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Top Chess Sets in 2019


Chess is one of the most celebrated mind games of all time. A lot of people all over the world enjoy playing chess as it challenges the mind and sharpens a person’s critical thinking. It is a delicately planned game with well-designed gaming board and chess pieces. Every character in the game is represented by a representation of a royal entourage. Different chessboards are made from different materials, with creative variations of color and design for the chess pieces. The traditional chess board is made of wood and the pieces are made of well-sculpted wood. Today, there is a wide variety of design for chessboards. Some of the best ones were discussed in the best chess set reviews, and we have compiled these items to make the search easier for all interested buyers out there.



Grace Chess Inlaid Wood Board Game


Best Chess Set ReviewsOne of the products that has gotten great feedback in the best chess set reviews is the Grace chess Inlaid Wood Board Game. The board itself has a regal look to it, which is basically made of Inlaid Burl and Ebony wood. The cabinet is made of Birch wood and it has a roomy storage space for the board and the chess pieces. The Chessmen are made of surprisingly lightweight metal pieces. Some find it a little too expensive, but all in all this chess set looks great and is durable enough to last for a long time.

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Consul Chess Set and Board


The Consul Chess Set and Board has the traditional Chessboard look but the quality of the materials and the detailing in its pieces are good enough for it to be the best Chess set in 2019. The board is made from Birch wood while the chess pieces come from Hornbeam wood. The chess pieces are handcrafted, which is why the detailing in each piece is delicate. The quality and durability of this entire set is surprising for a chess set at its price point.

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Royal 36 European Wood International


Unlike the traditional chessboard, the quality and design of the Royal 36 European wood International Chess set stood out among the rest of the items in this list. The board looks ordinary, but the chess pieces are quite unique. Just like the previous model, the board has a Birch wood construction while the pieces are made of Hornbeam, which means the texture and durability of both sets are about the same. The difference, aside from the creative chess pieces of the Royal 36 chess set, is that this one is much more affordable than the other.

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Inlaid Walnut style Magnetized Wood w/Staunton Wood Chessmen


The Inlaid Walnut style Magnetized Wood with Staunton Wood Chessmen set is inspired by the best chess set in 2019 and it represents the traditional design of chessboards. The wooden pieces are made from Staunton wood, with a felt lining in the bottom, and a thin glossy finish. The pieces are magnetized so as to keep it stable on the board while playing. The board itself features Walnut styling that gives it a neat wooden look as well as texture. It is also one of the most affordable sets in this list.

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Classic Wood Folding


For those who are looking for the old school chess board design, the classic Wood Folding Chess set is one of the highly recommended products one can find in the top chess set reviews. It has a more compact design than the standard size, which makes it more portable and easier to carry around. The price of the set justifies the quality of the materials, but it is actually more than what can be expected at its price point. All in all, this is an average chess set that can be bought at a cheaper price.

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