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Our goal is to make your online shopping experience as simple as possible



Shopping online does pose a deal of problems


If you are looking to buy an appliance that you really need or a piece of equipment to help you with your job, you will surely run into the problem that all online buyers face – picking the right product without being able to touch it or test it. You might turn to a search engine so that you learn some helpful tips or read several reviews that can make your choice easier, but these days the amount of advertising and spam will certainly make finding the right information a lot more difficult. In addition, the information that you do come across is often times unreliable, not up to date, or it comes from unverifiable sources.


Here is where we come in. With our help, you will be able to compare products of the same category, see how they stack up against each other, and after you have finally made your decision, we will show you where you can get the best deal. With all the content you have at your disposal, you will save both time and money, and end up with a product which you can enjoy and rely on.



How our site works


Ease of use is something we strive for. You just need to look for the product in the search box/field and, in just a matter of seconds, you will get a list of the items which best suit your query.

How is this possible? Our software manages to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of online reviews and customer feedback reports so that it collects the most relevant information. Our team then carefully analyzes these findings so we can display only the best products.



Here are some of the aspects we consider when we choose which products to display


  • Item popularity – shows how an item is doing sales-wise;
  • Value for money – is determined according to owner feedback and expert reviews;
  • Overall brand quality – refers to how the entire range of products manufactured by a specific brand is perceived by the consumers;
  • Brand image – shows how the manufacturer is perceived by public opinion as the information is gathered from social media posts and blog networks;
  • Price – last but not least, the price is always an important factor in any shopping decision and it will allow you to see what other options are available to you in the same price range.

Aside from these aspects, we make sure to look at several expert review websites and see what they have to say about the thousands of units we take into account while doing our research. Furthermore, the social media activity gathered around a product can determine how well it has been received by the public and whether or not it might be worth considering by users who are just starting their buying journey. Many individuals who have bought a product will have no time to express their opinion with the help of a review, and so more and more people are taking to social media networks to show their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with regard to the quality and performance of a unit.



Here is how our product rankings are determined:


Our software employs language-processing algorithms that are capable of analyzing the information it has collected. However, this information is now always reliable as companies and various retailers have been known to “fix” the data they display for some of their products. To make sure that no elaborate schemes have managed to influence the results shown by the algorithm, our team of experts verifies conflicting information and does a brief check of the input data. What’s more, the output of the algorithm is also analyzed by the team to make sure it has correctly interpreted all the info it has gathered.

All things considered, there’s a human touch to all the data we gather, as our researchers spend countless hours determining the quality of a product and the buyers’ interest towards it. Aside from presenting several options you may need to analyze in order to get the best value for the right price, we can significantly improve your decision process because our guides can help you correlate the features of the unit you might be eyeing with your personal expectations.



The final results


This double-checking procedure allows us to assign an overall score to each product found on the list. The overall rating enables us to determine which product is the best and which is the worst. The result is a list of the most popular products in terms of quality and the consumer appreciation at the moment of the verification.

To add more value to your online buying process, the results can also lead you to a more detailed overview of each product, in case you need more information regarding specific features. After all, time spent on research is never time wasted. In fact, it is the single way of making sure you never buy the wrong item. Consequently, since buying an appliance or something that might cost more is thought of as being an actual investment, you’ll finally rest assured that you’ll be spending your pennies on something that’s worth it.



What all this means for you


We take pleasure in extending a helping hand to buyers who might be struggling with their options just so they eventually choose the right product in complete accordance with their needs and expectations. That’s why, aside from the automated work completed by the software we employ, we try to shed light on the most important details one has to consider depending on the item he or she has to purchase. Since any purchasing journey can be a tad frustrating because of the great variety of products that are now available on the market, we like to take the hassle out of the entire process by presenting you with just the right info.

Not all products are created the same, just like not all preferences of owners are the same. While a unit might be a safe bet for a person who took the time to review an item, it may not offer the same results for another individual.



The most popular product categories we have reviewed



Hunting Bows


1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow PackageHunting is a pleasurable pastime for many Americans out there. Using a bow is different from hunting with a shotgun, on so many levels that the two often times cannot even be compared. Since there’s a vast array of products in today’s marketplace, we’ve found it useful to create a guide and detail some information about the most esteemed models that can be purchased nowadays. Using a hunting bow can help a hunter get in touch with nature, but there are several rules one has to take into consideration before even beginning his or her buying journey.

