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Useful Tips for Buying Bidet Toilets


Delivering the highest degree of personal hygiene for both male and female genitalia, the best bidet toilet also provides rectal well being. Health conscious people use such a unit for its proven track record of healing inflammation of the rectal region aside from ensuring the general health of the genital and rectal areas. It is always good advice to do a good amount of research prior to making a purchase, considering the costs of getting a bidet toilet.

A few minutes more spent on reading could very well mean you save some money on your purchase, and that is always a good thing.

What to look for when buying a bidet toilet?



Designed for use by both males and females, bidet toilets also provide good hygiene care solutions to individuals with limited motion issues and physical limitations. They are also useful at preventing or handling a variety of medical conditions that include constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, gastrointestinal cancers, gynecologic problems, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, and urinary track infections. Women who seek a more effective way of handling feminine hygiene during pregnancy or monthly periods can also rely on toilet bidets to provide basic care.

Aside from providing basic washing functions, some bidet toilet models also provide other features that can ensure that users are clean and healthy down there.


Electric or Non-Electric

Regardless of what model you choose, a bidet toilet can either be the electric or non-electric type. An electric bidet toilet needs a GFCI outlet near it to supply the power. All models basically have identical installation structures that are pretty straightforward and simple. A built-in PCB regulates all the functions, along with the unit’s multi-safety features. Electric bidet toilets are generally luxurious, with more features. Water pressure drives non-electric types that provide basic washing functions.



Most electric models offer a wide array of features including massage, aerated steam, wide clean, warm air, warm seat and deodorizer. Some models have water tank heating, while others offer on-demand or hybrid heating. Look for units that feature a stainless nozzle and hydro-flush cleaning. Higher-end models have enema and intensive impulse pulsation for massage-like action. Those with a wireless remote offer convenience with a handheld controller to operate the bidet toilet. Households with children go for side panel models that feature a fixed side control panel.


Top Bidet Toilets in 2019


Feel Fresh HI-4001WT Electric Bidet


Designed to be part of the best toilet 2019, the Feel Fresh HI-4001WT Electric Bidet has the looks of ingenuity in its simple lines. This sit-down wash basin promotes cleanliness while being convenient to use. As a luxury bathroom fixture, this model is the perfect addition to your modern bathroom. It offers gentle cleansing in the genital and rectal areas, ensuring overall hygiene and general health.

For people who feel that there’s more to rectal and genital cleansing than just conventional methods, this model is the ultimate solution. This toilet bidet helps in conserving water and energy. Easy to install, the Feel Fresh HI-4001WT Electric Bidet is also easy to use. It requires minimum maintenance and will make your bathroom look truly sophisticated and trendy. The electric bidet is outfitted with twin spray nozzles that offer an array of superior cleaning patterns.

The water spray and temperature are adjustable to suit the user’s preferences. Get a quiet close every time with the slow close lid and seat, which women will really love. The toilet bidet works like a gentle hair dryer by providing drying of the rectal and genital areas in a completely hands-free and toilet paperless manner. Enjoy the comfort of an adjustable heated seat, ensuring ease of use during cold winters. The toilet bidet also acts as a stimulator for constipation sufferers.

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Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700


Combining beauty, ingenuity and convenience, the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700 has long been part of the many modern toilet reviews. This advanced bidet toilet seat has everything you want in a luxury type model. It offers the ultimate in the Bliss Series breed of cleansing technology. The BB-1700 is designed to overcome the imitations of past generations of bidets and offers the technological freedom of modern bidet technology.

Utilizing a wide array cleaning methods, the BB-1700 offers exclusive enema wash to safely and effectively clean the colon, thus preventing constipation and promoting deeper cleansing and detoxification. The bidet also comes with posterior and feminine wash, for thorough cleansing. It features Sitz bath options by acting as a warm, shallow bath to clean the perineum or the area between the vulva or scrotum and the rectum, for everyday personal hygiene and for providing relief to the genital area for itching or pain.

The hybrid on-demand heating offers endless water heating to suit your needs. The exclusive inside-out hydro-flush nozzle cleaning technology ensures minimal maintenance. This model features Bio Bidet’s exclusive three-in-one technology that delivers maximum water pressure. It comes with an attractive contoured side panel for everyday convenient use and functionality.

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Bidet4me E-300A Electric Bidet Seat


A fixture like the Bidet4me E-300A Electric Bidet Seat in a modern toilet can be an impressive element to make your home truly sophisticated. This model is a full-featured component that is truly engineered for luxury. It comes with a trendy and contemporary look supplemented by a special design for North America home use. The revolutionary toilet bidet offers both front and rear cleansing with warm water, ensuring thorough cleaning to every member of the household.

The Bidet4me E-300A Electric Bidet Seat is made of anti-bacterial material that ensures hygienic use. The massage feature comes with a wide-clean function to ensure coverage of a larger area and deep down cleaning. The bidet cycles front and rear streams for matchless cleaning. It also enables you to adjust the water temperature, gentle aerated stream position and water pressure according to your preferences.

Offering touch-of-the-button simplicity, the bidet offers cleansing followed by a hands-free warm air dry, which you can adjust to three different settings. The heated soft-close seat gives relaxation and comfort at controllable temperatures. The unit takes less than an hour to install, with the retail package shipped to you complete with all the necessary DIY accessories. This bidet is solidly built and offers great value for money with its dryer and deodorizer features.

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