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Expert Buying Guide on Baseball Gloves


Choosing a baseball glove involves a little more than finding one that fits your hand, and there are several aspects that should be considered. As stated in the best baseball glove reviews it is one of the most important pieces of equipment a player can own, which is why we created this informative buying guide. Filled with helpful tips and reviews, we hope that this helps you choose the best baseball glove in 2019 so you can continue playing the sport that you love.



According to the best baseball glove reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the size and fit. Most baseball gloves are designed for adult and younger players, and will be clearly marked to avoid confusion. Youth baseball gloves are generally less expensive since it is intended to be used for a shorter length of time, and most players are ready for the higher priced adult size models by the age of 12. While adult size baseball gloves are more expensive, the stronger construction is also designed to last through several seasons. You also want to consider if you are right or left handed to ensure the glove fits comfortably.



The best baseball glove reviews also state that the position you play should also be considered. First basemen want to look for a larger glove that can protect their hands when they are catching thrown balls, while catchers need a mitt with plenty of extra padding. Baseball gloves for infielders generally look for a glove that is comfortable and lightweight, and players in the outfield need a large and comfortable mitt that can easily catch pop ups and long hits.


Additional Features

The best baseball glove in 2019 features a durable 100 percent all leather construction, and also fits comfortably on your hand. As stated in the best baseball glove reviews you also want to find one that fits your budget. Some of the other features to consider include adjustable wrist straps that ensure a secure and comfortable fit, along with webbing that is firmly attached to give your wrist added support when making a catch. The style of the pockets and the back of the glove often depend on personal preference, along with the position you play on the field.


Top Baseball Gloves in 2019


Even though we can’t choose the right sports equipment for you, we can show you the top rated baseball gloves for 2019. Each of these gloves features a durable leather construction, and is designed to protect your hands while you are playing the sport that you love.


Rawlings Playmaker Series PM120BT


1.Rawlings Playmaker Series Baseball GloveThis baseball glove features a professional design and durable construction that will make any little leaguer feel like a top rated baseball player. While the design is eye catching, it also has the benefit of being able to support and protect your child’s wrist and hands. The added support of the basket web helps to prevent painful wrist sprains that can have them sitting out the rest of the season.

The 12 inch baseball glove is designed specifically for younger players, and also features an affordable price that you will love. The strong leather ties prevent the glove from splitting, and can also help to prolong its use until your child is old enough for an adult size baseball mitt.

This baseball glove also features an open back design which can help prevent moisture and sweaty hands. You also have the advantage of the durable Velcro closure that can be adjusted to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Perfect for backyard baseball games and little league players, this glove will help your child make every catch while protecting his wrist and cushioning his hands.

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Easton BX1300B


2.Easton BX1300B Baseball GloveYou will love the comfortable fit and style of this durable baseball, along with its affordable price. The glove is designed to be worn by in and outfielders, and you can also use this mitt in your next softball game. Measuring 13 inches and featuring a deeper pocket to catch long hits and tosses, this baseball glove can be worn by teens and adults players.

While the deep pocket makes it easier for you to catch pop ups and longer throws, the comfortable closed back and webbing provide your wrist with plenty of support. The durable laces are constructed from leather, along with the rest of the glove to ensure that it will last through several seasons of hard play.

The baseball glove also features a comfortable pad on the index finger that is contoured to make it easy to control the ball when you are catching and throwing. The logo is tastefully embroidered on the glove, and gives it a professional feel even when you are playing catch in the backyard. With a Velcro strap to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, you will love seeing your performance on the field improve with this leather baseball glove.

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Wilson A500


3.Wilson A500 Baseball GloveWhether you are a softball or baseball player you will love the comfortable and versatile design of this glove. It features a lightweight and durable construction that will last through years of continual play. Measuring 10.75 inches it can be worn by younger and some adult athletes, and the deep pockets and lightweight construction make it ideal for all positions.

The deep pocket also features sturdy welts that are resistant to tears even with continual hard catches, and you will appreciate the supportive and comfortable webbing. You also have the advantage of the leather construction that is comfortable and lightweight.

The flexible leather material lets the glove move with your hand, and gives you more control over the ball when it really counts. With reinforced pockets and a durable construction you will be ready for anything at your next baseball or softball game. This all position baseball glove also features a comfortable Velcro strap that can be adjusted to the perfect size to ensure a secure and comfortable fit through the entire baseball game.

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