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In every family mom has a bathrobe and dad has one too. Even children love their tiny and usually colorful robes whenever they wash up. As a result, it is normal to see so many people search for high quality bathrobes designed to keep them warm after each shower or bath. Fortunately, the market is more than generous when it comes to superb bathrobes that feel great at touch. We took the liberty of analyzing 30 of the best bathrobe models available on the market. After 70 hours of quality tests on material, design and utility we managed to draft the best bathrobe reviews.


Top bathrobes in 2019



Turkishtowels Mens and Womens  Original Shawl Terry Turkish


Best bathrobe reviewsWhen it comes to great bathrobes that feel amazing at touch, Turkish products always managed to impress. Out of the many bathrobes made in Turkey, we recommend the Turkishtowels Terry bathrobe. Why this particular model? Well, it is made of 100% cotton and offers a luxurious appearance to anyone wearing it. The robe has long sleeves and strap, for proper fit and comfort. This high quality robe includes thick absorbent materials that retain water and thus offer a quicker drying experience. Step out of the bathroom with a luxurious robe that never goes out of style!

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Alexander Del Rosa Women’s Microfiber Fleece


Any respectable woman wants a classy bathrobe in her bathroom. Even though finding the ideal one can be a drag, we recommend a unique model from Alexander Del Rosa, the Women’s Fleece bathrobe. Regarded as the best bathrobe in 2019 this model is made of super plush microfleece, which feels amazing in contact with the skin. The robe is extremely soft and light. Due to this particularity, women will not even feel the robe on. It includes a special wrap around the waist tie, which delivers proper fit. The robe includes two front pockets that can store different beauty products.

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Alexander Del Rosa Men’s Water Absorbant


Most of the current best bathrobe reviews underline the sublime linings and general appearance of Alexander Del Rosa men’s water absorbant. This robe is made of microfleece that feels wonderful. Satisfied customers said that the bathrobe is very comfortable and warm! Due to the 15 ounce, polar fleece fabric the robe is very soft and easy to wear. Furthermore, it includes a unique wrap around waist tie and double belt loops that permit men to keep the robe on. It features two front pockets and special roll up cuff sleeves for proper comfort! The robe is a great gift for men that love comfort!

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TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Robe Kimono


Out of the many bathrobes with Turkish accents, it seems that the Robe Kimono from TowelSelections is a great gift for any man. As a top rated bathrobe in 2019, this robe is made of 100% high quality Turkish cotton. Due to the premium construction, this robe feels great and “breathes” comfort with every use. Part of the highly popular Magnolia Collection this robe has a special kimono design. The robe is durable, precisely absorbs water, and dries the skin faster. Made in Turkey this stylish bathrobe feels great every time! The robe can be washed by hand or in washing machines!

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Wanted Men’s Micro Fleece


Thousands of men want the best bathrobe in 2019 in their homes. Well, for those individuals that want a high quality robe that keeps the body dry and warm we recommend the Wanted Micro Fleece bathrobe. It is made of 100% polyester micro fleece, which covers the body and absorbs remaining water. The bathrobe has a solid body and includes two large side pockets that can store different items. Due to its luxurious design, the bathrobe is a stunning addition to any wardrobe. The robe is cozy and comfortable! Affordable and with thousands of positive reviews from users this bathrobe will not disappoint!

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