Using a bow may be illegal in some states and depending on the season. What’s more, a prospective buyer should also think about the game he or she is targeting, as each of the ones that exist can be hunted during several months per year. What’s more, bows come in different shapes and for various purposes, which is why we’ve decided to simplify the entire process by providing detailed info in regards to the factors that are most important when making a decision between one model and the next. During our research, we came across a plethora of articles and sources that eventually helped us to help you.




Sound bars


LG Electronics NB3530ASound bars are becoming more and more popular nowadays, when people fail to get all they need in terms of audio accuracy from their TVs. With the vast technological advancements that were performed during recent years, most manufacturing brands have put a lot of effort into designing super slim TVs of which the audio might simply not live up to the expectations of the end-user. Getting a sound bar is considered an investment not only because it can cost a pretty penny, depending on the company that manufactures the model. It’s one of the safest ways of enjoying movies, music, TV shows, as well as online media content even by the hearing impaired.

Most of the units we have come across include connectivity features that can assist any owner with getting the most of them. Some of these models can be utilized with various smartphones and mobile devices, all thanks to mobile apps that can act as remote controls. Since there are many factors to ponder about before ordering a sound bar, from mounting systems to the number of channels, power, as well as the number and type of connections provided, we took the time to analyze this line of products as thoroughly as possible.






1. Garmin RV 760LMTPeople who like to take quality time spent with friends and family to a whole new level may be tempted to go driving across the United States in an RV. Be it a rental or your own possession, the fact of the matter is that you may need the assistance of an RV GPS at some point, particularly if you intend on traveling to a different state and don’t know your way around all the places you wish to visit. An RV GPS is a useful gadget that can take the hassle out of using a traditional map, in that most of the systems we’ve stumbled upon allow the owner to select the route he or she is most comfortable with.

Both the controls and ease of use of many units have to be taken into account in order to make the right choice. Other decision factors should include the screen size, Bluetooth capabilities, the memory capacity, as well as specific RV points of interest. Because these days it’s quite difficult to find a reliable GPS that speaks to your needs, we’ve come to gather all the data you may consider relevant when making your call. Nothing beats driving across the country to sights such as the Grand Canyon or the Yosemite National Park, and if you want to do it safely, you’re likely to need an RV GPS.




Facial Steamers


Panasonic EH-SA32-PSpa treatments are anything other than cheap. Why shouldn’t you be able to take advantage of the convenience offered by a facial steamer, especially as most products in the line are rather affordable? Plus, most of the models are relatively easy to use even for a complete beginner. Since operating such a device may pose some difficulties to rookies and individuals who aren’t aware of the safety considerations, we took the time to offer you all the relevant pieces of advice you may be in need of.

Both skin detoxification and acne management are two core benefits of a facial steamer. Depending on the status of your skin health, you may be able to use a unit in order to get rid of the dirt and grime that have been accumulating in your pores for some time. A facial steaming process can leave you feeling more clean and relaxed, allowing you to use moisturizers and oils that do not fail to provide the results you have been looking for. Both the guide we’ve created and the product recommendations we’ve come across can help you separate the wheat from the chaff and eventually make an informed decision.




Electric Brooms 


Hoover SH20030Nothing can beat an electric broom when it comes to cleaning the occasional spill that will happen in any household, regardless of how much attention you pay every time. That’s why we have reached the conclusion that, should you be in need of an electric broom for hardwood floors or for any other household surface, you should know a few things about the most desirable features in these devices. The size, the ease of use, and the convenience of a cordless alternative are all discussed in the articles we have put together for your consideration.

What’s more, it might be worth noting that these products can feature a series of attachments that can help you get the work done both efficiently and in as little time as possible. Considering that there are many units out there that cost as little as fifty dollars or less, it’s safe to say that an electric broom might be worth having around the house if you want to avoid taking out your vacuum cleaner from the closet every time. Keeping your house clean does not have to take a whole lot of time and effort as these appliances can let you continue your activity without having to sacrifice a lot when it comes to convenience and maneuverability.




