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How to Purchase a Top Black & Decker Plunge Router


A spiffy new router can make your do-it-yourself woodcraft hobby even more enjoyable, so what better way to showcase your woodworking talents than with the best plunge router on the market. It is always good advise to read up as much as you can on the variety of power tools in this category, so as to enable you to pick the best of the lot. This also helps you save money, as plenty of models come with great features yet sell at a great price.

Buying a plunge router shouldn’t force you to break the bank. Make sure you know what to look for in your power tool.

What to look for when buying a Black & Decker Plunge Router?


Motor and EPS

Even the small plunge routers from Black & Decker come with powerful motors. Something in the range of ten amps enables great router performance.

Moreover, Black & Decker plunge routers feature electronic feedback circuitry. This guarantees that the circuitry of the power tool monitors the load placed on the motor and then adjusts the torque output accordingly to correspond with the needed power. This ensures sustained power during execution of heavy cuts, while enabling you to just pay attention to the technique and not focus on the progress of the cut. It is the router that keeps to your pace, not the other way around.


Variable Speed

The power tool should come with variable speed control, which is characteristic of most mid- to full-size machines in this category. This enables use of the same router for all your bit sizes. At medium to high speeds, you get the cleanest cuts with small bits. You can safely use large bits when they are adjusted to slower speeds. With variable speed feature, you simply dial in the speed that corresponds to the bit you’re using. This ensures controlled results.


Ease of Use

The router should feature a soft start, which ensures that the router will not jerk in your hands with all the surge of power. This feature makes it less stressful to ease into a heavy cut by gently accelerating into the preset speed. The router should let you adjust the cutting height from above the table using a knob, crank or handle. Changing bits is easier with a machine that allows extending of the collet above the table.

A SIGHTLINE base provides visibility of the work surface.


Top Black & Decker Plunge Routers in 2019


Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router


Easily the best plunge router from Black & Decker, the B&D RP250 offers all the functionality of a fixed router plus a host of other benefits to make woodcraft truly enjoyable and productive. The machine helps you produce decorative edging like a fixed router, yet its special build lets you commence work in the middle of a piece of wood instead of at the edge. This means you can create inlays, cut-outs and plenty of other stunning woodworking techniques.

The powerful ten-amp motor comes with variable speed control so you can choose from 8,000 rpm to 27,000 rpm for maximum performance and supreme power balanced with precise results. The gradual start function provides optimal control over the power tool, which ensures clean results as well as safety. Built for convenience to the user, the RP250 has a uniquely designed SIGHTLINE base that provides enhanced visibility. The easy-to-use depth scale ensures great accuracy in cutting, while the spindle lock allows simple and straightforward bit changes.

Feel safer and more comfortable while using this power tool that features a trigger switch with lock-on button and a contoured chip shield. This ensures versatility when taken together with the adjustable parallel edge guide. The RP250 also streamlines repetitive depth cuts.

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Black & Decker RP400K Plunge Router Kit


The Black & Decker RP400K lets you get going with your home improvement projects thanks to the robust performance offered by the awesome two-horsepower, ten-amp motor. The motor produces up to 25,000 RPMs for power when you need it most. The RP400K is precise, accurate and easy to use due to the rack-and-pinion height adjustment conveniently located on the handle. The dust collection system ensures a cleaner work area while working well with the Straightline base to provide enhanced visibility of your work surface.

The motor is engineered with soft start capability, allowing you to ease into the cut without jerking motions. This special feature also offers you premium control, as the motor gradually builds up to full preset speed. The push-button spindle lock enables problem-free bit changes. The electronic variable speed dial ensures that you have optimum amount of power for every woodworking need.

Setting and locking the bit stop is easy due to the enlarged base that keeps the plunge router flat and level at all times and on all surfaces. Enjoy out-of-the-box functionality, thanks to the included collet wrench, 0.25-inch collet and kit box. This machine just weighs 13.5 pounds, so you won’t easily get hand fatigue while using it.

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Black & Decker RP200 Plunge Router


Combining power and versatility, the Black & Decker RP200 Plunge Router is outfitted with a 1.75hp 9-amp motor that offers reliably high performance. This plunge style power tool is able to do what a fixed router can do, aside from being able to produce free-hand template cuts, routing cut-outs, inlays and plenty of other woodworking techniques. Offering better control and precision, the RP200 generates up to 25,000 RPMs for high-grade cuts on a wide variety of materials.

The large, stable base offers convenient use and quality performance for the serious woodworker. The plunge router is built with an easy setting depth scale to ensure accuracy and total convenience. The Sightline base offers an enlarged view of the router bit as well as the work surface, which is four times that of traditional fixed base machines. Get greater control and accurate execution of edges and cuts with this special feature. The large, durable clear plastic window contoured to the base of the router protects the operator from wood chips and other debris.

The dust extraction port provides a cleaner work area when attached to a shop vacuum. Changing router bits is easy with the push-button spindle lock. The conveniently located button locks the shaft in place for this purpose.



Enjoy optimum woodworking performance from the Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router with its powerful 10-amp motor and variable speed control. Or go for the Black & Decker RP200 Plunge Router when you want the versatility of a fixed base router and the superb control of an more advanced power tool.

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