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Top digital cameras in 2019


To be able to make sure that you will have the ability to capture the best moments of your life and have it viewed when you want to be reminiscent of such times, you might want to own one of the cameras analyzed in the best digital cameras reviews.


Nikon D3X digital camera


Best Digital Cameras reviewsWith 24.5 megapixels, this is most probably one of the options in the marketplace that has the ability to capture every detail of the photo subject. Aside from its high resolution, which is good for both photos and videos taken, the EXPEED image processing feature of the camera is also worth noting, as it makes sure that noise is reduced in various settings. This camera has also been considered as an excellent option among the alternatives because many of its features are comparable to those that can be found in various DSLR cameras.

“The D3X is truly a great improvement of the D3 series of Nikon. Although the price isn’t something to cheer about the performances this camera shows will pay off. I mainly use it for landscape photos but I’ve also been impressed by the layouts of some macros and close shots that printed great”  Mike Merlow

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Canon PowerShot S100 camera


Equipped with 12.1 megapixels and coupled with 5x zoom, this camera is one of the most compact options in the market. In addition, many people have opted for this specific model basically because of DIGIC 5 Image Processor, which is an innovative feature that makes it possible to take and process pictures quickly. Its CMOS sensor, similar to those that are used in the DSLR cameras of the manufacturer, has also been lauded because of its ability to improve the quality of the images that are captured.

“I’ve always been a Canon fan and for years I’ve used the a PowerShot model. Thanks to last years appearance of the S100 my photo activity turned better. I’m not a pro but I can use this camera for a wide variety of media activities. Thanks to its high definition and stereo options integrated in this compact form I was able to record some great moments of my life.” Linda Olson

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Canon SX40 HS digital camera


The telephoto power is one thing that has often been commended in various reviews about this product. This is basically because of its 35x wide angle zoom that allows its users to clearly take a photo of their subject even from a far distance. More so, another thing that is worth mentioning is the camera’s optical image stabilizer, which makes it possible to make sure that images are taken clearly, even when shaking. It is equipped with shake correction mechanism to make sure that the best shot is captured all the time.

“Thanks to this compact point-and-shot camera I’m now able to record anything in my field of activity. I’m an engineer so taking good quality photos of sites is compulsory. Thanks to its versatility I’ve also used it in order to record something out of my job being able to have fun with all the modes included.” Oleg Jarinsky

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Sony Cyber-shot HX9V digital camera


One of the innovative features of this camera is its GPS functionality, making it possible to determine and tag the exact location of where the pictures were taken. To add, it also has 3D image capturing capability, which is good for both still and panorama shots. One of the most popular features of DSLR cameras, the background defocus, is also preset in this digital camera. With such, it is possible o focus on one part of the subject and keeps very other area blurred.

“I wasn’t able to find out a good price-effective camera till this Cyber-shot of those at Sony – considered the best digital cameras in 2019. The 16.2 mp and optical zoom lens of 16x is just the basics of what I need for quality records of my family’s life. I was able to produce some great shots with its 3D option. All in one this camera made a very good impression!”  Tim Simons

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Kodak EasyShare Z990 digital camera


One of the most distinct features of this digital camera is that it allows users to experience the highest level of convenience in uploading and sharing their photos in various social networking sites. This is made possible by the One Button Upload, which makes it a breeze to show your photos to others within your social network. The high capacity battery, superior image stabilization, high ISO mode, and low-light performance, are among other features that make this model one of the headlights in the best digital cameras reviews.

“After surveying thorough some reviews I found out this page that lead me to the acquisition of this Kodak digital camera. The price was one of the first criteria that this model was able to get my attention. Now I am sure that I made the right decision after finding out what this camera can do.” Carla May

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