Manual Toothbrushes


Nimbus Microfine ToothbrushOral hygiene should be a primary concern for all customers out there, regardless of what they are willing to spend on a toothbrush. If you’d like to take cleaning your teeth to a different level, you’re free to choose from the myriad of electric toothbrushes that are available out there. We think that having a manual option comes in handy, particularly if you’re no fan of using overly complicated products when you take care of your regular hygiene.

Both the size and the strength of these products have to be considered to determine whether or not they’ll be able to last you for at least several months, until you are required to change one. Even if you opt for a pack containing 5 or 6 units, you may need to take into account that they should be either designed differently or have diverse colors, so that you’re able to separate them from the ones that the other members of your family are using. The extra features, the value to price ratio, as well as whether or not the item is kid-friendly or not are all topics that we have touched upon in our set of tips.






Sony CFDS50Although the peak of popularity for boomboxes was back in the eighties and nineties, these devices are quite acclaimed even nowadays. Many renowned manufacturers have not ceased to satisfy the needs of their customers, and so they decided to avoid halting the production of these units. Above all, getting and using a boombox is convenient, as it’s packed with almost everything one may require in order to enjoy the music groove, no muss, no fuss. They’re compact, lightweight, and can be carried around easily, allowing you to listen to your favorite CD or radio station even when you’re doing chores around the house.

The benefits of utilizing a boombox are countless, from their excellent portability to the fact that they can be used in different circumstances. As is the case with other products we have reviewed, we found that there are many models out there that are worth considering. Since many prospective buyers may be on a budget, we’ve dealt with the crucial aspects that one has to take into account if one wants to order the right unit. The power, the sound performance, as well as the broad array of extra features of a boombox all make noteworthy constituents to your decision process.




Yoga Bolsters


1.Yoga Bolster from Hugger MuggerDesk jobs aren’t something out of the ordinary these days as many people sit in a chair for eight to ten hours and even more, depending on the amount of work they have to perform in a day. Going to the gym is expensive, so why should you not try working out while relaxing at home? Out of all the sports and exercises you might be tempted to try, yoga offers the most advantages. For one, it can improve the flexibility, strength, and balance of your body. Secondly, it has been designed to help with stretching, and some sessions have been specially developed particularly to alleviate back pain.

A yoga bolster can mean the world to a new yoga practitioner, but the same problem arises when prospecting the market for such a product. The diversity of units is downright baffling, which is why we’ve taken the time to analyze some of the critically acclaimed alternatives to see whether they raise up to par or not. After all, depending on the material they’re made of, yoga bolsters can provide stable support, have the right size for your own needs and requirements, and even allow you to take your exercise routine to another room or a friend’s place.




Wireless Ethernet Bridges


1-linksys-wes610nExpanding your network coverage can be done efficiently and with ease thanks to any Wireless Ethernet Bridge, as long as you pick the right one. In order to make an informed decision, it is important to look at your requirements and personal preferences, but also focus on the features of your other wired devices you may own in your home. You don’t have to sacrifice any wireless convenience as long as you position the bridge correctly and connect it to your network the right way. If you have little to no experience when it comes to selecting the perfect product for your needs and other devices, all you have to do is refer to some of the best Wireless Ethernet Bridge reviews, as well as the buying guide we’ve put together for your consideration.

Dual-band units are highly recommended these days, as most of the entertainment products you might already be the owner of are portable and support WiFi. While making the difference between a Wireless Ethernet Bridge with excellent performance and another that’s less recommended for what you have in mind may be difficult, it is possible. Both the speed and the capabilities of this type of device have been discussed in detailed in our article.




Yoga Swing


a-yoga-swingGetting a yoga swing is a good idea for people who might be suffering from pain in their back. This type of product can significantly increase one’s mobility, although it might take a little time getting used to in the beginning. Whatever the model you will end up choosing, you have to stay safe at all times. The size and the weight limit of a yoga swing have to be taken into account so that you know you’re spending your money on the right product for your physical attributes. After all, the item has to be entirely capable of holding your weight regardless of the movements you will be performing.

In spite of the fact that most of these products are fairly lightweight, you ought to think ahead to decide if you are looking for a portable option or not. Some yoga swings can be folded easily and can even fit into a cabin luggage piece if you will ever consider going to visit your relatives in another state. Many of the models we have seen offer the convenience of being used as a hammock, which might come in handy during summer evenings spent on the porch or even in a resort.




