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Top Chimney Starters in 2019


Chimney starters provide convenience during cold weathers, and especially during winter. It is also very helpful during barbeque lunch parties with friends and family. Although it is a very straightforward tool, it still comes in a variety of models and sizes. Here is a list of the standout items on the market that our team has gathered by evaluating the best chimney starter reviews online.


Weber 7416 Rapidfire


`The Weber 7416 is the most popular product in the best chimney starter reviews. It is a flawless chimney starter made from aluminized steel with safe handles made of thermoplastic. This item is very efficient and it lights charcoal evenly in just a matter of minutes. It operates without the use of lighter fluid, thanks to its cone bottom design. It is very affordable and its rust-proof material construction allows it to be functional for a very long time.

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Kingsford KST40 Collapsible


The best chimney starter in 2019 in terms of capacity is the Kingsford KST40 collapsible chimney starter. It is constructed of extremely durable carbon steel with electrolyte plating. The stay cool handles are very convenient and it keeps the hands from being burned. The best thing about this chimney starter is its clever design that collapses into 3 parts for easy storage and transport. It can accommodate up to 7 pounds of charcoal and it evenly heats up the coal inside.

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Charcoal Companion Silver Charcoal


The Charcoal companion Silver Chimney Starter is a mid-range product that has a capacity of about 5 pounds. It is the best chimney starter in 2019 designed to be more environment-friendly than other products. This chimney starter does not require lighter fluid to heat up the charcoal – just a piece of paper will do. In less than 15 minutes, it can produce enough hot coals for the chimney. It has a steel body and a handle made of hardwood which offers a safe and comfortable grip.

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Kingsford Zinc Grill


The best chimney starters in 2019 basically have the same properties, and one of them is the Kingsford Zinc Chimney Grill starter. This metal cylinder is made of an extremely durable Zinc metal and has a capacity of 5 pounds. It works efficiently and produces hot coals in just a matter of minutes. It does not utilize lighter fluid to initiate heating. The heat shields are very convenient and it prevents the handle from becoming too hot. It is indeed an excellent grilling accessory for a very reasonable price.

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Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Ultimate Charcoal


The Steven Raichlen Chimney charcoal starter is an interesting product with a lot of room for improvement. It does its job and heats up the coal in about 20 minutes.  It does not require lighter fluid to heat the charcoal up, which means it is environment-friendly. However, it has issues regarding its durability. The whole unit is poorly constructed and some of the parts fall off after a few uses. Once that issue is addressed, this will become an excellent product.

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