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Top Aviator Sunglasses in 2019


The Sunglasses industry has crossed the bridge from eye protection to a fashionable accessory. Wearing sunglasses is almost never out of style – from the 60’s to the present. In fact, the aviator sunglasses never went out of style over the years. There are some really prominent brands on this market for aviator sunglasses, but for those who are looking for budget models, reading the best aviator sunglasses reviews is the best way to find them. Our team has put together a list of the most interesting designs of aviator sunglasses on the market to help the buyers know which models to choose.


Ray-Ban RB3025


Best Aviator Sunglasses ReviewsRay-Ban is a name which is almost synonymous to sunglasses and it is actually really popular in the best avatar sunglasses reviews. The RB3025 aviator sunglass is one of the popular masterpieces from Ray-Ban. First of all, its classic sunglasses design never runs out of style. The lenses have impressive quality and they don’t easily get smudged or scratched. The frame fits nicely – not too loose and not too smug. Buyers should beware of counterfeit Ray-bans as a lot of customers get tricked all the time.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s MMJ 119


Marc by Marc Jacobs is another popular name that is most celebrated in the top avatar sunglasses reviews. This particular model is a favorite on the market. The composite material and metal frame fits nicely and sits well on the nose. It features a non-polarized lens that is made of polycarbonate material and has 100% UV protection coating. Unlike most of the glasses on the market, it doesn’t have oversized glasses. The MMJ 119 Aviator sunglasses works well for girls with small face frames.

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Pepper’s Kona Polarized


For those who are interested in buying the best avatar sunglasses in 2019 with metal frame and polarized plastic lenses, the Pepper’s Kona Polarized Aviator Sunglasses would be the best pick. The frame feels solid and sturdy. It has just the right thickness and the nose pads feel comfortable. The lenses are well shaded – not too dark and not too bright with enough sunlight protection. To top it all, this pair of glasses come at an incredibly affordable price.

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Ray Ban RB3044 Small Metal


Ray Ban is known to be the creator of the best avatar Sunglasses in 2019. One of its popular designs is the RB3044 Aviator Small Metal Sunglasses. The frame is made of a sturdy composite material. The lenses are smaller than the average aviator glasses but it kind of works for adapting to a broader fashion trend. It is ideal for people with smaller face frames. It has the sleek and stylish look which is a signature aviator glasses feature.

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Pepper’s Kona Polarized


This particular Pepper’s Kona Polarized Aviator Sunglasses costs 1/3 the price of the cheapest Ray Ban glasses, but its quality is not that far off. In fact, it has impressed a lot of consumers with its sturdy frame construction and stylish lenses shading. The frame has a shiny gold touch, which gives it a classy look. It also fits comfortably. The lens has a proper shade that makes it look more masculine. These glasses work well for people with large and round face frames.

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