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If you’re here just to find the best compound bow and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. One of the rules of thumb when you go searching for a compound bow is to fit the bow to the archer and not the other way around. However, there are certain things that can be found in all the most popular items. By looking at sales figures and owner’s feedback, we noticed that there are at least two models that are worthy of your consideration. The Infinite Edge Blk Ops Rh 3070 is our first choice for obvious reasons. First of all, you should know that this is one of the best Diamond bows for archers with a smaller frame. While it is a good choice for younger archers, it can be used with great success until reaching adulthood. The adjustable draw length goes from 13” to 30”, so it can be used for target shooting with great success. A stylish quiver is included with your purchase, so you can take your bow with you anywhere you want to go. The black ops paint adds to its stylish appeal. For those who cannot find the Infinite Edge Blk Ops Rh 3070 online or in brick and mortar stores, another good solution is the SAS Rage, one of the best compound bows for sale right now. Very lightweight and with an adjustable draw length, this model is a solid second choice.



Comparison table:


ProductMax speedDrawn lengthPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
SAS Rage Wizard
Best Compound Bow Reviews
270 FPS26" - 30"$$$$A+AMAZON
Siege Autumn Camo
206 FPS29"$$$AAMAZON
SAS Siege
206 FPS29"$$$B+AMAZON
Bowtech Diamond Core
322 FPS26"$$$$$BAMAZON
Crosman Elkhorn Jr.



Buying guide


There’s nothing like the best compound bow for the money to make an exceptional hunting weapon. If you’ve mastered getting that whistle-worthy bull’s eye shot and are raring to upgrade on your old set, you will have to consider your options on the variety of compound bows on the market. Whether you are relatively new to the sport or are already familiar with all the jargon, there will be primary elements to think about in your compound bow purchase.

1.SAS Rage Wizard Archery


Matches Your Eye Dominance

When looking at the many compound bows for sale, you should first determine your own eye dominance, or simply whether you are a righty or a lefty. Also known as ocular dominance, your eye dominance refers basically to how your brain opts for visual input via one eye over the other, or simply which is considered by your brain to be the specific eye that is ‘true’. Typically, your dominant eye will be the same side as the hand you write with, such as what a baseball player uses to pitch with. There are many who switch hit or are cross-dominant, which is a rarity but definitely not unheard of. For instance, they are right-handed archers who shoot left-handed because they are left eye-dominant.



Axle-to-Axle Length

The bow’s axle-to-axle length denotes the measurement between the weapon’s cams connected to the tips of the bow limbs. This parameter matters because it should be suitable to the kind of hunting or shooting you typically do. Hunting using an overly long bow will make positioning yourself in a single-seat tree stand or in a tight blind rather difficult. You can easily get by using a longbow, however, when hunting turkeys from the ground, roaming an open course or for deer hunting on an open platform of a treestand. The longer axle-to-axle measurement will prove to be more forgiving when you have to take long shots.

Measuring less than 32 inches, a short axle bow is perfect for treestand archers who need an easily maneuverable, lightweight and compact weapon. This kind of weapon requires a bit more practice to ensure long-range shooting accuracy and is best shot with a mechanical release.The key is to match your stature to the bow length so you can find your personal comfort level for optimal stability when aiming and during release.

A 32- to 38-inch or mid-length axle bow forms the greater majority of what is sold on the market. For a good fusion of long-range accuracy and maneuverability, a mid length axle bow is best, making it quite popular for beginners to bow hunting, recreational shooters, hunters who go after prey both on a tree stand and on the ground, and 3D enthusiasts.

Long axle bows, measuring more than 38 inches, deliver a less acute angle during full draw to provide more comfortable finger release, earning them the moniker ‘finger-shooter’ bows. For professional competition archery or hardcore finger shooters, a long axle bow is the perfect match, but may be too unmanageable when hunting on a tree stand. It does offer greater stability that many shooters prefer.

The key is to match your stature to the bow length so you can find your personal comfort level for optimal stability when aiming and during release.




If you do not have the specialized skills to handle ultra-fast bows, or those that shoot 340 and up feet-per-second, then do not waste your money trying them on for size. Short bows are ultimately more challenging to shoot well under pressure. A speed bow generally has a lower brace height of less than 7.25 inches, ensuring the generation of greater velocity by delivering extra push as it holds the arrow on the string for a longer time. Fast bows will provide less forgiveness resulting from the longer time the arrow is held on the string, which means greater instances of human error, such as dropping the arm at the point of release.

In addition, a speed bow typically comes with a radical cam that sustains peak draw weight for a more extended period at draw cycle and will also let off more roughly. This can prove to be a strain when you have to spend a few hours on a cold stand with cold and stiff muscles. When an arrow is pushed faster, it will also tend to be difficult to handle in terms of tuning. A fast bow will magnify even tiny shooting errors, rendering the arrow vulnerable to small deflections after encountering even the most insubstantial obstacles.

