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Top Dome Climbers in 2019


There are a lot of things that stimulate the creative and fun part of a child’s brain. Having playful and creative toys and being able to enjoy them with other kids is healthy for kids, physically and mentally. One of the interactive toys that kids will surely enjoy is the dome climber. It can be placed at the backyard along with the kids’ playhouse, and swings. Aside from being an excellent outdoor entertainment source, it can also be placed indoors. There are lots of colorful designs for dome climbers which are available on the market. Choosing the ideal dome climber unit needs consideration of the size and materials. Here are some of the well-discussed items in the best dome climber reviews that our team found to be popular among the majority of the buyers.


Lifetime Geometric Play Center


Best Dome Climber ReviewsThe Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center is a well-appreciated product on the market, based on all the 5-star ratings it got in the reviews. One important thing about a dome is that it needs to be very sturdy to prevent it from collapsing, especially when kids are climbing over – and that sturdiness is what can be observed in this particular dome climber. Assembly takes very little time. Also, the durability of this dome climber has been proven and tested.

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Easy Outdoor Space Climber


A lot of buyers are talking about the Easy Outdoor Space some climber in the top dome climber reviews. The overall appearance of the dome is great and it is painted with vibrant colors that make it look more fun and exciting. The highlight of this space dome climber is its sturdiness. It can support a total load of about 2000 pounds. This dome climber is designed to endure extreme outdoor conditions, with its rust- and UV-resistance properties.

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Toy Monster Monkey Bars Tower


This dome climber is not as sturdy as the previous model but it is still an impressive product. It is basically designed for kids about 2 years of age. It has a capacity of 150 pounds, which means it is not ideal for bigger kids. It is not as sturdy as expected because it is made of hollow tubes instead of solid ones. However, the height is appropriate for toddlers and the flat top with railings gives it a unique design than most of the dome climbers on the market.

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EezyPeezy Monkey bars with Top


The EezyPeezy Monkey bars dome climber is very similar with the previous model from Toy Monster. The color and design are the same, both of them also has railings on the top. However, a lot of customers claim this model to be sturdier than the previous one. Compared to other dome climber units, this one is fairly easier to assemble. It is a very decent dome climber, which is more recommended for indoor use rather than outdoors.

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Little Tikes Tunnel ‘N Dome


The Little Tikes Tunnel ‘N Dome climber does not look like the usual dome climber units. It has a unique design which resembles that of an igloo. It has a tunnel design that other dome climbers do not. It is large enough to accommodate multiple children to play on. This dome climber is inspired by the best dome climber in 2019 and it is ambitious enough to be it. It is a new product on the market and it is gaining popularity by the minute.

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