Pilates Rings


1-stott-pilates-fitness-circle-power-packNot all Pilates rings are created the same, which is why one model might differ from the next on many levels. If you’re looking for the best value for the price, you ought to consider several pointers such as the resistance, portability, durability, and location of the pads in the model you intend to buy. The right resistance can be selection by looking at the material the item has been constructed of, given that some can be built using flexible metal whereas others are made of rubber. Beginners might be well suited with rubber alternatives whereas advanced Pilates practitioners may find that units made of flexible metal best suit their abilities.

The size of the Pilates ring also matters a great deal as you’ll have to decide if you want to take it along with you on various trips. Some units are lightweight and can fit most cabin luggage, and in most cases, portable options are rubber rings. Unfortunately, metal models are considerably more durable when compared to their rubber counterparts as they can serve their owners for a longer amount of time. As for ease of use and convenience, it looks as if the products that have pads both on the inside and the outside can make your workout routine more efficient.






1-brother-sx-4000In spite of the fact that many people tend to think of them as obsolete pieces of equipment, typewriters are still being used largely across the world. There’s something unique about employing such a machine, regardless of your purpose. When deciding between one unit and another, it is important to look at details such as portability, type, and price. Some typewriters are heavy and bulky and cannot be taken along unless you have a means of transporting them from one place to the other. Others are lightweight and portable and speak to the needs of people who like a change of scenery from time to time in order to boost their creativity levels.

There are two types of typewriters available for sale nowadays: electronic and manual. In some respects, electronic options are significantly more convenient and easy to use as they even allow the user to erase several mistakes before he or she gets the chance of printing the line on the paper. Some of these devices are so advanced that they even come with dictionaries and error-finding capabilities. Manual options, although pricier and less user-friendly, still have their charm and may even be used as decorative items if you do not intend to utilize such a typewriter.






1-e-z-up-sierra-iiWhether you intend to do some DIY-ing in your garden or plan to spend as much time with your family at a campsite, sooner or later you’re bound to look for a canopy. Some products in this line are remarkably versatile and reliable as they are even constructed featuring lights, which basically means that you will be able to have dinner with friends and family and benefit from a certain degree of protection. To make sure that you make an informed decision, we recommend doing a bit of research with regard to the frame material, size of the canopy, its type, and cover material.

When looking at the durability of the item, you will have to decide whether you intend to get a remarkably lightweight unit that you can carry along with ease or rather focus on its abilities to withstand the test of time. For instance, the frame of a canopy can be made of steel, which is a  sturdy and corrosion-resistant material; however, it might be anything but lightweight. Portability is made possible with the help of a frame constructed out of aluminum, but you ought to keep in mind that this kind of material is less resilient and durable over time.




Reading Bed Pillows


1-brentwood-originals-brushed-twill-bedrest-navy-300x282Book nerds are likely to enjoy using a reading bed pillow as it can significantly increase the degree of comfort and enjoyability one may benefit from while being immersed in the pages of an excellent novel. These products can have different fillings depending on whether you need more or less support. They should also be chosen depending on the loft or fill power, as well as the pillow cover or ticking. It goes without saying that, as is the case with other products in this line, you have to look at the dimensions of the reading bed pillow to make sure that it is a great fit for your physical attributes.

What’s more, it might be worth noting that many bookworms enjoy a cup of warm tea or coffee while they’re doing their reading, so the pillow might suffer from spilling accidents from time to time. That’s why one of your goals should be determining whether the product is easy to clean or not. Some reading bed pillows come with complimentary covers that are waterproof or that make it very difficult for any spilling liquid to penetrate the inner layers of the pillow. Make sure to look at all these details if you want to get the perfect model.




Beach Chairs


tommy-bahamaBeach chairs are downright mandatory if you want to get the most out of spending a day at the beach or even on your patio. Some units are more versatile than others, in that they can be great alternatives for different applications. If you were to take your beach chair while you’re out fishing, you’d have to consider various features such as breathability, material, and ease of transportation. Classic models can be folded and taken wherever your adventures might take you. Chaises, on the other hand, should be used by people who want to get a full body tan. Zero-gravity chairs are also rather portable and lightweight, which is why they’re excellent options for when you want to take them on the road.

Making the difference between a well-designed model and one that doesn’t manage to satisfy your needs is easy as all you have to do is consider the weight limit, the size, the fabric, as well as the frame material of the product. Regardless of your final choice, you ought to be aware of the fact that selecting a beach chair for your physical attributes is crucial as you won’t feel comfortable in a too small product.




