Best Bassinet Stroller Reviews

If you want the best bassinet stroller and you’re too busy to run an extensive research on the topic, we are here to help you out. The conclusion our researchers reached after reading customer reviews, expert opinions, and comments on social media platforms, is that the Evenflo Pivot 56011993 should be the item worthy of your consideration. This model is a real travel system that comes with all the components needed for traveling in style with the baby, as well as in maximum comfort and safety. There are no fewer than six modes of use, so you will surely find the configuration you like most. The unique system employed ensures that your baby will enjoy a smooth ride, with nothing to disturb their sleep. In case the Evenflo Pivot 56011993 is no longer in stock, we suggest getting the Mommy & Me Doll Collection Deluxe 9695, as it provides almost the same excellent performance.



Buying guide


Expecting a new baby and on the hunt for the perfect bassinet stroller to suit his needs? With so many models equipped with so many confusing options, it is sometimes very difficult to choose the right one for you and your baby. Getting the best information about the most important functions and aspects of a bassinet stroller will help you avoid costly mistakes. Reading reviews before making a purchase will help you make the best decisions, increasing your baby’s satisfaction and yours in the process.


Choosing the perfect stroller must start with a good look at its safety features. All the best bassinet stroller reviews place the safest strollers on top of the list. For good stability, look for a sturdy metal frame with a wide base and large wheels. Additional safety features may include: baby harness, straps, as well as sun and rain covers. Each of these safety options will add extra protection for your baby during a walk in the stroller. As any conscious parent, you must choose safety first when shopping for a new bassinet stroller.



The baby’s comfort is extremely important for all parents. A good bassinet stroller must be designed to be as comfortable as possible. Most of the best stroller reviews you can read online rate higher strollers that come with good suspension that offers a smooth and gentile ride for the baby. A large bassinet adds more space and helps your baby sleep better. In order to keep your child happy and comfortable regardless of season, look for extra options like mosquito and rain covers, baby winter covers or extra padding.


Extra space and flexibility

Most top rated bassinet strollers 2019 focus on flexibility and adaptability. Keeping the pace with the baby’s growth, a good stroller must be capable to adjust to his ever changing needs. Equipped with easy to adjust bassinet and seat position, forward or rear facing seat option, detachable bassinet, and many other features, these bassinet strollers will make your baby’s life easier and comfortable. Search for a good stroller and look for additional storing space and extra pockets that will allow you to store diapers, baby foods or toys.



Top Bassinet Strollers in 2019


Aiming to help all new parents, we took the best bassinet strollers available and put them on our shortlist. We selected the safest and the most comfortable models that offer the smoothest and the most enjoyable ride. Read all our recommendations and choose the best bassinet stroller for your baby.



Evenflo Pivot 56011993


Whenever you are looking for a perfect travel system, there is one model that you should keep in mind, and that is the Evenflo Pivot 56011993. You will get, in the same package, a safe car seat for your infant, as well as a stay-in-car base for easy switching between your vehicle and the baby’s stroller.

The car seat can accommodate babies weighing up to 35 pounds, while the stroller has a bit longer usefulness, as it can manage to carry babies whose weight is up to 50 pounds. Rest assured that this model will cater to all your needs, as a parent, too.

You can use it forward or backward facing without a problem, and you can turn it from an infant stroller to a toddler stroller. Comfort is paramount when it comes to the baby’s sleep and quiet, and this stroller delivers.

The Cruiser tires make sure that the baby will have a smooth ride. Also, the special Pivot Modular system will contribute to the overall comfort, as your child’s sleep will not be disturbed by anything. Extras, like a canopy, and a more than decent storage basket, come in handy for a busy parent.


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Mommy & Me Doll Collection Deluxe 9695


This multifunction model will make the bond between mother and child even stronger. The realistic design makes it a fun item for both the parent and the kid. The model is a stroller and a pram in one so that your child can walk their dolls, feeling just as important and useful as an adult.

The stroller can be adjusted so that the doll can face your kid or the rest of the world. With so many options at hand, there is no wonder, so many parents hurry to give this one the maximum rating. The height is maximum 32 inches and can be adjusted if need be.

When not in use, the stroller can be folded. All you have to do is to detach the bassinet by clicking one button and then fold the rest. In all ways, this doll stroller and pram looks like the real thing. There is a carrying bag, just as the ones you see in full-size models.

Also, there is a basket at the bottom, and the swiveling wheels make navigation easy. There is minimal assembly required, and the fact that it is entirely lead-free makes it a safe option, too.


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Cynebaby City Select 535-S


The Cynebaby City Select 535-S comes with an aluminum frame, so you can rest assured that its weight is kept to a minimum, while its durability remains dependable. There are many significant advantages to enjoy when using this particular stroller for your baby. For instance, the handlebar can be adjusted to your height.

Also, the weather shield will protect your baby against inclement weather, and you can rest assured that you can walk your newborn without fear that they might get sick. The stroller can be reversed, allowing you to choose the configuration that works best for you.

The model comes equipped with rubber wheels that don’t need any maintenance and make any ride smooth for the baby. No matter what terrain conditions you have to face, you will discover that nothing will be able to disturb your little one’s sleep. The one-touch brake comes in handy when you need to act fast.

The 5-point harness will keep your baby protected, and there will be no risk that your child will slide from the seat. Another aspect that contributes to the excellent comfort provided by this stroller is the possibility to adjust the seat position.