2.Siege Autumn Camo


Silence or Protection from Noise and Vibration

With the stealth element inherent in bowhunting, there will never be a compound bow that is too quiet. Some bows are made quieter than others. However, you should know that vibrations in the air result in the generation of noise, and dramatic vibrations come from firing a bow. This is due to the momentary but violent blubbering and dancing around of all the components on your rig, including the string, limbs, quiver, sight, the arrows in the quiver, and so forth. Although imperceptible to the eye and fleeting, this all happens, as can be attested to by the buzzing in your own ears, hands and arms.

The usual culprits are the screws or accessory fasteners, a dirty cable slide or even a tube-aligned bow sight. Keep in mind also that there’s no whisper-quiet bow. You can invest in good string silencers and string stops, which are basically rubber bumpers that hold the string after arrow release and also contribute to consistent nock separation. Keep the bow in generally good working condition, or meticulously maintain the fastener torques. More importantly, the bow should have thoughtful engineering design built into it, plus quality parts, tight tolerances, riser dampers, limb silencers, a professional structure, factory-installed cable-slide dampening technology, as well as good maintenance from you.

Finding the perfect compound bow can be a challenge that can keep you off much longer than you prefer. To help you along, take your pick from these exceptional best compound bows.



Top Compound Bows in 2019


To experience the thrill of archery, you need to get a product that has received nothing but the best compound bow reviews. Aside from raw speed, the perfect product also needs to have a smooth draw cycle and awesome bow length. Heavy bows offer greater stability than featherweight ones. Forgiveness and accuracy should be balanced with speed.



SAS Rage Wizard Archery


Best Compound Bow ReviewsHelp the young develop their talents in archery by introducing them to the best compound bow in 2019: the Wizard Archery 70 Pound 30” Compound Bow. This bow features an awesome draw length of 30 inches and 270 foot-per-second speed. The compressed ABS limb offers strength, weight and balance that ensure the bow’s life. The strong piece-layered limb enables draw weights of up to 70 pounds, giving easy control and accuracy. The bolt can be loosened to decrease draw weight by five pounds. Tightening will achieve the opposite. The riser gives the bow some curb appeal.



Buy from Amazon for ($119.99)




Siege Autumn Camo


Shooters get a chance at thoroughly developing their natural skills at archery with the Siege 55-lb 29” Autumn Camo Compound Bow. Made with durability and top quality, this product is a premium starter compound bow that’s one of the best on the market. Built with high quality plus durability, the SAS Siege 55-lb 29” Compound Bow deserves all the hype it’s been getting as the best compound bow in 2019. It features a 41.5-inch axle-to-axle length. The 206 foot-per-second speed and awesome 29-inch draw length combine to give reliable performance at all times.



Buy from Amazon for ($94.99)




SAS Siege


Belonging to starter compound bows on the market, the SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow gives shooters a genuine chance to develop their archery skills. Built with high quality and durability, the SAS Siege compound bow flies straight and true at 206 feet per second. Its 29-inch draw length gives you the control and energy you need to make the arrow fly to its target. The compressed ABS limb brings together weight, strength and balance to make the bow last long. The bow takes 55 pounds of force, ensuring safe shooting.



Buy from Amazon for ($89.99)




Bowtech Diamond Core


From Diamond Archery comes the latest R.A.K.-equipped bow that offers value for money to the hunting enthusiast. The Core is set apart from its peers by making available a superbly smooth draw in a reliably durable compound bow. Weighing just 3.2 pounds, the bow offers an axle-to-axle length of 31 inches and a brace height of 7.25 inches to give you utmost control and incredible shooting performance. Ranging from 25 to 30 inches, the draw length provides ample balance and accuracy. The draw weight can be set between 40 to 70 pounds for customized shooting accuracy.



Buy from Amazon for ($449.99)




Crosman Elkhorn Jr.


1.Crosman Elkhorn Jr.

Be ready to shoot right out of the box with this awesome complete kit from Crosman. The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. comes with a youth compound bow, a two-piece quiver, two composite arrows, a finger tab, an arm guard, and a sight and arrow rest. Providing the look and feel of a full-size adult weapon, the compound bow in the package is engineered with heavyweight composite limbs for reliable durability. A large sight window is on the built-in composite center-shot riser. Enjoy confident shooting with the cables and cable guard and all-weather heavy-duty strings. With an axle-to-axle length of 33 inches, a maximum draw weight of 17 to 21 pounds and 65 percent let-off, the compound bow provides a good feel and perfect stability plus the supreme forgiveness during every shot.



Buy from Amazon for ($40.54)




Diamond Archery 13 Diamond Infinite Edge – Not Available


Experience what the best compound bow reviews are raving about with the 13 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Package. Chosen by bow fishers, first time shooters and archery instructors for training programs, the 13 Diamond Infinite Edge bow is a versatile product that offers premium adjustability as well as limitless value. Discover how far your archery skills go by using this bow with awesome draw length range of 13 to 30 inches. Get dependability to develop all your skills by employing the bow’s incredible draw weight range of 5 to 70 pounds.





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