Best Cordless Electric Broom Reviews


A cordless electric broom is perfect for vacuuming up small messes and quick cleaning jobs. Many of these versatile cleaners can be used on all floor types, and the lightweight design makes an electric broom a convenient tool to have in your home. The best cordless electric broom will give you the freedom to move around without being restricted, and these portable sweepers are also priced to fit any budget. Before you choose the first electric broom, there are a few factors you need to consider. That is why we have created this helpful buying guide so you can make an informed decision and find the right stick sweeper to keep your floors clean and sparkling.

What to look for when buying a cordless electric broom?


Battery Power

One of the main advantages of owning an electric broom is the convenience of not having to worry about the cord. While you do have the freedom to move around, you also want to consider the amount of battery power and the charging time. The best electric broom will include a long lasting battery that will give you enough time to vacuum up smaller messes, while also only requiring a few hours to recharge. This gives you the benefit of the electric broom always being ready whenever you need it.


Bag Free

While all cordless electric brooms have the advantage of not using a messy bag to collect dirt and dust, you do want to consider the size of the collection canister. Due to the smaller size of the electric sweeper you will never be able to hold as much dirt and pet hair as a standard vacuum, but you can find models that can hold up to 1 liter before needing to be emptied.



A cordless electric broom is designed to be lightweight and convenient to use, but you also want to ensure that it is comfortable for you to maneuver. While you do have the advantage of the lightweight construction, some cordless brooms are heavier than others. In most electric brooms the weight doesn’t affect its ability to effectively clean your floors, but it can contribute to how comfortable it is for you to use.


Top Cordless Electric Brooms in 2019


Bissell Bolt Xrt Pet 1315


This is often considered the best electric broom from Bissell for its powerful suction, and lightweight design. You will love how easy it is to maneuver this cordless broom over hard and carpeted floors, and with up to 20 minutes of continuous battery power you can easily sweep up pet hair and small messes.

You have the advantage of the folding handle that makes storage quick and easy, and this model can also be used as a cordless hand sweeper to easily get underneath chairs. It is designed to effortlessly pick up pet hair and dirt that seems to collect on your floors. The swivel head is designed to turn 180 degrees to easily maneuver around corners, and along edges.

With the addition of the nozzle and brush specifically design to remove pet hair you can easily keep up with the fur on your floors in between regular vacuuming. The cordless electric broom recharges in a minimum of eight hours, so you are always ready to tackle any small mess on all of your floors.

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Rowenta RH8559 Delta Force


No matter your floor type, you are ready for anything with this powerful and efficient cordless electric broom. You have the advantage of three systems that filter out dust and allergens, while effectively sweeping up dirt and debris. The angled head is designed to move easily along edges, and get into corners, while the 3 suction openings ensure that nothing is left behind.

With its long lasting rechargeable battery and the energy efficient motor, you might never need to use your heavy vacuum cleaner again. Not only is this a great electric broom for hardwood floors, it can also be adjusted for medium thick carpeting and area rugs. You’ll love the bag free design and cyclonic airflow technology, which ensures that all of the dirt and debris is retained in the canister.

Featuring an ergonomic design that is designed to be comfortable to use, it is easy to see why this is a favorite model in many households. The soft grip handle fits comfortably in your hand, and can be easily raised or lowered to clean under furniture. There is also a well placed loop to comfortably grip the sweeper, and its slim design makes storing it a breeze.

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Eureka Quick-up 96H


This lightweight cordless electric sweeper is perfect for small apartments and dorm rooms, and it features a lightweight and convenient design that is extremely easy to use. You have the advantage of the rechargeable battery that will give you up to 12 minutes of powerful suction. Clean up small piles of crumbs and pet hair, without having to deal with a heavy vacuum.

With the 10 inch wide cleaning head, you can easily sweep small kitchen and bathroom floors. This cordless electric broom is also ideal for keeping break rooms at work sparkling in between regular cleanings. With its affordable price and easy to use design, it is not hard to see why this is one of the top rated models.

The handle can be extended for maximum reach, and adjusted to find a comfortable height when you are cleaning. The dust collection bin is simple too empty and it also helps to prevent allergens from getting back into the air. With the ability to turn the rolling brush off and on, you can use this cordless electric broom on hard and low pile carpeted floors.

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While there are several cordless electric brooms to choose from, there are two that stand out from the rest. Each of these models is designed to effectively and conveniently remove pet hair and debris in between regular vacuuming. The Bissell Bolt Xrt Pet 1315 and the Rowenta RH8559 Delta Force are convenient and easy to use, and best of all both of these models are also priced to fit any budget.


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