Paintball Vests


1-gxg-army-swat-paintball-300x249A paintball vest can make all the difference if you want to be protected against bullets and also be able to benefit from all the advantages offered by a well-constructed model. Nonetheless, we have seen that not all units are made the same, in that they differ from one another with regards to the materials employed in their construction, their size and fit, as well as their capacity and pouch layout. One of the most important factors to consider when trying to decide on a particular model is to focus on the weight of the vest as you don’t want it to interfere with your game performance.

The perfect vest might be harder to find due to the fact that, while it does have to come with enough compartments in order to let you store your essentials, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear. As such, the pouches and pockets have to be located at the front of the paintball vest, in order to provide easy access to the user. Protective options are usually equipped with hard plates located in the area of the owner’s chest, which is bound to be affected by the hits one may take from time to time.




1-bed-head-bh307cn1Crimpers might be less popular these days, but they were used to rock girls’ hair back in the 80s and 90s. One area where their use is still critically acclaimed consists of fashion shows. If you want to achieve one of the best looks for a special night when going out with friends or family, perhaps you’d like to consider selecting a crimper. Choosing one of the most remarkable units can be done once you decide on the size you may need and the plate technology that best addresses your hair type.

Plus, it’s worth noting that, since this styling system is based on heat, it should come with as many temperature settings as possible. If your hair is naturally curly or frizzy, you might need fewer adjustments, especially if you have dry locks. However, fine hair has to be treated accordingly as it can be damaged by excessive heat. It might be a good idea to start using the device by testing it on several locks rather than using it on your hair extensively. Either way, the fact of the matter is that a crimper can take your look to a whole new level by adding a bit of mystery and charm.




Boxing Shoes


2-title-hi-topWhether you go to a studio on a regular basis or try to make the most of your boxing skills in your basement where you’ve installed a heavy bag, the fact is that the best boxing shoes can take your training routine to an entirely different level. Many of the models we have looked at during our research have been uniquely designed to offer foot and ankle support so that the chance of getting harmed while you’re in the middle of a boxing session is meager. While the design of the shoes might matter less if you’re not focused on their looks, the comfort they are capable of offering is extremely important. Even when you walk down the street, wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes can be a horrific experience, and it is even more so when working out.

The perfect fit can be chosen by measuring your foot and the circumference of your ankle and then correlating these figures with the size chart made available by the manufacturer of the product. If you have the chance to try out several sizes at the studio or at a shop, don’t hesitate to do so because you’ll be able to order the perfect fit online once you do that.






a4-300x300Have you ever had a bad day at work and all you could think about is get back home to lay back and relax? If that’s so, there’s a high chance you may be in need of a well-designed recliner. Think of this way; this type of product is an investment in your relaxation, in that it will allow you to make the most of your spare time. Sitting in a recliner is a unique experience as you can watch TV, read a book, or browse through the latest news in a paper while you take the time to build your energy levels once again.

Recliners have different styles, are made of diverse materials and even offer unique experiences. Some of the things you will have to consider when trying to sift through the many options available out there is whether you prefer more or less cushioning and whether you also need a stool for your feet. How much complexity can you handle from a recliner? Many units have heat and massage functions that can relieve stress levels as well as back pain. Several products can be reclined completely so that they offer support both for your knees and ankles.




Voice Amplifiers


voice-amplifierVoice amplifiers have many purposes and can mean the world to patients suffering from various diseases where their voice volume might be affected by one factor or the other. Communicating with someone at a long distance while there are children in an area might also be rather daunting and may require the use of a voice amplifier, as would be the case for kindergarten employees, for instance. The same rule applies for teachers who have to make their messages clear when teaching in an auditorium. The benefits offered by a voice amplifier are close to countless and cannot be denied, but the vast array of products that can be found on the market today might make it hard to choose the best one.

One of the most important details to take into account when trying to make your final call is how easy it is for you to utilize the voice amplifier. Keep in mind that individuals suffering from particular medical conditions don’t have to find it hard to operate such a product, although, in this case, there’s a high likelihood that the unit is adjusted by a speech professional. Customization matters a lot when it comes to utilizing a voice amplifier, so convenience and usability need to be considered.




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