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A dresser is one of the most essential items inside the bedroom. With the use of such, you will be able to keep your things organized. In this case, you might find help in reading the rest of this article as it identifies some of the items recommended in the best dressers reviews.


South Shore Libra


Best Dressers ReviewsAs it has been noted in the top rated dressers reviews, this can prove to be one of the best choices when it comes to simplicity. It has a very minimal appeal, which makes it perfect for simple interiors. The 5-year limited warranty of this dresser is another thing that has been commended by many of its users, which can be seen as a demonstration of its manufacturer towards high quality. However, keep in mind that the assembly of such is best accomplished when working with a companion. It takes less than an hour to put all the pieces together.

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South Shore Furniture Prairie Collection 5-drawer Chest


If you are the kind of person who pays attention to the environmental impacts of the things that you have in your room, according to the best dressers reviews, this is one choice that is sure to not bring regrets in the future. It is constructed with the use of preferred materials when it comes to environmental sustainability. The Smart Glide slides can also be considered as a good thing about this product because it can be opened and closed with ease. In terms of safety, this is also commendable because of the built-in stops that will prevent you from accidentally taking off the drawer.

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South Shore Furniture Versa Collection Triple


This dresser has a universal design that is sure to go well with any interior décor. Regardless of the theme that you are trying to achieve, this is definitely an excellent addition to any room. Although it has an antique finish, it does not mean that it will only prove to be perfect for traditional themes. Engineered composite wood panels are used in the construction of this dresser. This simply means that it is designed to be eco-friendly, aside from the fact that it is meant to withstand long-term use. Hence, it is indicative of being able to provide the best value for your money.

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South Shore Angel Collection 4-drawer Chest


With this dresser, you will no longer be worried about your safety. This is also basically the reason on why it is chosen as an excellent addition to the kid’s room. It is rich in terms of features that are meant to prevent accidents. For instance, it has an integrated safety catch. In addition, it also comes with soft-closing mechanism. This is in addition to the fact that it slides softly that will make it possible for you to have it closed and opened easily. It is also built while keeping in mind consumer, environmental, and safety laws.

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South Shore Summer Breeze Collection 5-Drawer Chest


If you are still evaluating your choices with regards to the best dressers in 2019, this is another option that can prove to be excellent. There are 5 drawers that will provide you with plenty of storage space for whatever you need to keep inside the dresser. There is a carved line that can be seen at the top of the drawer, which will create an illusion that there are two separate drawers, when in fact, there is just one. From the way that it looks like, you can notice that it is not only visually appealing, but it is also very sturdy. It is made from high quality materials that can last long.

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