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1.Belecoo™ Luxury Newborn BabyFrom all the models available for sale, the Belecoo™ stands out as a luxurious bassinet that you will love buying for your baby. This is more than just a simple bassinet in which the baby must only lie flat on their back. While this is how babies need to be kept until they can sit upright on their own, you may want to help the baby see the world a little as they grow up.The bassinet reviewed here is fully adjustable, so you can choose the angle you want so that your baby experiences perfect comfort. Another great thing about this model is that you can place it forward facing or rear facing, depending on what you prefer. The model is designed for safety, as the wheels are made of natural rubber and ensure great stability.

Many parents name this luxurious looking model the best stroller with bassinet you can find right now, being much pleased with the additional safety it offers. The pedal brakes contribute to this aspect, as well, and the non slip handle makes sure you will feel comfortable when pushing your baby’s stroller as you walk through the park. Easy to fold, this is a convenient choice for any safety conscious parent.


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Roan Kortina Classic


2.Roan Kortina ClassicThe Roan Kortina Classic is considered by many the best stroller with bassinet attachment, as it comes equipped with all the accessories you need for taking your baby out for a stroll. A mattress is included, as well as an all weather cover that provides you with the ability to take your baby out of the house even when the weather is less than perfect.

A diaper bag is an additional accessory that many moms will surely appreciate having at hand. You can use this model for your baby until they reach 3 years of age, which means that it is more than just a simple bassinet. When you and your baby are ready to get back home, the folding mechanism will allow you to carry the stroller inside the trunk of your car, and it will help you store it away when not in use.

The suspension is thought to help your baby enjoy their sound sleep, without feeling all the bumps in the road. For the parent, comfort is not overlooked, either. The handle is adjustable and a large basket is located under the seat, on which you can place all the baby’s necessities, as well as a few things of yours.


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Peg Perego Book Pop Up


3.Peg Perego BookThe Peg Perego Book Pop Up is another great example of the dedication to exceptional quality and value the manufacturer is known for. A contestant to the title of the best baby stroller with bassinet, this model will impress you with more than just its nice looks.

The name says it all, since the chassis folds exactly like a book. The smart design is intended for the parent’s comfort, too; you can fold this stroller with just one hand, so you can still hold your baby with the other. The baby’s comfort is on top of the list, as well, as the seat comes with an adjustable headrest, and the overall design includes a mesh insert that allows for easy air circulation.

A mattress is included with the stroller and it can be removed so you can clean it. You can even take the mattress and use it for the baby’s crib, since it is approved for overnight sleeping. In case your little one falls in love with it, you can do that, and enjoy a good night’s sleep, too, as the baby sleeps soundly next to you. The stroller seat can be reclined in order to achieve the best comfortable position for the baby.


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UPPAbaby Vista


UPPAbaby Vista StrollerEasily the best bassinet stroller we could find, the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is a perfect blend of safety, comfort and flexibility. Considered by many to be one of the best bassinet stroller 2019, this model features some of the best options that can help all caring parents to keep up with their baby’s development. This bassinet stroller combines the ease of use with the comfort of a classic bassinet, giving your baby the best possible experience.

Starting with one of the most comfortable bassinets available and ending with an adaptable rear or front facing toddler seat, the Vista Stroller offers unique flexibility and adaptability that puts it on top of all other models. Large wheels and a wide base offer the best stability on all kinds of terrain. Its durable body frame can be folded with ease and stored in small spaces for later use. The additional storage basket helps parents carry along all the baby’s essentials including extra diapers, baby clothing, toys and food.

Simple to use, safe and durable, offering the best possible comfort, this bassinet stroller is one of the top choices you can find today. Flexible and adaptable to any of today’s modern life expectations, the Vista Stroller is by far the best stroller for you.



Summer Infant Fuze


One of the most innovative and advanced bassinet strollers money can buy, the Summer Infant Fuze is designed to grow with your baby from birth up to three years old. Simple to use, compatible with many car seats, with plenty of options and additional storage spaces, this stroller is the perfect choice for any modern parent.

Strongly built, with large stable rubber coated wheels and soft suspension, this bassinet stroller has perfect stability and comfort. With added security features and sporting one of the most effective rear brake systems, the Summer Infant Fuze is a perfect choice for any safety conscious parent. Featuring a superb light frame and made from modern durable materials, this stroller is perfectly adaptable to any kind of weather and road conditions.

Compact and easy to fold, it can be stored with ease inside your car trunk requiring extremely small storage space. Placed on top of the list by all the best bassinet stroller reviews, this bassinet stroller is one of the most adaptable models we found on the market. Simple and easy to use, flexible and providing plenty of safety and comfort options, the Summer Infant Fuze is a great choice for any parent looking for a good modern bassinet stroller.



4moms Origami


Ergonomically designed, featuring one of the most comfortable bassinets, the Origami Bassinet is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to buy the best bassinet stroller for their baby. Praised by all the best bassinet stroller reviews, perfect to use during the first six months of life, this bassinet will keep your baby safe and secure giving him the most enjoyable and coziest ride.

Created with both safety and comfort in mind, this bassinet is the perfect choice for all babies in their first months of life. Wide, providing enough space, padded with soft materials and featuring a perfectly smooth mattress, the Origami Bassinet offers the ideal sleeping and development conditions for your baby. Featuring a strong body frame with flexible suspension and wide wheels, this bassinet stroller is perfectly safe to use on any kind of terrain possible.

The extensible sun shade will keep your baby protected from any harmful UV rays while the foot muff will help him sleep well even in bad weather. Created from the most durable materials and designed for maximum comfort the 4moms Origami Bassinet is rightfully named by many parents the best bassinet stroller 2019.



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