heavy as other dumbbells sold on the market.

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