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What to Look for When Buying Bluetooth Speakers?


With so many products on the market that could easily qualify as topsellers in the best Bluetooth speakers reviews, it becomes even more important that a buyer does a fair amount of reading and research to ensure that they don’t end up with a really terrible choice. Doing some reading could help you get the best product, aside from saving you money when you get the best value for what you pay.


A product that deserves high ratings in the best Bluetooth speakers reviews should be of the right size to deliver optimum, premium-quality sound without sacrificing on convenient portability. It should be tough enough to withstand being thrown into a suitcase or backpack with the rest of your everyday necessities. There are top-quality portable units that cost more than other models, but more than make up for the difference in price with their outstanding features.

Some may be a bit large, but the manufacturer usually has a smaller version available. People who prefer a less bulky unit also have a range of products to choose from.


Mid-range Compact Portables

You can save some money by going for units mentioned in the best Bluetooth speakers reviews that are built smaller while being more rugged. Prices may vary, but these types are a bit cheaper than their high end counterparts. Just make sure you’re getting the value you want for the money you shell out. There are some units that go for half the price of high-end models.


Compact and Ultra-rugged Features

When extreme ruggedness and compact profile are primary considerations, manufacturers of the top rated Bluetooth speakers 2019 are quick to respond. Some models are made to withstand extreme shock when dropped into water or from a high place. They are often built really small, giving satisfaction to people who prefer to enjoy great sound outdoors.



Where budget options among the best Bluetooth speakers 2019 offer quite basic sound, as well as a speakerphone functionality, there are some high-end models that offer topnotch audio delivery through great-looking rugged speakers. Others may have a less-than-stellar range, but can still be used for terrific parties.

Some units have large speakers that you can connect to a base unit, which can be wirelessly integrated with a phone or other portable device. The speakers can be moved from room to room so you can keep the sound going all around the house.


Top Bluetooth Speakers in 2019


It can be difficult to make just one choice from the many products on the market. Reading and research are not that easily done, either. To make things a tad simpler, we have described three products in the next paragraphs so you can have a much shorter list of options.


Bose SoundLink Color


Undoubtedly one of the topsellers among the products lauded in the best Bluetooth speakers reviews, the Bose SoundLink offers full-range clear sound that may be difficult to find in a typical compact speaker. Lightweight at just 1.2 pounds, the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker runs on either AC power or the supplied rechargeable lithium battery. This revolutionary product plays your favorite tunes from a Bluetooth device clearly, awesomely loudly and in full audio range.

The device is great for on-the-go listening. It has volume, source and power buttons, while all the other functions can be wirelessly controlled from your Bluetooth-enabled device. Durable, small and easy to use, the speaker is available in a wide variety of colors to suit your personal style. Made for the active, mobile lifestyle, the speaker has a durable body plus a rounded, smooth and compact shape, enabling you to put it into a backpack or bag.

The unit has a range of around 30 feet, so you can enjoy great music performance minus the wires. It is able to remember the eight most recent devices that it has been paired with, enabling problem-free reconnection. Voice prompts ensure that device pairing is easy. Enjoy a maximum of 8 hours of music on a single charge.

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Amazon Basics Portable


Able to play your favorite music from up to a distance of 30 feet, the Amazon Basics Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an awesome device that pairs easily with any Bluetooth-enabled portable gadget such as your notebook, smartphone, tablet, and more. The speaker features two internal speakers, as well as a built-in microphone to help you do hands-free calling.

Playing up to 8 hours of music on just one charge, the Amazon Basics Portable Bluetooth Speaker has built-in batteries that last up to 15 hours with 50% volume. You can also plug this exceptional product included in the best Bluetooth speakers 2019 into a computer or AC outlet using the supplied standard-size micro USB charging cable to let you play your uninterrupted music the whole night.

This extremely portable device is built with a classic design that gives it a stable profile, so it won’t get easily knocked over when conditions are not so friendly. You can take the speaker to the next room, to the park or on your next big trip, as it can go with you anywhere. Share music with your best buddies or just listen without headphones. You can also make and answer calls via the built-in microphone with Clear Voice Capture feature.

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Radio Shack Limited Edition- LIT Portable Light-Up


Small it may be, but the Radio Shack LIMITED EDITION- LIT Portable Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker provides great audio performance when playing your favorite sounds. This exceptional device is lightweight at less than two pounds. It is just two inches high and around 6 to 7 inches long, enabling you to throw it into a bag or backpack with the rest of your outdoor party essentials. The rechargeable Radio Shack Limited Edition- LIT Portable Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker can go for 2 to 3 days without needing recharging.

Letting you have plenty of fun while enjoying your favorite music, the speaker has been described by happy users as being very loud, with awesome bass production. It can be paired with your iPad Air or iPhone. The device provides a terrific light show with its green and red Christmas-effect LEDs. It plays music from up to 25 or 30 feet away without loss of signal or sound. The clear housing is really cool, as it shows you the internal components.

The speaker provides great sound quality despite its small size. It has user-friendly controls and is simple to operate. The bass is pounding and robust, and the mids and highs are awesome. This is a terrific portable speaker for your active lifestyle.

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