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Every kitchen has to be equipped with various cooking appliances which allows the user to prepare virtually anything, but most importantly tasty. One of the most useful kitchen appliances that seem to find its way in thousands of American families is the blender. With a powerful blender people can prepare tasty drinks or power tonics, anytime and anywhere, well if a reliable electric source is nearby. Getting information from some of the current best blenders reviews represents an important step in identifying the most efficient model, from the ones currently available on the market. Just imagine making a delicious drink right the comfort of your home in the morning, and start the day off in style.


Nutri Bullet NBR-12

Best Blenders reviewsNutri Bullet NBR-12 blender is one of the best models currently available on the market, designed to help people prepare delicious and healthy drinks. This powerful blender will pulverize fruits, superfoods or vegetables without any problems, resulting in a delicious and smooth texture, worth drinking with ease. The blender has a powerful high-torque power base, running on a 600 watt motor. This high quality blender has a patented blade design and a cyclonic action and precisely extracts from the food a smooth texture. You should also know that the blender includes a power base, 2 short cups, 1 tall cup, 1 flat blade and also a manual with tasty recipes.

“My family`s health is very important to me so I prepare them all the best foods. I know that a blender is essential for any kitchen. The Nutri Bullet NBR-12 blender is perfect for my kitchen and does what is expected from a top one.” Mary Hooper

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Hamilton Beach 51101B


The majority of the current best blenders reviews, written by thousands of housewives and satisfied users underline the efficiency of Hamilton Beach 51101B model, which seems to impress through its precision and capacity to prepare delicious drinks. This powerful tiny blender allows you to personalize each and every drink. The model has durable stainless steel blades and also a precise pulse blending action, powered by the 175-watt motor. Furthermore on the 14-oz blending jar you will be able to prepare tasty drinks and then through the drinking lid you can serve the potion. The one-touch operation of the blender allows you to easily prepare delicious drinks.

“After using it for almost one year i don’t think you can get a much better blender. It manages to deliver me delicious natural drinks, it consumes very little energy and is very easy to clean. All in all a must have in any serious kitchen.” Christine Gunthrie

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Hamilton Beach Power Elite


Everyone knows that Hamilton Beach creates high quality blenders, capable of helping the user prepare delicious drinks. On this note, Power Elite respects the quality and professionalism tradition aiding the user in preparing tasty and smooth drinks. Using an impressive 700 watt of peak blending force and 12 impressive blending functions, this blender will help you prepare tasty drinks whenever you need to. The model has 40 oz dishwasher safe glass jar which is more than enough for a family. The device’s unique power the blender can be used to dice, mix, puree, crush ice and many other options.

“With the 700 watt motor my blender manages to make me any drink I desire. Because of its very satisfactory performance I am entitled to recommend it for other interested customers. Since I have it I haven’t been disappointed once.” Jessica Walker

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Oster BVCB07-Z


A growing number of the current best blenders reviews written by satisfied users emphasize on the great functionality of Oster BVCB07-Z model, which deliver precise blending features and crushing actions. The blender comes with a powerful 600 watt motor and ice crushing, with 7 speeds of action which you can choose in order to accommodate any type of vegetable or fruit. It comes equipped with 6 cup dishwasher safe and also solid scratch resistant glass. The blending jar is thermal shock proofed that withstands various and extreme temperature changes. With a user friendly interface, you can safely control all the blender’s preparation options.

“This blender caught my attention because it had an affordable price and also a great set of features, waiting for me to take advantage of them, in order to make some natural and vary tasting drinks. Once I had it, the blender fulfilled all my expectations.” John Turner

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Ninja QB900B


When it comes to professional and high quality blenders, one model stands out: Ninja QB900B, a product that seems to add new satisfied users with each passing month. The model has 48-ounce blender capacity and also 16-ounce food processor bowl which allows you to prepare any type of drink or smoothie without worrying about dealing with restrictions. This blender incorporates the patented Ninja blade technology which performs and maintains a uniform cutting and ice crushing action process in order to create creamy frozen drinks and those tasty deserts that people simply love. You will truly appreciate how the blender works and prepares all that you desire.

“My drinks or smoothies are made just the way I like them by the Ninja QB900B blender. Every little piece of everything I put inside it gets crushed and made into a refreshing paste. My opinion is that it would prove very useful in any kitchen.” Claire Stewart

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