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Find the best Bluetooth mouse from Logitech


Whether you’re in the market for a mouse for your desktop or your mobile PC, there’s no questioning the importance of getting informed before you even visit online or brick-and-mortar shops. The best Bluetooth mouse is not just lurking around the corner waiting for you to trap it or feed it cheese, unfortunately. You will have to do a fair share of research and reading, as doing so helps ensure that you’re not getting a lousy product best served to the house cat.

There are some important considerations to think about, so get your reading glasses on and be guided accordingly.

What to look for when buying a Bluetooth mouse?


Receiver Type

A Bluetooth mouse may not have a built-in Bluetooth receiver. Most makers of this type of interface device assume that you have a Bluetooth-enabled PC or mobile device, such as a tablet. As Bluetooth is normally standard in laptops but not desktops, a Bluetooth mouse is also typically a mobile unit.

Some wireless receivers come with nano receivers that are built flush with the USB port. Some types have a large wireless receiver jutting out a few inches from the USB port.

Bluetooth mice allow you to move away from your computer. The connectivity of wireless mice can either benefit or not from near-field communication (NFC), which, though far from being essential, allows you to register the data connection of the mouse on the Bluetooth or WiFi platform to an NFC hotspot.


Surface Tracking

Depending on the kind of sensor built into the mouse, the device can be used on different types of surfaces. High-end mice manufacturers offer trouble-free tracking on bare wood, cloth and paper. Glossy surfaces and glass are not optimal tracking surfaces.

Laser or optical sensors are fundamentally the same in terms of productivity. Every manufacturer uses their own technology on their sensor, including Logitech. The top Bluetooth mouse from Logitech uses the exclusive DarkField, which is designed to improve tracking on unusual surfaces.


Operating System and Functionality

Most of the mice on the market deliver fundamental functionality regardless of the Windows version you use. However, there will always be some that work only for certain operating systems. It is recommended that you check the details on the vendor’s specs pages or information sheet.

Some users get a new mouse to benefit from one or more shortcut buttons. Find out how customizable those buttons are and how they work, to ensure optimized use.


Top Bluetooth Mice from Logitech in 2019


Logitech T630 Ultrathin Touch Mouse


Simplifying the experience of touch navigation, the Logitech T630 Ultrathin Touch Mouse even makes you look and feel good while using it. This is the best Logitech Bluetooth mouse designed for Ultrabooks. It is a head-turning, high-performance interface device with a distinctively gorgeous brushed metallic body plus an ultra-smooth touch surface. You can’t imagine using your Ultrabook without this mouse!

The Logitech T630 Ultrathin Touch Mouse is as super portable as the Ultrabook, so it can go anywhere you choose. The device is made extra light and thin, and slips easily into your jeans pocket or a computer sleeve. It is a perfect complement to your sleek Ultrabook. The Logitech T630 features Windows 8 touch gesture support and offers simplified navigation with natural and intuitive gestures. Those who prefer working with Windows 7 can also use this state-of-the-art device.

The Logitech T630 pairs with multiple devices that are also Bluetooth-enabled. It links through Bluetooth connectivity to your tablet, desktop PC and Ultrabook, with effortless switching across devices thanks to Logitech’s Easy Switch Technology. You can charge it over USB, eliminating battery problems. With just a minute of charging, you can use the mouse for an hour of work.

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Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse


Engineered with a high-definition optical sensor, the Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse delivers smooth, intuitive cursor control. This allows you to work with precision on a wide variety of surfaces, making the device the best Logitech Bluetooth mouse. No matter what platform you choose as your daily driver, the Logitech M557 can be relied on to work seamlessly with you. You can connect hassle-free to any Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer or PC or a Windows 8 tablet, without needing a receiver.

This device can be utilized by both right and left handed users, and those who use a palm grip or a fingertip hold. The sleek, ambidextrous design fits any user perfectly. With its Windows 8 Start Screen button, the mouse makes it easy and fast to switch between the Windows apps and desktop that most people are used to, and the new, full-screen Windows 8 interface. You can even change the way each button works according to your preferences and task requirements.

With Logitech’s powerful software, the mouse can work with Windows 8, as well as older versions of Windows and Mac OS. With the scroll wheel, you not only move up and down through documents, but also move back and forth between apps, open windows and web pages by tilting the wheel left and right.

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Logitech T620 Touch Mouse


The Logitech T620 Touch Mouse lets you swipe, tap, scroll and click on the full touch surface. Designed for Windows 8, the device lets you glide through Windows 8 with six simple yet intuitive gestures. Get smooth control wherever your fingers land on the touch surface. The sleek, rounded design is made for comfortable gesturing and handling. Surely, navigating Windows 8 will feel like second nature to you, as the device puts the basic Windows 8 gestures at your fingertips.

The smooth, large surface offers complete freedom to use gestures wherever your fingers rest. Get enjoyably seamless, efficient and responsive navigation utilizing oft-used right, left and middle clicks. Do your work with precision hour after hour while optimizing on the mouse’s smooth, rounded contours. The lustrous silver pattern and slim curves add a sense of style to any workspace.

Thanks to Logitech’s advanced laser-grade optical sensor, you benefit from more responsive cursor control. Enjoy the freedom of being able to work on a broader surface compared to standard optical mice. That’s no less than Logitech’s precision tracking at work, so you can easily power through individual pixels in graphic design programs such as Photoshop.

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For optimum performance from an interface device, grab the Logitech T630 Ultrathin Touch Mouse with its sleek, made-for-Ultrabooks design, or reach for the Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse, which is distinct for its high-definition optical sensor. These two mice use the best of Logitech interface technology to help you and your computer do more.


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